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Paris Party Decorations Ideas (That are Chic and Not Cheesy)

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Gathering together with friends and loved ones brings more excitement than ever before. With spring on the horizon, not only is the weather warming up, but so is the anticipation of throwing parties! Have you taken the first step and planned out a Paris-themed party and sent out party invitations to your friends? If so, then the only thing left on the agenda is brainstorming Paris party decorations ideas to make your Parisian party theme come to life!

Finding party decor for a City of Lights event can seem impossible. Many of the Paris theme party supplies that pop up in search results look rather cheesy than chic. It can be difficult to find classy options!

You have to sift through the “little girl” printable Paris decor and Paris plates to get decent decor. So to make the hunt easier for you, we have come up with chic Paris party decorations so you don’t have to spend hours searching.

Whether your upcoming party will be a themed birthday party or fancy dinner, no matter what the French party is, below you will find Paris party decor ideas that will make your Parisian-themed party unforgettable!

1. Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

A gold Eiffel tower statue is the perfect finishing touch for a dessert table and it is one of the best ways to set the scene for your Paris-themed party!

You can pair your centerpiece with other chic decor items like candles and beautiful fresh flowers. Extra points if you place this statue on a classy tablecloth.

2. French Art

From The Thinker (the self-portrait by Van Gogh) to the Mona Lisa showcased in the Louvre, it is no secret that the French are popular for their well-renowned art pieces.

You can transform your living room into a mini Louvre by hanging up French art to make your party look extra fancy. Of course, most of us do not have millions of dollars to splurge on famous French paintings, but luckily, there are less expensive art pieces you can use.

Opt for beautiful renditions of the breathtaking architecture on the streets of Paris to hang above your dessert table or around your living room to use as a conversation starter with your guests.

3. Gold Dessert Spoons

For your next event, skip the “Ooh la la” cupcake toppers for more unique Paris party decorations ideas. Serve your cupcakes the French way with tiny spoons. The little spoons are the perfect way to help your guests eat the cupcakes or dessert parfait neatly and elegantly!

Additionally, the golden spoons can make great Paris party decorations too. You can place the spoon next to the cupcakes to add a sophisticated touch to your desserts.

4. Posh Glassware

Instead of giving your guests basic water bottles, serve them water in effortlessly chic party drinkware. Not only are they less wasteful than plastic bottles as you can re-use them for future parties, but they double as elegant party decor too.

Plus, classy glassware will match perfectly with your place settings and other party themes!

5. Serving Bowl

French desserts like chocolate eclairs and cream puffs have to be displayed in fancy bowls. These bowls will make your Paris-themed party look professionally decorated.

The best bowls to use are trifle serving bowls or a tiered stand because your desserts will be elevated and easily visible to your guests.

6. Macaron Holder

Is it really a Paris-themed party if you aren’t serving macarons?

The perfect way to elevate these classic French treats is with a chic macaron stand. Choose a variety of feminine colors and arrange them on a cupcake stand for a classy presentation!

Though the pictured classy macaron holder is gorgeous, the beauty comes with a price. Thankfully, there are acrylic macaron stands that are more affordable and still look good.

7. Serving Platters

If you want to create the perfect atmosphere for a traditional apéritif (a friendly French ritual before dinner), serve your guests some olives and peanuts on a serving tray.

But don’t settle for just any plain old tray. Pick out one that is Parisian chic. And of course, one that is big enough to hold many snacks!

8. Cupcake Pastry Stands

Are you stumped on how to display pastries for your Paris party? Use a cupcake stand to show off your French baked goods.

Arrange the croissants the same way the Parisian pâtissiers do in their shops to make everyone feel as if they’re in a quaint bistro cafe.

9. Fancy Napkins

The French like to keep their table decorations to a minimum. You don’t have to use “Paris” napkins to create the best French celebration.

To emulate their L’Art De Decevoir à la Française (the art of hosting), pick out high-quality linen napkins to help you arrange a chic table.

10. Candlesticks

The next Paris party decoration ideas you need to try are chic candlesticks. The French usually decorate their dinner party table with some candlesticks to set the mood.

For your best Paris-inspired party theme, deck out your table with candlesticks to upgrade the look of your table.

11. Napkin Holder

A beautiful napkin holder will make your napkins pop! It is also the best way to liven up your dinner table. It’s the small details that will make your Paris theme party shine after all.

And if you go with elegant cloth napkins, then choose an elegant napkin ring to accompany them.

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12. Place Settings

Display your French cuisine in the fanciest way possible with classic and sophisticated place-setting dinnerware. It will make the food look even more appetizing!

You don’t need to break out the fine china and spend a ton of money on place settings, however, you still need to try to pick beautifully made picks. Go for dinnerware that has unique detailing like scalloped edges, whimsical florals, or gold borders.

13. Wine Holder

No Parisian-themed party is complete without a few bottles of the classic Bordeaux. But instead of having your wine sit up on your table, place your picks on a unique and classy wine holder. It doubles as decor too!

14. Coffee Menu

After your guests relax in your living room after having dinner, serve them some coffee or tea.

You can transform a small area in your living room into a mini cafe by hanging up a chalkboard with a drink menu so that guests can choose what type of coffee they would like to drink. Just like at a Parisian cafe!

15. Fresh Flowers

Parisians love to pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers for the week to liven up their apartment. Do as the Parisians do and pick up fresh flowers to decorate your party!

Surrounding your home with flowers will make your living room feel like Paris during the spring. You can use them for photo props with your guests too!

16. Trivet

If you’re having a dinner party, then trivets are practical party-must haves. They are useful for keeping extremely hot pots from burning your precious table cloths.

To keep your Paris party on theme, pick a trivet that is designed in the shape of one of the most popular design symbols in France-the Fleur De Lis.

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There is so much that goes into putting together a fun and chic party: planning food ideas, sending out invitation cards, decorating, and more!

Luckily for you, these Paris party decorations ideas will make throwing a party less stressful.

Now, if you want to learn how to host like the French and more, then check out these entertaining tips!

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Paris Party Decorations Ideas


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