dress like you work at a fashion magazine

10 Ways to Dress Like You Work at a Fashion Magazine

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Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, once said, “Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” I think she would know a thing or two about how to dress like you work at a fashion magazine!

A unique fashion sense and an eye for style make a fashionista. Someone who is different and doesn’t merely dress nice. She defies conventions and steps out of her house looking like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you want to learn the ropes of being fashionable and incredibly stylish. Whether you’re starting a career at a fashion magazine, or you wish to upgrade your look and change how the world perceives you, then you came to the right place.

Check out these 10 hacks on how to dress like you work at a fashion magazine. Be a fashion guru and a trendsetter all at the same time!

10 Ways to Dress Like You Work at a Fashion Magazine

1. Glam Up the Jeans

Look fabulous in basic jeans by upgrading them to new levels. Jazz up your daytime look by wearing sleek heels, a blazer, and a clutch bag with your blue jeans. Go the extra mile by wearing funky jewelry and putting on big sunglasses. Totally glamorous.

Just make sure your jeans are a perfect fit. The first rule to look great in jeans is to understand your body type—not the current jeans trend. For example, if you’re a pear-shaped woman you should go for straight or bootcut styles.

fashion magazine editor outfit
2. Color Coordinated for that Fresh Look

Focus on two or three colors as your basis for your overall outfit. This will also be the palette that you will base your accessories—and even makeup—on.

Examples of colors that look great when combined are navy and teal; brown, dark brown, and beige; the classic black and white (add red if you wish!); blue, yellow, and green; or maroon, light pink, and hot pink. This visually aesthetic look makes you an instant fashion expert.

dress like you work at a fashion magazine
3. Mix and Match

When it comes to fashion, the only rule is to look fabulous. And one trick to achieve this (and it never fails to impress!) is to mix and match. The ability to throw in various patterns in your outfit is an ultimate chic factor.

You can do a print on print, like combining a plaid coat and a striped shirt. You can also do a hybrid style, like donning a biker jacket over a flowy bohemian dress. Or, you can put together different textures and fabrics, like matching a snakeskin print with silk. The possibilities are endless.

dress like you work at a fashion magazine

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4. Clash of the Colors

If dressing in a color-coordinated manner will make you appear like a smart dresser with fine taste, then going crazy with colors will equally make you stand out. Hey, I don’t make the fashion rules! Be imaginative and fearless by intentionally picking out colors that don’t normally go together.

You can slip on a muted avocado-colored pants, a neon orange cropped top, and a royal blue trench coat. Then pair it with black-and-white polka-dot heels. This simply screams “personality”!

dress like you work at a fashion magazine
5. Graphic Tees and Cartoon Prints

One thing about being a fashionista is the ability to transition from formal to casual—or going for both in one look. A must-have for someone who wants to look chic is a graphic t-shirt or a cartoon shirt. Yes, a lady can pull this off, if she combines a childish shirt with other fashion items.

You see, someone who works at a fashion magazine is super creative. Wear a cute, vintage T-shirt with text, or a cartoon character on it—but pair it with a high-fashion luxury coat, sleek jeans, a leather bag, and ankle boots. You’d look intimidatingly chic!

6. Turn that Jacket into a Cape

This small tweak to your outfit makes a big difference to the way you present yourself. Instead of wearing your jacket the normal way, drape it over your shoulders. Voila! Instant runway look! Just make sure that the jacket is over-sized so it will stay firmly on your shoulders.

Selecting the fabric of your jacket is important so it won’t slip off easily. Pairing this look with a high-waist skirt or pants will earn you more points in the fashion department.

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7. Shocking Shoe

Another trick to correctly pull off the fashionista vibe is a subtle yet powerful one: attention-grabbing footwear. No, we’re not telling you to sport bizarre-looking, costume-y shoes, but to wear something unexpected: Footwear that defies the rest of your look. Like a true rebel.

Wear basketball shoes with a lace maxi boho dress. Or wear loafers with jean shorts and a coat. You can also try combat boots with a wrap dress. By wearing a “rebellious” pair of shoes, you tell the world that when it comes to pure fashion, there is nothing called incorrect footwear.

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8. Disproportionate Diva

Small and big, tiny and humongous. Apply wildly opposite sizes in your outfit and you will definitely look haute couture! Go for an oversized sweater and mini-skirt that is semi-tucked in. Or wear a tube top with a gigantic down jacket. You can also try a spaghetti-strapped top with giant palazzo pants. This disproportionate look will make people stare and approve of your devil-may-care fashion attitude.

dress like you work at a fashion magazine
9. One-Color Combo

Monochrome is never boring. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Picking one color in all of your pieces is a bold fashion statement. Classic and never fails to delight.

Just play with a variety of textures to make your fashion pieces distinct from one another. A yellow biker jacket over a yellow silk blouse, partnered with a yellow grunge pleated skirt, and a yellow pair of Mary Janes with yellow knee socks. Make sure you also bring a yellow tote bag. Then surprise people by putting on a bright red lipstick. Your makeup is the only one that should be different in color.

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10. Multilayered Slayer

Chilly weather is the best time to play with your outfit. Slay with a look that is layered in many ways. The more you add layers, the more your look will become fabulous. Just be careful not to look like you’re wearing your entire wardrobe!

We’re talking about three or four pieces for your top. For instance, a coat over a sleeveless micro-mini dress, over a button-down shirt. Pair them with shorts over tights, and ankle boots with socks over those tights.

Just make sure to keep your overall look flattering on your figure, and pick hues that are neutral or that go together.

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Dressing like you work at a fashion magazine is a no-brainer. Just go with instinct and put on what you feel is different but looks amazing. And no, it’s not about wearing expensive clothes! In fact, you’re bound to find fashion gems in thrift shops, as the mixed selection in the racks can provide instant inspiration.

To get more fashion inspiration, make it a habit to check out fashion magazines, watch fashion shows online, and visit fashion accounts on Instagram. But no matter how stylish your look is, the most important thing is confidence. If you’re planning to put on a show with your look, then stand up straight, chin up, and walk like you were born to be a fashion icon.

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