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9 Free Self-Care Ideas That Will Improve Your Well-Being

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These days it seems like the perfect way to practice self-care is by splurging on designer bags and going on expensive vacations. Social media makes us believe that the best self-care ideas should involve racking up a bunch of credit card debt. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to unwind and recharge! Keep reading to find the best free self-care ideas that you can either use to improve your well-being or share with a friend who needs to de-stress.

While it is not always wrong to buy material items, of course, there are free-self care ideas you can do to give you a fun and healthy life.

These free self-care activities do not have to be the go-to Instagram-perfect bubble bath either. It can be a little self-care idea like curling up with a good book while sipping a cup of tea!

These free ideas include creating a gratitude list, starting a good self-care routine, and going outside for some fresh air. If these sound like relaxing ideas you would like to try out, then there is more inspiration for you!

1. Listen to your favorite song

The best form of self-care does not have to be complicated. The little things like plugging in your headphones and listening to your favorite music can go a long way. Listening to songs you like that you haven’t heard in years can make a big impact on your mood too.

Discovering new exciting music is also one of the best things to improve your self-care routine. If you haven’t checked your Apple Music “new music” playlist in a while, then head over there and get ready to find mood-boosting songs.

2. Practice the pause

You don’t need to pay for expensive meditation subscriptions to have mental peace. Through prayer and allowing yourself to pause, you will find a new depth of rest that you can’t get from going going going all day long.

Practicing the pause can also help you focus on the present moment rather than the anxiety-inducing thoughts of the future. Taking deep breaths is also a great way of relieving your mind from stress. Giving your mind some breathing room before your day gets started is something that will transform your morning routine!

3. Create an essential oil

Woman making essential oils on her kitchen counter
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Sometimes learning a new and fun skill is an effective way of improving your self-care. And what better way to learn a new self-care skill than to make your own essential oils?

This is a relaxing self-care activity you can enjoy without breaking the bank. You don’t have to order expensive natural skincare products from Lush or buy new ingredients either.

Besides learning a new skill, having your own homemade essential oil bottle made from simple ingredients from your garden, beauty cabinet, and pantry can reduce anxiety and help improve sleep.

4. Visit your local library

Sure, listening to audiobooks is fun and convenient, but there is something extra special about holding a physical book.

The sound of the pages as you flip through chapters and the smell of the book is the best part about physical books (and, of course, the storylines as well).

If you haven’t gone to your local library in a long time, consider adding this fun activity to your calendar!

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5. Try a new hobby

If outdoor hobbies like going on a bike ride are not how you would like to spend your free time, there are other free self-care ideas that you can try, such as coloring.

There has been a rise in adult coloring books and doodle sketchpads. Yep, coloring books are not reserved for young kids anymore! Older adults can now enjoy coloring some beautiful designs to relax their minds.

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6. Limit your social media consumption

Another self-care idea you can try is reducing your time on social media. I know you have probably read about the benefits of this a million times already, but this small change can give your mind a little reboot!

You can add this idea to your daily routine to help you focus on life outside of Instagram or Facebook.

Use your phone to keep track of how long you have spent on your apps in a week. Based on this information, you can determine how many minutes you want to spend on each app.

Turning this into your regular practice will also give you a good night’s sleep. No more going to sleep late because you spent all night scrolling through social media!

7. Make a gratitude journal

It is so easy to forget about the good, especially with the current new’s cycle and this age of social media where comparison is at an all-time high.

Everyone’s lives appear to be perfect on Instagram and it’s only a matter of time until you start to compare your life to the people you follow. If you find yourself doing this a lot, the best thing to do is practice gratitude to help maintain a positive mindset.

You don’t have to spend money on an expensive gratitude journal to do this! There are many free gratitude printables that you can download and print from Canva.

Instead of comparing your home to an influencer’s mansion or your budget-friendly looks to a fashion model’s designer wardrobe, write down all the things that are great about your cozy home or your simple yet classic wardrobe. Your mental well-being will improve in no time.

8. Make new food

A cup of milk tea, macaroons, blueberries placed on a serving tray
Source: Unsplash/ Jen P

It is no secret that good comfort food can make bad days a little bit better. Especially when you stumble across a new recipe that you love! To keep it free, you can create a new dish by incorporating existing ingredients from your refrigerator into your meals.

Experimenting with foods and finding new recipes for your work lunches can be a self-care activity you can do every week.

9. Get dolled up

One of the best ways to practice self-care is by throwing on your favorite outfit. If you have a dress or a cute top that you haven’t worn in ages, dig through your closet and dress up! As the saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.”

Finish your look by applying a bold red lip and you will instantly cheer up!

free self care ideas

The next time you feel your stress levels increase, follow this list of self-care ideas to get free and effective solutions to soothe your mind.

Prioritizing your sleep is also the best form of self-care! To give yourself a luxurious night’s rest, check out these 5 best comforters.

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