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8 Fashion Staples You’ll Find in a Parisian Travel Outfit

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Parisian women always manage to look so effortlessly glamorous- even while on an airplane. On my recent trip to Paris, I played fashion detective and took notes of what women were wearing in the airport and on the airplane, all on a quest to get the Parisian woman’s travel look. To help you do the same, I’m breaking down the 8 staple clothing items that will inspire your travel ‘fits!

1. Sneakers

Spend less time worrying about foot pain and more time people-watching in the airport by slipping on a pair of sneakers. Channel your inner Parisian girl and create travel looks with French-girl-approved sneaker brands like Veja and Nike.

You can put together a chic travel outfit formula like sneakers, jeans, a simple top, and a comfortable cardigan.

And of course, when you reach your destination, fun and fashionable looks can be created with sneakers too! Try a white summer dress and a pair of minimalistic white sneakers for a timeless yet cute look.

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2. Longchamp Bag

You are going to need a bag that is reliable and stylish on your voyage, and the best one to choose is from Longchamp. This coveted brand makes bags that exude the Parisian vision of affordable elegance.

Longchamp has a wide range of bags for des soirées (parties) and for work outfits, but they also have a plethora of travel bags that French women love.

Parisians particularly love the Le Pliage tote bag that has reached cult status. The bag was inspired by Japanese Origami to make it easy to fold and unfold when traveling. It is also crafted from Russian and Nylon leather which makes it perfect for flexible traveling.

Le Pliage tote is also lightweight and practical for carrying around your shoulder. Other useful features include ample space for storing travel essentials. And most importantly, it boasts a minimalist design that is versatile to style with many travel looks.

There is a multitude of colors and sizes that you can pick, but for the best Parisian-girl aesthetic, opt for one in neutral hues.

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3. Jeans

There are many options in the denim world, but one style that Parisian women gravitate towards is straight-leg jeans. It is the one pair of jeans that they know will have longevity in their fashion travel collection.

When traveling, Parisian women always manage to nail their jeans looks. They pair straight-leg jeans with a lot of chic clothing pieces, such as white shirts and comfy sweaters.

It is also a style that they can’t stop wearing because it flatters most body types and they can be made in a stretchy and comfortable material that makes them ideal for a voyage.

A trusty pair of straight-leg jeans will also get you through any traveling season. Just make sure not to pick jeans washes that are too distracting. Stick to light or dark blue washes as they are easier to style with other clothes in your travel bag.

4. Stylish Casual Joggers

Joggers used to be synonymous with being sloppy, however, Parisian women have shown us that joggers can create some timeless ensembles. And no, we are not talking about gym outfits here!

A pair of joggers is what the younger generation of Parisians wear when traveling. But still not just any jogger, Parisian women prefer to reach for elevated yet casual styles.

Understandably, piecing together a jogger outfit that is Parisian chic can be tricky. So if in doubt, wear your joggers with every Parisian girl’s secret weapon: Veja sneakers. Pair the minimalistic sneakers and joggers with a polished blazer for an elevated look.

Not only can you wear this casual chic look at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, but you can sport this look shopping and sightseeing too.

5. Elevated Comfy Pants

Parisian women always manage to nail comfy and sophisticated looks. How you might be wondering? Three words: Elevated comfy pants. They avoid frumpy trousers that do not flatter their figures but also clothes that are too restrictive and tailored for a long plane ride.

Elevated comfy pants, on the other hand, are loved by Parisian women because they are versatile. So what do I mean by elevated comfy pants? I’m talking about trousers with an elastic waist, dress pants with some stretch and flare, slim pull-on pants, or pants with a tie waist.

These pants are a travel essential for putting together sophisticated vacation outfits. You can pair them either with ballet flats or loafers for a fancy look, or you can give them a casual twist with French girl-approved sneakers.

These figure-flattering silhouettes can work perfectly with just about anything when you reach your final destination too. Think fitted cardigans for a day trip to the countryside or a white fitted shirt and heels for a night out in the city.

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6. Elevated Casual Sweater

Another clothing piece Parisian women can’t travel without? Sweaters. If you take a glimpse at the Instagram feed of Parisian women or a browse through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport as I did, you will find a plethora of sweaters.

They tend to opt for ones that have an elevated casual style, such as an interesting pattern like cable-knit, super soft material like cashmere, or a unique detail like rhinestone buttons.

This travel staple is not only ideal for airport outfits but will be perfect for wearing on cold days when you are out and about the city. Team up your sweater with straight-leg jeans and oxfords for a travel look that embodies the Parisian style.

7. Loungewear

I spotted loungewear all over the Gen Z/ Millennial age group. And if loungewear is a little bit out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of ways you can make it work for your age group.

Besides the typical tie-dye and candy-colored styles that we see, there are also loungewear sets that have a classic style. Brands like Alo Yoga and Everlane have some youthful yet chic loungewear designs that you will not want to take off. Just look for something neutral and subdued instead of something too bold and full of logos.

Loungewear can be fashionable and functional for plane rides and for lounging in your hotel room. If you can’t envision how to finish your loungewear outfit, wear your set with Nike sneakers or flats and opt for messy waves or second-day hair to achieve a Parisian ensemble.

8. Small Chain Crossbody

crossbody bag

The final item you will need to add to your travel packing list is a small chain crossbody. Having a cute and fancy small chain bag is a must for formal dinners, or to give your travel outfit an elegant touch.

There are a lot of small chain bags on the market, but it is best to invest in one that is durable enough to be used for many trips.

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So often when it comes to thinking of fashionable travel looks, most people get lost. A perfect solution is to learn what Parisians wear while traveling!

Now that you don’t need to worry about how you will look when traveling, it’s time to think of essentials for hassle-free traveling.

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