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Beach Pictures Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Fashion Model

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Are you looking for a high fashion spin on your typical beach vacation photos? Good news: you don’t have to be a fashion model to look like one! As a former model, I’m giving my tips and tricks on what you can do to elevate your beach photography game. These beach pictures ideas are easy to do and will make you look like you belong in the next issue of Vogue. Move over, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 😉 It’s someone else’s turn to shine!

beach pictures ideas

Edit your photo in black and white

One great way to instantly make a photo look like it belongs in a magazine? Make it black and white. And, surprise, shoot during the sunniest part of the day!

As a former professional photographer, I usually tell people to avoid taking pictures during the middle of the day as you can deal with a lot of unsightly shadows. This is true, but when it comes to beach pictures, I say embrace sunny days and use the shadows to your advantage!

The contrast of light can add some cool interest to your photo. The best thing to do is to make sure you turn your head up towards the light to avoid any weird undereye shadows. And when in doubt, make that photo black and white. It’s always a great idea!

When it comes to the swimsuit you’re going to wear, it’s never a bad idea to keep it simple. Solid colors, like black, will contrast nicely against the white sand.

Take a fake step

When captured just right, doing a fake step up and down can lengthen out your body and make you look really tall! Usually, fashion models are tall, so this “step” is a perfect way to fake that statuesque look and give you a perfect beach photo.

striped suit

Lean on something

Is there a rock formation around? Use it! Better yet, dramatically fling yourself on the rock for a front-page worthy shot. A dramatic pose of your body can create some of the best beach photos!

Bring the props

And no, I’m not talking about pool floaties. The best way to add a magazine look to your photos is with simple props, and in this case, clothing items. A striped sweater, headscarf, sunglasses, and even a straw bag can all take your photo up a notch or two. Stripes will always give a timeless look.

Incorporate your natural surroundings

When it comes to beach photography ideas, it’s always smart to take into account your natural elements. Are there any interesting trees or driftwood branches laying around? Try incorporating them into your photos for something unique and interesting!

Get captured walking

Nothing says beach vacation photos quite like walking on the sandy beaches! Even though it can be a cliche idea, it’s a classic shot. Early morning is a better time to take pictures as you’ll find fewer people on the beach. There’s nothing worse than getting that perfect walking photo you want to post to social media only to find a photo bomber! Also, speaking from experience, it’s not much fun to take photos when there are a ton of people looking at you.

Golden hour is a good time for a photo session too. Just try to take advantage of the natural light!

Slightly bend one leg

If you’re someone that tends to freeze up in front of the camera and forgets what to do with your body, just try one simple thing: slightly bend your leg. It’s the perfect way to add a little interest to your photo.

Find a rock to sit on

When it comes to amazing beach pictures ideas, sometimes you don’t need to do much. Just let the natural beauty of nature speak for itself! With birds flying and waves crashing all around you, all you have to do is insert yourself in the photo and find a rock to sit on for something truly stunning.

beach pictures ideas

I hope you have a great time experimenting with these beach photoshoot ideas on your next travel adventure! Whether you’re traveling this summer for vacation or saving these ideas for spring break, these tips can be used anywhere. You could even try out these best beach photo ideas at your local beach!

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beach pictures ideas


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