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How to Create a Parisian Inspired Home

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Parisian style has a huge impact on our fashion and now, our homes! We may not be able to copy the beauty of an authentic Parisian apartment exactly, but we can get some ideas on how to add classy and well-loved touches with these easy tips on how to create a Parisian inspired home!

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Home

It seems that a lot of Parisians follow a similar set of guidelines, all the while putting their own flair and spin on their homes. This helps us because it gives great starting points and home formulas while still allowing room for personal freedom and expression. Here are the similarities that I’ve found!

Gold mirror over a marble fireplace

Gold mirror over a marble fireplace
I like the idea of a jaw-dropping mirror being over the fireplace instead of a tv like what seems to be the norm here in America. It makes me wonder where their tv is or if they even have one!

Though people may have differing opinions on where a tv should go, I think we can all agree that fireplaces are cozy and beautiful and make great focal points for a room! If your home doesn’t have a real one, no worries! You can easily get an electric one or fake it entirely with a faux mantle.

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Long & beautiful drapes

It seems to be no curtains at all or long, drapey, and billowy ones. I guess if you’re going to do it, go all the way! Though window size may be a factor here, as I don’t really see small windows like what we have, we can still take inspiration and have long and elegant curtains anyways to add a touch of elegance and class to our homes.

Curtains are generally expensive, but these Ikea ones are raved about if you want the look of luxury and don’t necessarily care about privacy.

Stunning chandeliers

Chandeliers are definitely the statement maker of a room. It takes a room from nice to wow. Though these can cost you thousands, they don’t have to. This one is on my actual Amazon wishlist and this one is beautiful yet affordable. I had a really affordable, yet small one that I loved but I would definitely say the bigger and grander, the better. I think I want one in every room!

Fresh plants and flowers

I admit I have a lot of “faux” in my home. Not for lack of interest, but for lack of being able to keep anything alive! Good thing this trait doesn’t carry over to my kiddo, amiright? #tastelessjoke Parisian homes seem to have lots of beautiful fresh flowers and/or lots of greenery. It really does make a space seem more alive! If you’re like me and have a black thumb, here are some plants that are supposedly really hard to kill: orchids, air plants, snake plants, and philodendrons.

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Hardwood or parquet flooring

Wood floors definitely seem to be the norm, especially herringbone parquet. But unfortunately you either have it or you don’t! If you’re in the middle of home renovating or buying a house, now is the perfect time to put in wood floors. It’s going to make the biggest impact on a room so if you can splurge for some wood floors, do it! Don’t think solid hardwood is your only option though. Engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl are worth looking into. Research your other options!

Renting or just don’t have the option/means/desire for wood floors? Well, do as the Parisians do and add a beautiful area rug! Whether you go for an animal shape or something big and classy, you can make a room feel more put together and tie in your design style!

White walls with detail

In almost every picture I’ve seen, there’s some sort of millwork, molding, trim, and/or architectural detail on white (or almost white) walls. It would be hard to copy that level of detail here, but you can mimic it with wood wall panels, wainscotting, crown molding, or board and batten. If you are just renting and can’t go screwing things into walls, look for wall panels or wall decor that adds interest!

A touch of glam & sculptural/glass decor

There’s a touch of class in each of these rooms. It’s not just the beautiful wall details, the ornate gold mirror, or the chandelier. Sculptures, vases, glass, and thoughtful decor are the jewelry to these homes!

Don’t forget about ceiling medallions either. It really comes down to the little things that add up to be the big things!

I’m sure there are a lot more common things we could pull out from these stunning photos, but that’s certainly enough to start with for a beautiful home, right?

Parisian inspired home

Another thing I noticed is that not all Parisian homes are “old fashioned” or glam. Some are modern. Some are eclectic. Some are minimal. And some are all three! There is a really good mix of styles. Whether it’s glamour + antique. Old + new. Lived in + stylish. Modern + old world.

It seems like mixing styles and not worrying about the rules is key. You want your rooms to have layered looks and personality!

Parisian style takes time! Just like how a quality wardrobe isn’t built overnight, neither is your home. Nor should it be! It seems like the perfect Parisian flair is mixing old and new along with different style choices for a home that is uniquely you.

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