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How to Get a Parisian-Themed Kitchen That Is Très Chic

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Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive, especially if you follow interior design trends and like to switch it up quite often. However, a Parisian-style kitchen is no mere fad! Just like the French fashion style, their kitchen spaces are equally as chic, and a Parisian-themed kitchen has become synonymous with the word “timeless.” If you are ready to have a new kitchen with some je ne sais quoi, here’s how you can get a Paris-themed kitchen!

What is a Parisian-themed Kitchen?

A Parisian-themed kitchen has classic design elements with modern touches. You may see traditional features like a vintage kitchen faucet placed on a white marble kitchen island. It’s a mix of old-world style with current touches.

1. Paris Café Themed Kitchen

Just because you can’t eat croissants while looking over the Eiffel tower every morning doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your kitchen into a Parisian cafe! Here are a few ways you can give your cooking space a Parisian-themed kitchen makeover.

Café-style Chairs

The dining room is a great place to enjoy a hearty breakfast, but if you want to transport yourself to a Paris Cafe-themed kitchen and pretend you are eating at the cafe bar, consider eating at your kitchen counter instead.

Add très chic cafe-style chairs to your new kitchen design. These chairs will complement your kitchen island very nicely! Pick out riviera island Parisian bistro chairs that will add a pinch of chicness to your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

To bring more life to your kitchen island, include a few pendant lights above it. Just think of this pretty light fixture as the statement jewelry in your Parisian-themed kitchen. And if you prefer a low light setting in your kitchen, you can dim the lights to set the mood on a quiet morning.

You can also add additional lighting like table lamps on your counter to give your kitchen a relaxed touch.

Parisian cafes love to make use of metal accents. Unique kitchen-friendly decor like copper candlesticks can be the perfect focal point on a kitchen island. Not only will this add a romantic feel to your space, but the vintage lighting also brings warmth and comfort.

2. French Countryside Kitchen Theme

We’ve all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s only natural that you would want your kitchen space to be beautiful enough to entertain guests! And whether it’s for your own family or you’re hosting extended family functions, you’d want your kitchen space to be functional too, of course.

The perfect countryside to emulate has to be La Campagne à Paris (literally translated to the countryside in Paris). It is tucked away in the city of lights (just a short walk from Porte de Bagnolet) and boasts 20th-century working-class houses with cobbled pavements, walls adorned with plants, and charming kitchen designs.

To easily pull off a Parisian themed kitchen in La Campagne à Paris, you would need to start with:

The Color Scheme

French country-style kitchens tend to follow a warm neutral color palette. This is quite similar to an English country kitchen as well.

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These minimalist colors make the entire kitchen appear spacious and brighter. Plus, the colors complement natural materials like wood. Just imagine how picturesque wooden stools would look tucked away at a little breakfast nook!

While Parisians do favor a neutral color palette, they also experiment with a blue and white color combination. They don’t go for an entire blue kitchen, but they use blue and white hues accents to create a cheerful and warm environment. Such as a blue and white backsplash on kitchen walls or royal blue cabinets for a butler’s pantry (also known as a scullery).


An important feature that you would need in a French country-style kitchen is a range hood. Depending on the style you choose, it adds either modern flair or country charm to a cooking space.

You can either go for a white and gold rangehood that exudes Parisian chicness or a brass and copper design. For a uniform look, you can match your cabinetry to your range hood or you can have your range hood stand alone as a statement piece.

Traditional Furniture

One of the easiest ways of achieving the rustic yet elegant look of French farmhouse kitchens is by adding furniture.

Play around with perfectly aged and formal wooden stools that will give your kitchen a sophisticated country feel (just finish off your chairs with cushion seats for a cozy finish).

And if you have a fireplace in your kitchen, elevate the look with glam accents like a vintage mirror.

Open Shelving

French farmhouse-style kitchens also have open shelving. These open shelves are the perfect place to store countryside kitchen décor. And no, we are not talking about the ceramic roosters you may find at your grandma’s house!

We are talking about kitchen decor that has French country elegance. Add plenty of flowers with classic vases on your open shelving. Farmer’s market baskets and plates can also add a chic statement to a kitchen.

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3. Parisian Bistro Kitchen Theme

If you like statement floor tile, moody colors, elegant marble, copper pots, and unique decor touches, then consider going for a Parisian bistro theme. This design will add a chic yet charming appeal to your home, and will surely be a place you will love spending time in!

Glass Open Shelving and Wine Racks

The best bistros feature glass open shelving and brass or wooden wine racks to display an exquisite collection of their go-to labels.

Another hallmark feature in a Parisian bistro kitchen is a hanging set of classic silver or copper saucepans. This statement feature will introduce a fun yet refined look to your kitchen space.

Pro tip: hang these saucepans above your range for the best bistro look.

And of course, your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without bistro chairs to tie together your kitchen theme together! Instead of choosing bulky faux leather chairs, opt for simple and timeless chairs.

To make your kitchen look like a real French eatery, swap your hardwood floors with black and white checkered floor tiles. This attention-grabbing floor design will make your Paris theme effortlessly look professionally put together!

Go the extra mile and elevate your kitchen walls with a chalkboard. After all, Parisian bistros would not be complete without one! If you are good at typography, this could be a fun way you could write out the menu for your family each day.

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Who needs to use Uber eats when you have a Parisian kitchen? With a Parisian-themed kitchen you love, your dreamy cooking space is guaranteed to inspire you to spend more time in it. After all, every belle Maison deserves to have a beautiful kitchen! And doing a Parisian theme is one chic way to get you there.

If you’re looking for other ways to add French flair to your kitchen space, then you’ll want to check out these 15 French Country Kitchen Decor Pieces That Will Add Rustic Elegance!

Parisian themed kitchen
Parisian themed kitchen


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