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A Case for Wearing Shorts With Tights

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Hear, hear! (Leaning into this “case” angle pretty hard.) I’ll be honest – when I initially saw outfits of women wearing shorts with tights, I wasn’t a big fan. The tights with the mini cut-offs and combat boots came across as hipster punk rock, and though that’s a style that I can appreciate for others, it just wasn’t for me.

But then I came across a shorts and tights combo street-style picture from the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week and well, the idea of wearing shorts and tights together instantly changed itself in my head.

I thought, “Okay, shorts and tights can be CHIC!” And well, here at My Chic Obsession, we’re all about the…you guessed it – the chic.

I know the style is not for everyone, but allow me to make a case for wearing shorts with tights…

Save your objections until the end.


1. Tights Allow You To Wear Your Shorts Year Round

Shorts are usually reserved for the warmer months, but pairing tights with shorts allows you to wear them far beyond spring and summer.

In fall, you can slip on a pair of patterned, solid, or sheer tights under your short style of choice.

In the winter, opt for a thicker, fleece-lined pair so you aren’t left shivering all day.

This simple way of adding extra warmth and coverage maximizes your wardrobe and lets your go-to spring/summer pieces become cold-weather favorites!

2. It Looks Stylish

Okay, I’m well aware that what looks stylish is subjective and differs from one person to another. But at least we can all agree that it looks unique, right?

Adding unexpected layers is a surefire way to look like a fashion girl.

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3. You Can Let Your Personality Shine Through

Whether you prefer a neutral and classic style or lean towards a style that is bold and colorful, wearing shorts with tights lets you dress in a way that speaks to your personal aesthetic.

This styling trick lets your personality shine through because you can mix and match in a way that fits your signature style.

Black tights? Leopard print tights? Leather shorts? Denim shorts? The options are endless!

4. It Provides Extra Coverage

I know that some people out there may hold the opinion that wearing skin-colored tights (or hose) is a “mature” thing to do (based on what people tell me), however, I know mature women (or anyone for that matter) can appreciate the extra coverage that tights provide.

Whether you want to have a slimming effect or camouflage varicose veins, wearing tights with your shorts does just that, while also looking intentional and stylish.

There you go – four reasons why wearing shorts with tights is a good idea. One thing I love about this style is that it takes two classic items and pairs them in a way that feels unique and fresh.

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