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2 Year Old Gifts That Can’t Miss!

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Whether you’re a mom looking to get your toddler something for his or her birthday or you’re shopping as a grandma, auntie, dad, or godmother hoping to find a great gift for the loved kiddo in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 2-year-old gifts on this list that they’ll love! My kiddo is 2 and loves everything here, so don’t worry, they all come kid-approved. 😉

2 Year Old Gifts

2 year old gifts


1. Art Easel
This art easel has so many options and it’s great for all types of personalities! Whether your toddler prefers drawing on paper or drawing with chalk, they can do both (and more) while having fun and being engaged in a creative activity. Even though most toddlers love to scribble, this would be extra perfect for the budding art lover!

2. Sticker book
Who doesn’t love stickers? Not only is this a fun activity, but it helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. My toddler loves to talk about what’s on the stickers too. Learning moment!

3. Chalk
Chalk is a fun way to get you and your toddler outdoors. Even if your toddler isn’t drawing much yet, they love to watch you draw. Don’t have easy access to a sidewalk or driveway? Get gift #1!

4. Water table
Looking for something that brings a huge smile to your toddler’s face? This is it! Even though my toddler is afraid of pools, he loves his water table and it keeps him entertained and happy for a long time. Perfect for the summer too, when you’re looking to get outside and stay cool. Also, if you’re looking for a summer to remember, you have to get popsicle molds! My toddler is obsessed with homemade popsicles (just blend fruit + a little bit of water and honey). They’re healthy but feel like a yummy summer treat!

5. Bubble Lawn Mower
Not only can your little one copy you while you mow the grass, but they can have fun with bubbles while they’re at it! This lawnmower is a great way for toddlers to get exercise and stay entertained outdoors.

6. Blocks
My toddler has had his blocks for a long time but he’s been into them the most since turning 2. He loves to build towers, knock them over (of course), build roads, and whatever else his imagination leads him to. Blocks are really one of the best and most versatile gifts out there! We love the colored ones because we can learn colors and sorting at the same time.

7. Teepee
Any age loves having a space that feels “just theirs” and toddlers aren’t excluded. Whether they use this space to read, lay down, or make forts, it’s a great gift to get because it will age with the toddler as well.

8. Books
Of course, books will make the list, because toddlers love reading them and parents love receiving them! Maybe there is such a thing as too many books, but kid books are short and you usually read a lot in a day, so it’s nice to have some to cycle through.

9. Radio flyer bike
If I had to think of the toy that my toddler goes back to again and again, this would be it. It’s the right size, fun, and a great way to get your toddler moving! This one specifically is great because it goes from a scoot to a tricycle.

10. Leapfrog learning book
This word book is a fun way to learn! It’s very entertaining but helps toddlers learn the sounds of different items and animals, as well as connect the dots to what sounds like what. Toddlers think they’re just playing but they don’t know that they’re learning at the same time. 😉

More 2 year old gift ideas

Though all of these 2-year-old gift ideas are loved and toddler approved, it helps to know the interests of the specific kiddo you’re shopping for to get them something special. Click on the interest of your toddler below to get even more gift ideas!


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2 year old gift ideas


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