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7 Timeless Flooring Ideas To Steal From Paris

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Not only does the right flooring make a room feel polished, but it also has the magical ability to transform a room into a visually bigger and chicer space. So it goes without saying that choosing the right floor is important! But if you are new to choosing flooring, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different designs. To make the process easier for you, consider getting inspiration from Parisians. When it comes to chic interiors and classic styles, the Parisians are experts. Whether you are looking for inspiration to renovate your living room, bathroom, or the entire house, here are 7 flooring ideas to steal from Paris- all photographed while I was there.

1. Herringbone or Chevron Wood Floors

When you picture a Parisian apartment or house, you most likely picture a space with herringbone or chevron wood floors. This type of floor design symbolizes character, so the design instantly adds timeless charm to a home.

Herringbone and chevron wood floors are also great for making a space look big. The diagonal pattern makes a room appear larger by blurring the outline of the room.

This classic Parisian floor design dates back to the 16th century when artisans fit miniature blocks of wood in a geometric pattern. They were used as a cost-effective replacement for marble which can be expensive to install and maintain.

Fast forward to today, herringbone and chevron floors remain a favorite style. The labor involved does make this a more expensive flooring choice, but you can be sure that it will never go out of style and that they will add a luxe and beautiful touch to your home.

However, you can always get the same look by using LVP!

2. Limestone

Limestone flooring not only creates a minimalist and chic background for any design style, but it’s very durable as well. Limestone naturally resists bacteria, making this a great pick for the bathroom if you’re looking to update your current tile situation.

Or if you live near the beach and want a chic flooring for easy clean-up, limestone is a good option for that as well.

Limestone is natural and aesthetically pleasing and is the perfect choice if you want to add sophistication or European flair to your home!

If real limestone is out of your budget or too hard to source, you can always get the look with matte porcelain tile instead.

3. Black and White Octagon Mosaic Tile

This design uses black diamonds to give the white (or beige) tile contrast and a luxurious touch. This style is classic and sophisticated and truly embodies Parisian elegance.

Use in a foyer, bathroom, mudroom, or even your laundry room for the perfect classic aesthetic.

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4. Parquet Wood Flooring (Floors Laid in a Geometric Pattern)

This type of flooring design is created by arranging small pieces of wood in a repeated geometric pattern and it evokes the refined sophistication of Parisian interior design.

If you want to add an elegant and decorative flooring design to your dining room, living room, or foyer, consider opting for parquet flooring.

For the artist at heart, you can get creative with what geometric pattern to use, or if you aren’t sure what looks good, then you can always just stick with the original.

Either way, this style will perfectly add European charm to your space!

Just like herringbone floors (technically another type of parquet), the labor will be more intensive on this style, driving up the cost. If it’s in the budget, you won’t regret going for the real thing. But if your budget is limited or you want to just try out the look first, you can always go with peel and stick.

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5. Patterned Stained Wood Floors

Parisian wood floor painted

Do you have existing wood floors that aren’t in great shape? Consider staining them in a pattern to not only cover up the imperfections but add an artistic impact as well.

This patterned floor design perfectly incorporates detail and interest in a room. Not only can stained wood help to highlight the natural grain, but it’s a perfect way of making everything, furniture included, come to life in a sophisticated way.

To get the look, hire professionals to expertly stain/paint your existing floor or choose a patterned tile that looks like wood.

porcelain wood tile

6. Diagonal Checkered Tile

Diagonal checkered tiles echo the brilliance of the Parisian interior design. The tiles are classic and chic, which is exactly what you need to give your space a makeover. Yes, trends are fun, but home renovations are too expensive to keep redoing!

The diagonal tile laid against a neutral wall makes the entire room eye-catching and lavish. Not to mention the tiles can be used to make a room look longer as your eye follows the leading lines.

This floor can make a great statement for an entryway (which is what I’m doing in our build) or even dress up your most basic laundry room. Or if you have any space that’s small, you can use this trick to make your space look taller and wider.

7. Printed Tile

Add flair and pizazz to your home with a printed tile! It’s a great way to add personality to a simple space. If you’re not used to decorating with color and print, then start small with a powder room or pantry.

The bold design can instantly offset your neutral home and add pattern and interest.

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The best flooring ideas come from Europe and more specifically, Paris. Paris flooring designs are classic and chic, and there is a design for everyone.

You can choose herringbone wood floors for class or a printed tile for fun, the choice is yours!

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Parisian floor designs
7 flooring ideas to steal from Paris


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