posing tips to look thinner in pictures

12 Posing Tips to Make You Look Thinner in Pictures (With Examples)!

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Are you someone that hates getting your picture taken? Do you avoid the camera like the plague? If this sounds like you, I’m going to guess that you’re also supercritical and think you look bad in every photo or maybe you clam up and feel awkward because you don’t know what to do! Thankfully, this post is here to help you with little tips and tricks you can do to take all that pressure away when you’re in front of a camera! I’m using my years of experience as a photographer, professional model, and blogger to give you 12 posing tips to make you look thinner in pictures instantly!

12 Posing Tips to Make You Look Thinner in Pictures INSTANTLY!

Disclaimer: This is not to say you aren’t beautiful the way you are and that we shouldn’t accept the body we see in the mirror – every body type is beautiful! These are intended to be posing tips to flatter your body, bring out your best angles, mask what we’re not so confident about, and reverse the unfortunate things that the camera can do!

1. Watch your posture
One of the most important posing tips is to always have good posture. Move those shoulders back! In the first photo, I’m standing how I normally would (which I can now see is not great), and in the second photo, I have my shoulders pulled back. I look taller which makes me look leaner!

2. Tilt your hips back
Whatever your feelings on whether people should try to have a thigh gap or not, it’s really easy to fake it. All you have to do is tilt your hips back to create space between your legs. This may seem like such a small change, but it will make a big difference in front of the camera.

3. Show your neck
Tyra knows what she’s talking about. Avoid the double chin and try to show and elongate your neck for the appearance of a thinner face! If you don’t, you look squished. And who wants to look squished? Related: 15 Top Tips to Pose Like a Fashion Blogger

4. Stand at an angle, put one leg in front of the other
This is a posing trick you can spot a lot on the red carpet. Your legs can look uber long when you put one leg in front of the other at a 45-degree angle. It creates the perfect leading line to your entire body! You’ll also see the common theme of creating different angles with your body a lot in this post!

5. Lean away from the camera
If you’re getting family pictures taken, your photographer might tell you to lean towards the camera because it creates a connection with the camera. Which you should totally do. Listen to your photographer. But you can see that when I’m leaning forward it’s pulling my mommy tummy out, and when I’m leaning away it gives more of a slimming effect.

6. Don’t put arms flat against your body
I don’t care how tiny your arms are, if your arms are flat against your body and facing the camera, the camera is just going to make them look bigger than they are! The best way to avoid this is by turning your arms away from the camera and bending them to create a little space.

7. Bend your limbs
Don’t stand totally straight, especially if leaning up against the wall. It kinda makes me look dumpy. Use the wall as a prop to create angles and interest in your body! This is an easy way to make your photos more dynamic and natural.

*BONUS* Want to fake curves? Arch that back!

posing tips to look skinny in pictures

I was never a curvy person, but I’m especially not now haha. Breastfeeding sucked out my fat in places I would have rather it didn’t (umm hello fat, you can go back to my butt and boobs now, take my thighs in exchange, please and thank you.)

Though it’s coming back with my workouts I’ve started, arching that back and popping that booty out gives the illusion of curves while also creating a smaller waist!

8. Tuck your legs when sitting down
Sitting down and just plopping your legs wherever doesn’t look the greatest. If you can stretch them out and tuck them under, you create great curves and add length to your body.

9. Bend your arm when sitting down
It’s most people’s go-to position to just keep your arm straight when you’re sitting down. That can make your arm look a little unflattering. Instead, bend it, even though it feels awkward. When I bend my arm and lean into it, it looks way more toned than the first picture!

10. Stand with one leg in front of the other, get on tiptoes
I like to call this the “fashion blogger pose” because after a quick scroll through the ‘gram you’ll see that everyone is doing it! There’s a reason why though – this pose is an easy trick for looking taller and skinnier! Related: 7 Fashion Blogger Poses That Don’t Make Sense

11. Sit at the edge of your seat
Resist the urge to “just sit” when you sit. It definitely takes more effort, but sitting at the edge, bending your legs, and getting those shoulders back looks a lot better!

12. Have your photographer shoot from above
Shooting low is generally not a flattering angle on anyone. Unless you had a wide angle lens, good lighting, and your photographer was shooting low while aiming up, that can look editorial. But for those not shooting a magazine spread, having your photographer shoot higher and aiming down can slim you out!

Don’t go away yet, I’ve still got some more tips for you!

In this post, I’m wearing minimal clothing so you can get the best look at these posing tips, but that brings me to my next set of tips that aren’t about posing, but other things you can do!

  • Speaking of minimal clothing, shoes with height can make your legs look leaner and longer, especially when paired with shorter bottoms
  • Resist the urge to “hide” your body, wear fitted clothing!
  • There’s a reason everyone says to wear black. It’s slimming and can hide any extra bulges!
  • Slather on a faux tan before pictures. It can make you appear thinner plus generally people always feel better being tan! I’ve been using this lately and I put it on my body before pictures. I really like it because it gives you the immediate glow, but the tan will darken over time too!
  • Finding the right makeup is a must before taking photos. Make sure your foundation is a perfect match and don’t forget a bit of translucent powder! Depending on the light source, you could end up looking greasy without it.

Even models don’t look like themselves in the pictures we see blown up in stores in real life, and even then, they can have an unflattering photo from time to time. But it’s all about hacking the camera and putting your best foot forward, sometimes literally! With these 12 different poses and simple tricks, you’re sure to make a huge difference in your photos and snag the perfect picture. If you’re still unsure, try practicing these poses in front of a mirror to prep for the next time you’re in front of the lens.

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Posing Tips to Make You Look Thinner in Pictures


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