Parisian Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Dramatically Class Up Your Space

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Feeling as if your bedroom has been looking drab lately? Now may be the time to give it a makeover! If you are an avid follower of French style, then emulating Parisian bedroom decor ideas will give you the space you desire. After all, the French are well known for their innate chic and classic fashion sense, so it would be no surprise that they are the perfect people to learn interior design from as well. To help you put together the bedroom of your dreams, here are essential Parisian bedroom decor ideas that will turn your sacred space into a Paris-themed bedroom!

1. White Walls

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An easy way to take cues from a Parisian-style bedroom is by using a neutral color palette to paint your walls. An all-white bedroom is a favorite color of Parisians.

If you’re bored of your current room and it has some bright colors like red or sunshine yellow, then it’s time to buy a new bucket of paint and grace your Paris-themed room with white walls.

This refreshing hue will make your personal haven more inviting and energizing. A crisp white coat of paint also allows other accessories in the room to stand out more, like bold artwork.

If having white walls is too high-maintenance for you, try other chic paint colors like shades of gray. This timeless hue will make your space look like a Paris apartment bedroom from Architectural Digest.

As for the paint finishes, opt for matte/chalky paint finishes or something with a bit of shine for an opulent look.

2. Vintage Mirrors

The French have an affinity for vintage accessories that pay homage to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. One accessory that you will find in every Parisian home is a mirror with a gilded gold finish. This classic feature should be used as a focal point in a room, preferably over a fireplace surround– which you can add in if you don’t have one by the way!

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you can also use a large ornate mirror to create more light and this beautiful statement antique can make your room look more spacious.

3. Crystal Chandeliers

Parisian-style bedroom ideas usually have feminine and elegant crystal chandeliers to liven up a room. If your bedroom is feeling a bit basic and currently has a basic builder-grade light, then switch out the standard ceiling light in your bedroom for a crystal chandelier that will give your space the ultimate Parisian chic transformation.

Take a look at a typical Parisian bedroom and you will find the effortless elegance of Parisian decor style. The high ceilings, the ornate moldings, and tall French windows that have views of the Eiffel tower all come together to make a Parisian chic bedroom. And though we may not all have the architectural details like high ceilings to give our bedroom a Parisian look, the right lighting fixture will go a long way!

4. Bedside Table

Though a bedside table is not as glamorous as a crystal chandelier, it’s still a necessity. You can pick a nightstand with a traditional style or keep it simple with a modern, minimalistic shape. Parisians can be eclectic at times and like to mix and match furniture and styles for a lived-in look.

Add some practical luxury to your bedroom with a bedside table with a marble top. This decor piece will make a room feel like an upscale Parisian apartment! Besides adding a lamp to your nightstand, you can also decorate it with a scented candle and coffee table books.

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5. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat. But don’t settle for any ordinary throw pillow! Pick one that has the feel of a Parisian décor pillow. We are talking about accent pillows with light shades like grey or beige and made from materials like plush velvet or linen.

You can add more design interest to your bed by adding different accent pillows against your plump cushions. For instance, you pick two square-shaped pillows and the third one with a rectangular or round design.

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6. Linen Curtains

This list of Parisian bedroom decor ideas would not be complete without opulent linen or cotton curtains. Much like the paint color you choose for your bedroom, curtains have a big impact on a room. The wrong curtain can ruin the entire look of your chambre. However, the right one can have the opposite effect! It has the power of making your space appear more balanced.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for the best Parisian chic curtains is choosing the right size. Picking the size of your curtain can make or break your room. A curtain that is short or too long can give your bedroom an unrefined finish.

7. Patterned Rug

You would be hard-pressed to find a Paris bedroom without wooden herringbone or parquet flooring. The natural wooden tones act as the perfect base for a statement rug! Not only that, but a patterned rug adds character to a wooden floor too.

Parisians prefer to opt for Moroccan or Persian-style rugs for their bedroom.

8. Accent Chair

A great way to give your bedroom a Parisian feel is by decorating it with an accent chair. Not only is it a practical furniture piece to sit on when putting on shoes in the morning, but it will make your space look instantly elegant.

There are different types of accent chairs you can pick, depending on your needs. If you want a chair that doubles as additional storage space and a place to sit, an ottoman bench will be perfect for you. If you want a chair to kick back and read a book, a velvet chair is calling your name. Or if you want a chair that will look elegant, a wingback chair is the pick for you.

9. Linen Sheets

Your bedroom should always be your oasis. Whenever you start your morning, your bedroom has to get you in a cheerful mood to conquer the rest of your day. And after a hectic day, your room should be tranquil and cozy enough for you to lay down and write in your gratitude journal. Sheets play a big role in making your room a comfortable and relaxing environment!

If you have read any previous posts about dressing like a French girl, then I am sure you are not surprised that Parisians love linen. Not only do they go for white linen shirts, but sheets as well!

They are the key to achieving an expensive-looking Parisian bedroom, especially if you opt for white, grey, and beige hues.

10. Flowers

If you don’t want to liven up your space by buying fresh flowers once a week, then dried or faux flowers are for you! Even artificial flowers can dress up your furnishings, such as your nightstand or vanity.

But if you had the budget to build a marble fireplace in your bedroom (or get a surround), decorating your mantle with flowers will make your room inviting and elegant.

11. Artwork

An accent wall is not just for dining rooms or living rooms. You can also create one in your sacred place.

Hang up classic or abstract artwork on the wall above your bed or a wall in your room that needs some decorative attention.

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If you like Parisian fashion, then you may see that there are a lot of style similarities. Parisians adopt the same easy-going and refined approach they use in French fashion with their bedroom decor.

The home decor style of Parisians follows the principles of the French Art Devivre (the art of living). It is all about taste, aesthetics, and discipline. So if you want to inject this philosophy into your bedroom decor, you can use these eleven Parisian bedroom decor ideas.

Adding timeless architectural details like wall paneling to your bedroom will have it looking Parisian chic too. Here is How to Transform Your Room With Parisian Wall Paneling!

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Paris Bedroom Decor Ideas


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