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13 Flight Essentials That Make Traveling Better

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Flying can be a mixed bag at times. On one hand, traveling is adventurous, fun, and I’m sure you’re beyond excited to reach your destination. On the other hand, flying comes with cramped spaces, annoying passengers, weird smells, germs, and bad airplane food. Thankfully, there are things that can make flights easier to handle and more fun! Here are some of the top flight essentials that make traveling better that you should consider adding to your carry-on.

1. Body Wipes

flight essentials body wipes

Whether it’s an overnight flight or just something quick, sitting in the same spot for hours can make you feel pretty gross. Plus, the heavy stench of other passenger’s perfumes and just the general smell of an airport make it feel as if our skin is absorbing everything around us-and not the good stuff. Can I absorb some free travel miles? K thanks.

Just the simple act of wiping down with something cool and refreshing can make you feel instantly cleaner! A “shower in a wipe” is the perfect thing to use when you feel as if your body needs a good scrubbing, deodorizing, and pick-me-up all at once. If you don’t have time to freshen up upon landing and before you reach your next destination, whip out one of these wipes to feel refreshed.

What Women are Saying: “I purchased this product for a recent trip to China so that I could freshen up between flights and also so that I could clean-up as needed (for those of you who know what a toilet can be like in China, you know that your options are limited, especially as a lady). I predominantly used these to wipe my body between my long-haul flight and my connecting flight to a local destination. I didn’t have the Club access, and this was a nice alternative to a shower when one simply wasn’t available. It just made me feel cool, refreshed, and slightly de-scuzzed. I’d recommend them for this purpose.”

2. Chapstick

flight essentials chapstick

Some people may say waterboarding is the worst form of torture but I’ve got to politely disagree. Having dry lips with no way to remedy the situation has got to be the worst. Obviously, I’ve never been tortured.

Okay, so there are worst things in life, but dry lips are up there. The air during flights is notoriously dry (and cold) and you’ll thank yourself for having some nourishing chapstick handy (maybe multiples). If you don’t mind the cooling effect, consider getting a peppermint chapstick. It’s helpful for nausea and it can make you feel more relaxed. Feeling more relaxed on a flight is always a plus.

What Women are Saying: “THIS IS ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LIP BALMS TO USE!!!! I’ve tried so so many peppermint lip balms across the board, from regular otc ones to the natural health ones. THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET besides my own homemade ones. It’s great for that nice peppermint kick to have your lips feel cool and moisturized. I have even rubbed some on the tip of my finger to rub it onto my nose… WOOHOO! LOVE IT!! Helps me Breathe, too! So, this is a new staple in my home!”

3. Sleeping Eye Mask

flight essentials eye mask

For the long-haul flights you may attempt to get some shut-eye, and if you do, you’ll be glad you have an eye mask handy- especially if you’re like me and can’t sleep unless it’s pitch black. I mean, it’s pretty impossible to get decent sleep, but you do what you can, right?

Though a perfect snooze fest is not guaranteed when flying, a high-quality eye mask can feel luxurious on your face, potentially improving your flight experience. And even if you don’t catch some Zs, it can be nice to block out the world for a bit.

P.S- Have you ever felt like an eye mask was uncomfortable and rubbed against your eyes? Well, praises be! Maybe you already knew this, but there are now eye masks with contoured eyecups to make them more comfortable.

What Women are Saying: “This mask is amazing. So comfortable and blocks ALL ambient light… The other masks that I have used end up smashing my eyelashes, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s uncomfortable and I’ve lost all curl in the eyelashes of my right eye. The 3D is amazingly comfortable and the padding kept my eyelid from being pressed against the mask/bed.”

4. Face Mist

flight essentials face mist

Just as wipes are refreshing to the body, this mist will be refreshing to your face. Sometimes wipes can make your delicate facial skin feel dry, and since we don’t want to add to your flying problems, consider including a travel-sized facial mist in your travel bag.

A face mist can not only make you feel clean and refreshed with just a quick spritz, but it can address some desires you have. No, it’s not a genie (so don’t try rubbing the bottle), but whether you desire to feel relaxed and sleepy or more energized and awake, there is facial mist out there for you.

Scents like chamomile and lavender are relaxing, while citrus scents like orange and lemon are more energizing. Just try to avoid the heavy perfume scents (like rose) and look for something more natural.

What Women are Saying: “Love these mists, great for hydration of skin while travelling, as part of locking in moisture before applying skin care and just lovely and refreshing, especially in hot weather. I always use the lavender one, but it’s too big for air travel restrictions. These are perfect sized (not too small) and opportunity to try out the other fragrances.”

5. Zit Dots

flight essentials pimple patch

You may be wondering why a zit dot is a flight essential (and maybe what it even is), but let me paint a picture.

The lack of proper sleep, added stress of traveling, and crummy airport food has done a number on your skin and you start to feel a dreaded pimple forming. Instead of stressing and picking (since you have nothing better to do), simply slap on a pimple spot treatment dot, throw on your eye mask, and relax.

These flesh-colored healing dots are almost unnoticeable, especially if you have some hair to camouflage them. Travel better knowing that your time spent in the air is speeding up the healing time of a zit. Land better knowing that you kept your hands (and mind) off of it!

What Women are Saying: “I do not claim to understand the science behind this tiny miracles, but they have changed my life. I spent my workday looking forward to going home and putting one of these bad boys on my newly erupted Mt. Zit and the overnight results were Shocking.”

6. Under Mask Facial Mask

flight essentials face mask

On the topic of pimple patches and zit dots, let’s just be honest and say we all deal with some unsightly bumps from time to time. And unfortunately, these bumps are exacerbated during travel when our bodies are not getting the proper rest and nutrition that they need.

Even more so these days with the constant mask-wearing, you may find breakouts around your mouth that you’ve never had before due to the trapped sweat and skin irritation. “Mascne” or “maskne” is the term coined for this and thankfully, there are some products out there that can help alleviate this problem.

If you want to protect the bottom half of your face on a long-haul or international flight, consider getting a facial mask that is made to discreetly slip under your required face mask. Not only can an under-mask facial mask with healing ingredients improve the quality of your skin, but it has a cooling effect on the bottom half of your face as well.

What Women are Saying: “These were a game-changer for my international flight! They’re cooling, so you don’t get hot under your mask and they smell so good. My skin felt amazing afterwards and, obviously, no maskne.”

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7. Fuzzy Socks

traveling essentials socks

Fuzzy socks are the epitome of self-care and comfort. If you’re on a red-eye and traveling all night, it can be comforting to kick off your shoes (assuming your feet don’t smell) and slip on a pair of new fuzzy socks.

There’s something about cozy feet that improves any experience, even if you are pressed up against 2 strangers.

What Women are Saying: “These are the most heavenly pair of socks your toes and feet will ever touch in your lifetime. Seriously. Everyone must have at least one pair of these. I own many pieces in this brand. I am obsessed. The fabric somehow gives me a sense of comfort like nothing else does. I literally do not leave the house without a BFD piece”

8. Headphones

traveling essentials headphones

Nowadays, you can usually get some headphones for free on international flights, but consider bringing your own pair with noise-canceling properties.

Sometimes parents just aren’t able to quiet their kids (I know because I was that parent) and instead of feeling annoyed, you can just block out the noise and distractions around you and either put on a riveting movie or some calming white noise.

What Reviewers are Saying: “This headphone is an outstanding value. Not sure why would someone spend 300+ to get a Bose or Sony XM3. I Also have an XM3 and I can vouch for this headphone that it sounds the same.”

9. Pain Reliever

traveling essentials tylenol

Getting up early, staying up late, or loading your brain to the max trying to remember every logistical detail- sometimes traveling can throw you out of whack.

While you’d be able to pick up some Ibuprofen or Tylenol at an airport convenience store, it’s going to be really expensive and it’s nice to know you have something easily accessible without going on the hunt if (and when) a major headache comes on.

What Women are Saying: “This is just what I wanted for my purse. Something small and convenient. Great for travel. Did not want a small bottle. Hard to find so I ordered. Would order again.”

10. Snacks

airplane essentials snacks

If you were in a rush and skipped breakfast or maybe being bored just gives you the munchies, it’s always a good idea to have some snacks on hand (unless you want to pay in-flight prices that is).

If your flight is long enough you’ll probably get something to eat, but having some granola bars or other small treats on hand is going to keep you full and help you not slip into hangry territory. Trust me, your travel companions will thank you.

As much as we all love an excuse to pig out, look for healthy snacks instead. Instead of feeling queasy and bloated, these will make you feel better.

What Women are Saying: “Love the texture and flavor of all these bars! No weird after taste. Perfect to throw in bag for a snack on the go.”

11. Lotion

flight essentials jet lag mask

When your skin feels dry, it feels tight. When it feels tight, it feels uncomfortable. Since you don’t need another reason to feel uncomfortable (the airplane chairs are reason enough), make sure you have some mega moisturizing lotion in your bag to keep your skin supple.

To pack light, look for a multi-purpose lotion that can moisturize your hands just as much as it can your face- without clogging up your pores.

What Women are Saying: “This is perfect for frequent travelers. I put the mask on before a flight and don’t take off until I land!

12. Entertainment

travel journal

It’s inevitable that you’re going to get bored and it’s nice to have a variety of entertainment so you don’t have to stare at the chair in front of you all day. Plus, unlimited TV is only exciting for so long…

Whether it’s a good book, a notebook for journaling, a stack of magazines, an adult coloring book, music, or a travel notebook for planning your trip, make sure you have enough things that you can rotate throughout your flight so it actually ends up being an enjoyable time!

What Women are Saying: “My daughter and I took a random trip to Colorado and took day trips with no agenda just talk to locals and see where the travels took us! We put the book on the table in the hotel and we would write stuff down everyday it was actually super cool and what a way to document memories!”

13. Disinfecting Wipes

flying essentials

Even before cleaning procedures were amped up, I always carried a pack of travel-sized sanitizing wipes with me. Whether it’s wiping down your seat and tray before eating or cleaning your hands because the bathrooms are out of soap, having a handy wipe that kills bacteria provides peace of mind with all the germs you’ll inevitably run into while traveling.

Disinfecting properties aside, they are great for little messes or big spills!

What Women are Saying: “I’ve been using them to wipe down shared surfaces & high contact, such as Smartboard remotes, light speed neck microphones, and my cell phone. I can tell it cleans and the scent is great—I’m highly sensitive to chemicals and autoimmune and my body will tell me if something’s up (& harmful) almost immediately. I feel safe using these. Highly recommend.”

These 13 flight essentials are sure to improve your overall traveling experience, making you even more excited to reach your destination.

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