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Family Picnic Ideas | What to Pack, What to Eat, & More!

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With all of the travel restrictions in place, we’ve been looking for ways to still make the most out of our summer. We don’t want to look back with regret to see that we just resigned ourselves to a bad summer. So something that we’ve been doing a lot of lately? Picnics! I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper picnic before in my life and now, it feels like we’re doing them all the time haha.

It’s such a simple thing, but it’s been a great way to have fun and do some family bonding. Parents can sit and kids can go play…it’s the dream! 😉 Here are some picnic ideas such as what to pack and what to eat so you can have a successful picnic!

Picnic Ideas

First, for a successful picnic as a family you’re going to need the right place. This would ideally be some place out in nature where you can lay a blanket on the grass and have room for your kiddos to run around! Such as an arboretum or a big park. You can even go to your backyard, but it feels more special for everyone to be in a new place. We’ve had enough time at home already, haven’t we? 😉

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Picnic Food Ideas

Personally, when it comes to food for a family picnic, I am not trying to go all gourmet! Simple is best. Sandwiches are of course, the classic picnic food. They are easy to assemble and pack, as well as easy to customize for each person’s taste. Wraps are a good alternative too.

For a side, you could pack fruit and pasta salad. We love mandarins, grapes, apples, and cherries. Peaches, plums, and watermelon would be yummy and on season too! Other side ideas: veggies and hummus, chips, granola bars, deli meat pinwheels, chips and salsa, cheese ball and crackers, potato salad, cheese sticks, pretzels, salami tray, and hard boiled eggs.

For drinks you can stick with something basic like water bottles or get something fresh and light like La Croix. Lemonade and juice would be yummy too! Ideas for adults: hard cider, wine cooler drinks, or cold brew in to-go cups!

For dessert, you could bring cookies, bars, brownies, or pudding. If you don’t feel like baking just head to the bakery in your grocery store and get whatever catches your eye!

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What to pack for a picnic

You really don’t need much! I’d say you need food, drinks, something to carry the food in, maybe some silverware, and a blanket. But there are extra things you could have and pack that would make life a little easier. Shop other picnic items here!

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What do do

When you’re outdoors the options are really endless! As parents you could sit and watch your kid run around or play at the playground (if you’re at a park). Or you could all do some family activities together such as kickball or go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt.

picnic ideas

I hope this post inspires you to get out, have fun, and make some memories in a summer that none of us were quite expecting.

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