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Slim VS Straight Jeans and the Right Choice for You

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There is a huge range of denim jeans options to choose from in the denim world. The different styles available in the fashion industry include boot-cut jeans, flare jeans, holy-grail skinny jeans, and more. But two types of jeans that can be hard to pick for denim lovers are slim VS straight jeans. Though similar, these jeans are different in their unique ways.

You might be wondering which one is a good choice for you — straight styles or a pair of slim-fit jeans? To help you narrow down your choices (and guide your future purchases), we are going to break down the differences between straight-fit jeans and slim-fit jeans.

What are straight jeans?

As the name suggests, straight-leg jeans have a straight shape that runs down from the hips down through the legs. They have a tailored look compared to other pairs of jeans. Also, they have a 12.5-inch leg opening diameter, which makes them the right fit and popular style for many body shapes. This includes both women with a lean frame and plus-size women.

Another upside to a pair of pants that have a straight silhouette is that they have a snug fit rather than a tight fit. It makes them a good option for anyone that is not a big fan of skinny jeans.

These tried-and-true jeans are also stylish enough to create smart-casual looks. You can pair it with a polished trench coat or a preppy blouse.

The only downside about straight jeans is that they can be a little wide at the bottom. It may be an issue if you prefer to have your jeans cling around your ankles.

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The Perfect Vintage Straight Jean in Cosner Wash

What women love about these jeans:Finally some straight, long jeans that fit well. I love these a lot. I got my size, 29, and they fit well. I’m hourglass shape but, these fit better than the Curvy Vintage. Nice and snug in the butt, good fit around the waist (I might need a belt once they stretch out). No droopy crotch. Really nice loose legs that are not wide. Hit the top of my shoes. They are very grey. Like a dark dusty grey, not black at all. But it is a nice color, and they’re soft and substantial like real jeans. These will be great for fall.

Pull-On Straight Jeans in Saull Wash

What women love about these jeans:I wasn’t sure what size to get in these since I am a huge fan of all pull-on jeans from MW and usually go down 2-3 sizes. I am normally a 29 and the 28 fit great. A bit tight but I wanted them that way. I am tall 5ft 10 and these hit just above my ankle at that sweet spot for me. Nice color for a change of pace, the leg is straight, not skinny or baggy and the rise is high.

Ribcage High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans Levi’s jeans

What women love about these jeans: “My favorite jeans of all time. I have ribcage straight-leg jeans in almost every color. They’re thick and sturdy, and I know they will last me a lifetime. I have a long torso so, most “high waist” jeans are mid-rise on me. These, on the other hand, fit me like a glove, and I can actually feel comfortable wearing cropped tops with them. They hit me around half an inch from my ribcage, hence the name.

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What are slim jeans?

Slim-fit pants, in essence, are exactly what they sound like — looser styles of jeans that are not as tight as skinny-fit jeans. The width of the leg is narrower than the width of the knee and, the tapered leg narrows around the ankle.

These types of slim-cut jeans have different looks. From slim-taper styles, high-waist styles to mid-rise jeans.

The benefit of having slim jeans in your closet is that they are better at creating the illusion of being tall and lean than regular fit jeans. And they help to create the perfect feminine allure, especially when you pair them with slim-fit shirts and a cute bag.

The main problem with a pair of jeans with slim-fit jeans is that they are not universally flattering for many body shapes. They are more suitable for a slender physique.

Unfortunately, they are also not as loose and comfortable as straight-leg jeans. So if you do a lot of walking, slim jeans may not be the right ones for you.

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Mid-Rise Power Slim Jeans for Women

What women love about these jeans:These jeans fit my full figure size 20 body the best and, I’ve tried many brands. They feel good and look good. Not baggy in the belly or the rear. Length is perfect and, I’m 5’4 (average length).


What women love about these jeans: “Big fan of this fit! I’m 5’8” and curvy and tried to love the wedgie jeans but they were too short and not a high enough rise on me. These are what I wished the wedgies were! Longer and higher. They are thinner denim than I’m used to from Levi’s but it makes them super comfortable without being stretchy. They molded my body right away.

Key differences between slim VS straight jeans

There are so many similarities between slim VS straight jeans that sometimes brands merge the styles and label them “slim straight fit jeans.” After all, they both have a tailed and classic look. However, they are not completely similar.


A significant difference between slim-fit jeans and straight jeans is that slim jeans have a fitted and tapered leg that narrows at the ankles. Straight jeans, on the other hand, are much looser. The cut is the same width above the knee as the ankle.

Leg opening

The biggest difference that makes slim-fit jeans non-identical to straight jeans is the leg opening. Straight pants have a wider leg opening, while slim pants are narrow due to the tapering at the ankle.


The best way to tell the difference between slim VS straight jeans is by looking at the silhouette of the jeans. Straight-fit jeans have a looser shape. Whereas, slim-fit jeans have a fitted silhouette.

Final verdict: Choosing between slim vs straight jeans is hard. Both have a classic and versatile look. They may have different fit types but, they will give you the best results when putting together a chic outfit. So instead of choosing over the other, why not pick both?

If you are hunting for jeans that highlight your curves, this article will help you out.

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