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4 Chic Paris Party Themes for Any Special Occasion

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There is a good reason why Paris is on the travel bucket list for many people during the holiday season. The French cuisine, high-end fashion, and picturesque landmarks and scenery make it one of the best places to explore.

If the endless appointments in your work planner are stopping you from jetting off to Paris, we have a solution for you! And if a trip to Paris is out of your budget (those plane ticket prices are pricey!), we have Paris party themes that will bring the city of lights to your living room.

Whether you need a Parisian party theme to celebrate milestone birthdays or a wedding shower for your niece — we have Paris party themes that are far from boring.

And the best part about these themes is that you don’t need to be an expert party planner to pull off these ideas.

1. A dreamy Picnic Near the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower in Paris
Source: Unsplash/ Ivana Cirkovic

A good idea for a Paris-themed party would be to have an Eiffel tower-inspired picnic in the backyard (or indoors!). The perfect way to make this Paris theme work out is by having the following decor:

Send invitation cards

A task to tick off on your party planning checklist is to send invitations to your closest friends and family. If you are not a pro at making custom invitations on Adobe Illustrator, you can find beautiful designs online!

Doris Home 25PCS Navy Blue Invitations Cards with Envelopes

This invitation card features a stunning floral design that has an elegant finish. It also features a beautiful blue ribbon and arrives in matching blue envelopes that blend well with the chic Paris theme. You can add party information like the location, time, and more.

Add a chic picnic basket

STBoo Wicker Picnic Basket for 4

Just imagine how pretty this picnic basket will look on a beautiful sunny day in the garden? The basket is guaranteed to tie together your Paris party theme perfectly. Besides its chic design, the foldable picnic table and the insulated cooler compartment make it a picnic must-have.

PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket for Water-Resistant

If you are stumped on what picnic blanket to use for your Paris-themed party, go for one that is not only classic but also has useful features like water-resistant material and portable straps.

Decorate your desserts with Paris cupcake toppers

Elevate the look of ordinary cupcakes with cute, tiny Eiffel tower cupcake toppers. They are the perfect addition to your Paris party theme. Finish off your cupcakes by placing them on a stylish cupcake stand. It could either be an all-black stand or a crisp white design.

Paris Theme Cupcake Toppers Eiffel Tower Shape

Don’t forget to add a cheeseboard

Not only will this look stunning as table decor, but it will also do a great job at displaying your fancy cheese and fresh fruits.

Board & Cheese Knife Set – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Buy Now

You can head to your local grocery store to buy different types of famous French Cheese. From Roquefort, Camembert to Bouton de Culotte — these delights will look picture-perfect on this cheese board.

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Decorate with fresh flowers

Pick fresh and sweet-smelling flowers from your garden or the farmers market for your Paris-themed party. You can use this as party decor on your gray table runner or your party table.

Nilos Small Bud Glass Vases Set of 10

The beauty about these retro vases is that they feature an earthy string detail that adds a unique touch.

Surprise your guests with party favors

Would it be a Paris-themed party without some mouth-watering macarons? These cute party favors will have your guests saying “Ooh la la!” at the chic polka dots (and of course, at the classic French cookie.)

Clear Favor Boxes for Favor with Silver Ribbons

2. A Dinner Party Near the Arc de Triomphe

Paris is known for its world-class fine dining. And getting the opportunity to visit its Michelin star restaurants is a delight for travelers.

If you can’t experience this, we have a good idea for you!

Consider hosting a Parisian-themed dinner party. Believe it or not, you can transform your dining room into a French Michelin star restaurant.

The invitations

First things first, send out party invitations. But don’t settle for a plain invitation from the dollar tree, send posh invitations.

To ensure that your guests dress for the occasion, you can add a dress code section on your invitations. This section can is where you ask your guests to come dressed as Ms.Hebpurn.

Golden Rehearsal

Even though these are rehearsal dinner party invitations, you have the freedom to personalize them online to fit your Paris theme dinner party.

Add fancy place cards to your table

To give your Paris theme dinner table a luxe finish, include place cards with the names of each guest! These will be the showstoppers at your party.

Cambridge Placecards

Place an opulently designed 3-course menu on your dinner plates

Kenai Menus

You can include food ideas like French desserts such as cream puffs and chocolate eclairs. Not sure what else to put on your menu? We are here to help! Add signature cocktails — this could be blueberry French or mint grapefruit mimosas. (Fun fact: A mimosa was first served at the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1925).

Pearl Napkin Ring

When it comes to Michelin-starred restaurants, it is not only about the food. It is also how the table is presented.

So to have the best Paris dinner theme party, you have to focus on little table details. For example, choose elegant napkin rings to make your dinner table look expensive.

3. French Art-themed Party

Louvre Museum in Paris
Unsplash/ Lukas Zishke

Just because you can’t visit the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy French art at home.

Send museum ticket invitations

Vintage Hollywood ticket business cards

Surprise your guests with museum ticket invites. This clever invitation idea will set the right mood for your museum-themed party.

Hang up Parisian artwork

Men in Red 

Transform your living room into a museum by hanging up French-inspired photography and paintings.

Below the paintings, you can have a dessert table with some fancy Parisian treats. Have your food sit on a Breton top-inspired table runner.

Play fun games

50 Pack Canvas Painting Kit

Instead of playing a scavenger hunt, you can do a painting contest. You can ask your guests to recreate iconic French paintings like the Mona Lisa. The person with the best painting gets to win an Amazon gift card.

4. Paris Café Culture Themed Party

Flat lay of cafe food in paris
Source: Unsplash/ Jordan Phlilal

The last Parisian-themed party you can try out is a Café theme. You have most likely seen aesthetically-pleasing flat lays of Parisian Cafe photos on Instagram and Pinterest — and I’m sure you also want to recreate that for yourself.

Luckily for you, putting together a Paris cafe theme party is easy, even if you consider yourself a “lazy host.”

Serve your café food on classy plates

Croelle Classic Café Blue Dinnerware Set

Most expensive cafes use plates that feature a classic ring in navy blue or black hues. So to make your croissants and coffee look like they came straight from an actual cafe, place them on this set.

Store the tea in a stainless steel teapot

Frieling Primo Teapot w/ infuser, brushed finish, 34 fl. Oz., Stainless steel

Buy Now

To make your cafe table decor looks posh, include a silver stainless steel teapot. Not only will it keep your tea hot, but it will make your guests feel like they are at a Parisian cafe.

Spoil your guests with cafe party favors

BagDream Bakery Bags with Window Kraft Paper Bags

Keep any extra mouthwatering croissants or classic french cookies in paper bags and use them as party favors.

If you have been pinning a lot of Parisian interior designs, but you don’t know how to bring the inspiration into real life — here is how you can make it happen.

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