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My Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist (& 25 Outfits!)

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As much as we love our chunky knits, there’s nothing quite like shedding off the heavy winter layers and tossing the fur-lined boots to excitedly welcome spring. With days feeling longer, snow piles melting, and temperatures slowly rising, these telltale signs that spring is on its way make it the perfect time to freshen up your style.

Though most people might think freshening up your style means buying all new clothes, that definitely doesn’t have to be the case. With a spring capsule wardrobe, adding a few new strategic and versatile pieces is all you need! That way, you’ll be able to create endless chic outfits all season long. Let’s get started – here is my spring capsule checklist to get you started, as well as 25 outfit ideas for plenty of style inspiration.

No matter the season of your capsule wardrobe, there are always a few capsule wardrobe philosophies to keep in mind.

Neutral Colors

First, you want the majority of your capsule wardrobe to make up a neutral color scheme. If all the colors are cohesive in your wardrobe, then this is less time you have to spend in the morning trying to make sure your outfits match.

It’s important to note, however, that keeping a neutral palette does not mean wearing black all spring long. Lighter neutrals for spring can include white, beige, light grey, or sage green. Minimize the navy and blacks in your wardrobe if you want to have a visually lighter appearance and dress for the season!

With a wardrobe base of neutrals, it’s always fun to add a few accent colors to liven up your look if you wish. For spring, I personally love blush or army green shades, though lavender is also a popular contender this time of year!

As a general rule, I’d recommend no more than 5 colors total in your outfit, including all of your neutrals and accents. Alternatively, you can also pick a base color to plan your spring wardrobe around.

Personal Style

In my past capsule wardrobe posts, I always put a few of the same items on my list every year, such as a utility jacket and denim jacket. Frankly, I don’t really even wear those pieces that much anymore!

These days, I would much rather reach for my trench coat instead. The point is, keep your personal style in mind as you shop and plan for your perfect spring capsule wardrobe. Just because it’s on a list doesn’t mean you should buy it! Only add something to your wardrobe if you love it and can realistically see yourself wearing it several times.

Lists like the ones in this post are great for ideas and inspiration; maybe you do want to click “add to cart” on everything because you love it in pictures. Before concluding your purchase, though, make sure to double-check with yourself, ‘does this fit my current style?”

Just as our bodies and lives change over time, so do our style preferences. There’s no point in holding onto items that don’t serve you or your wardrobe anymore. That’s why it’s a good idea to evaluate your spring wardrobe every year to make sure it’s fully optimized for the new season.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure you feel comfortable and confident in the pieces you own, old or new!

Quality Pieces

Not everything you own has to be a ‘forever’ type of piece, but capsule wardrobes are worth investing in as these are items you plan to wear for years to come.

As we try out new styles and build our capsule wardrobe to our liking, it’s normal to want to try new styles that you are curious about. In these instances, it makes sense to go with more affordable options, just like if you were trying out a new trendy piece that caught your eye. If you love it, you can consider investing in a higher-end version next season; if you hate it, the low price tag was worth it for discovering a little more about your fashion sense!

Getting Started With a Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Okay, but how do you actually start building the perfect capsule wardrobe? It may look like a lot of hard work is needed to get your feet wet, but, with the right resources and style tips (hint-what you’ll find here!), it’s not as overwhelming as it might seem.

Check the Temp!

Step one: take into account your average weather. It might seem obvious, but it’s not always easy to remember this when you’re actively shopping for cute outfits. Knowing what your usual temperatures are can be helpful in helping you plan and execute your perfect capsule wardrobe.

If spring is usually really hot for you, for example, then you’ll need fewer jeans, more flowy fabrics, and more strappy sandals to add to your wardrobe.

If your spring weather is always changing and generally unpredictable, then layers are the way to go!

Learn from Past Trials

If you’ve put capsule wardrobes together in the past, evaluate what worked and what didn’t. For example, if you barely wore the leather jacket you included in last year’s wardrobe, it might be time to reconsider whether it’s worth a spot in your list!

Comb Through Your Favorite Inspo Sources

Go through things that can be inspiring to you – such as style videos and Pinterest boards – and ask yourself if there are some new styles that you want to try out.

Even though you want your wardrobe to be full of classic pieces, you can still add a few newer items that can create different looks and inspire you to experiment with fashion.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Spring capsule wardrobe checklist idea
spring capsule wardrobe checklist

So, how many clothing items do you need? Unless you’re short on space or want to challenge yourself, I don’t think there’s any need to cap yourself at a super strict number; however, it’s always important to remember the intention behind your capsule wardrobe and aim to have a collection that reflects the concept of a concise and versatile closet. For those looking for more specific suggestions, I’ve included my list below!

Number of Clothing Items in a Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist:

  • Tops (5-7)
  • Bottoms (3-5)
  • Dresses (1-2)
  • Outerwear (3-5)
  • Shoes (4-6)
  • Accessories (5-7)

Total: Approximately 21-32 clothing items, including shoes & accessories

Too few items (~10) and you’ll probably get really bored really fast… too many (35+) and your capsule wardrobe just got too large, taking away from the streamlined benefits of a simpler collection. More clothes equals less space, more options to style, more to clean, and more stress! While these guidelines can be helpful for many, there’s no need to spend too much time researching the perfect quantity – in time, you’ll find the right amount for you.

Personally, my spring capsule wardrobe consists of items like the ones you can see here. Using this checklist as inspiration, I’ve also included 25 outfits that feature these pieces, hoping they can inspire you as you build or refresh your closet this upcoming season. You can find the links to these or similar styles down below!

spring capsule wardrobe outfit ideas


Lightweight Cashmere Sweater– The lightweight cashmere sweater is the spring equivalent of a chunky knit you’ll wear in fall and winter. It’s classic and classy, yet better suited for the warmer weather. A sweater like this is a great piece to wear on its own with your favorite pair of jeans, but it can be a great layering piece as well. Wear it under a slip dress, over a floral dress, or draped around your trench coat.

Striped Tee– This classic print adds the perfect amount of interest and Parisian chic to your outfit. Whether you layer it or wear it alone, with a dressy outfit or a casual look, the striped tee can be worn with all. Though black and white is timeless, feel free to look for a striped tee with colors that match your capsule wardrobe or brighten up your look, such as blue and red stripes.

Ribbed Knit Sweater– Layers are still the name of the game in spring, so it’s more than worth it to have chic options. A ribbed knit sweater with buttons is interesting enough to jazz up your everyday casual look.

White Tee– A plain white t-shirt is the workhorse of your wardrobe! It’s fabulous both worn on its own or as a layering piece. I like a white tee for the warmer weather, but other neutral colors such as grey and beige can work too. Looking for the perfect white tee? I tried and reviewed a variety of different styles in a blog post, so you don’t have to!

Chambray Shirt– This top simultaneously adds a little bit of texture and color to your wardrobe. This top can be worn with everything in your wardrobe, yes, even your jeans! You can wear this top to work as well, dressing it up with dress pants and a blazer. And then for after-hour cocktails with your friends, you can ditch the blazer and slip into some strappy sandals.

Striped Sweater– For the days when a striped tee isn’t warm enough, break out this classy striped sweater. Whether you want to class it up even more with pearl earrings or wear it in a fun way with leopard print accents, this versatile piece deserves a place in your wardrobe.

White Button-Down– With a slightly oversized and relaxed fit for spring, you may surprise yourself with how much you wear this staple item. Though at first glance you may wonder where you’ll wear something like this, you can wear this open over a slip dress, tucked into jeans, and even with your casual wide-leg pants.

If a white button-down is just not your style, swap it out for a pretty white blouse instead.


Moto Jacket– A traditionally thought of “tough girl” piece like the leather motorcycle jacket can add some edge to your spring wardrobe, especially if you tend to wear a lot of flirty florals, drapey silhouettes, and feminine colors this time of year. An item like this makes for a great casual weekend look or date night outfit.

Cardigan– Though not a groundbreaking piece, it’s a staple item to have in your wardrobe for extra layering, warmth, and style.

Oversized Blazer– An oversized blazer is perfect for nailing the casual-chic style. Wear with anything from slim-leg jeans to faux leather leggings. Additionally, this blazer looks great with casual footwear like sneakers and with more elegant pieces like classy leather sandals.

Trench coat– Not many things are more iconically Parisian spring than a trench coat. If you want to add a touch of chic and classic to your spring outfits this season, consider adding a trench coat to your wardrobe. Wear with stripes (obvious but classic), a floral dress, jeans, leggings, and well, pretty much anything!


Slim Mom Jeans– A pair of well-fitting jeans is essential. Skinny jeans are great, but why not try out a new silhouette this season? If you’re wondering what style to get for spring, try straight-leg jeans, cropped flares, or slim mom jeans. Mom jeans are a great option because the slightly more relaxed and baggy fit is perfect for the new relaxed season. Look for jeans in a lighter wash and save the dark wash jeans for the cooler months (or a night out).

Wide-Leg Pull-On Pants– Everyone needs a pair of comfortable yet nice-looking pants in their wardrobe. A pair of wide-leg pants with soft fabric and a comfortable design is all you need. Pair with anything from your white sneakers to your classy mule slides.

Leather Leggings– Faux leather leggings add a little bit of edge to your casual weekend looks. Wear with a baseball hat, white button-down shirt, trench coat, and mule slides for a look that is casual yet chic at the same time.

Ivory or Beige Shorts – For warmer days, these cream-colored shorts are perfect to pair with a variety of different tops for their classic quality. These can be casual or dressy, though I love the way they look with tall lug-sole boots for spring.


Floral Wrap Dress– It’s not spring until you have at least one floral piece in your wardrobe. And what better way to ring in spring than with a feminine and flirty floral dress? Wear it with sneakers on the weekends or with ballet flats to work.

Slip Dress-From winery brunches to date nights, a slip dress is an elegant and versatile piece. Feel free to experiment with color and pick a slip dress in a spring hue such as pale pink, chartreuse, or lavender.


Shoes are an important part of any capsule wardrobe, as they need to be versatile and comfortable for many different looks and occasions. These styles have truly passed the test when it comes to adaptability; once you get used to them in your closet, you’ll have a hard time staying away!

Tall Black Lug Sole Boots– A trendy take on rain boots, this pair of shoes add an interesting and playful look to your outfits, especially when worn with leggings or shorts.

White Sneakers– Every wardrobe needs a pair of white sneakers. They are especially handy in spring, when you still need to cover your toes but don’t want to rely on running sneakers or chunky snow boots.

Mule Slides– These are the ideal shoes for spring because you get the best of both worlds: open back and closed toes. Perfect for the changing seasons. If you’re new to this style, you may quickly find that they’ll become your go-to with everything. The ideal transition shoe, worn with anything from jeans to shorts to dresses.

Ballet Flats– Classy and Parisian, this shoe choice adds a feminine and flirty look to your outfits. That’s what spring encapsulates after all, right? Wear these shoes to work or even to jazz up some leggings.

Black Ankle Boots– Though perhaps not the most exciting shoe choice in your arsenal, black ankle boots are a must-have for every woman. Tough enough to brave the cooler spring elements and stylish enough to make you look chic while doing so.

Brown Leather Sandals- When the sun comes out and the weather warms up, you’ll want a classy sandal option. Enter the brown leather sandal. Chic yet timeless, a versatile piece like this should replace all your plastic flip-flops!

If you’re still looking for some more staple shoes for your collection, check out the 12 Shoes Every Woman Should Own!

Accessories & Extras

Sunglasses – Necessary and practical at the same time. Why not get sunglasses in a bright white instead of your classic black? This classic-yet-feels-new color will brighten up all of your spring outfits.

Socks – Not the type of socks you wear with your sneakers to be hidden, though those are great too. A pair of calf-ribbed socks can purposefully be worn with sneakers and flats for a nerdy-chic-meets-trendy look.

Striped Tote Bag – A stripe detail on a canvas bag is the perfect casual spring bag for your warm-weather looks.

Straw bag – A straw bag adds texture and warmth to your outfits. It’s the perfect spring and summer bag!

Gold Hoops & Necklaces – In a jewelry capsule wardrobe, you don’t need much. These two items will go with everything in your wardrobe and instantly elevate your looks.

Baseball Hat – Your style doesn’t have to be sporty to rock a baseball hat. Wear with a classic item like a trench coat for a stylish outfit juxtaposition.

Black Tote Bag – Sleek and timeless, the black tote bag can be worn on the weekend or to the office.

As an added bonus, here are ways you can style some of these pieces!

spring capsule wardrobe outfits
spring capsule wardrobe outfits

If the frigid temperatures aren’t behind you yet, then you’ll love this Winter Capsule Wardrobe That Will Never Go Out of Style!

For those looking to dive deeper into the art of styling and creating the perfect wardrobe, my course is a great way to learn! This option is also perfect for those who might be new to the world of fashion – I’ve got your back.

Take it Step by Step!

Again, I know how overwhelming it can feel to plan and put together a ‘new’ closet -even one that’s meant to be efficient and compact. Hopefully, these quick steps and guides can offer some insight into the items that could benefit your capsule wardrobe, as well as encourage you to go through your closet with intention and see what’s already there.

spring capsule wardrobe checklist and outfits
spring capsule wardrobe checklist


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