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34 Best Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

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Trying to find a great gift for the sustainability lover on your Christmas list? To select the perfect gift this holiday season, tailor it to their eco-friendly lifestyle choices. In order to do this, you will need to search for eco-friendly products from sustainable brands that your gift recipient will value. Is he or she all about reducing plastic waste? Then getting reusable water bottles is a great way to make them happy. But you don’t have to come up with ideas all on your own! Need more inspiration? Here are 34 sustainable Christmas gift ideas that they will love.

1. Allbirds Women’s Tree Pipers (Allbirds)

Is your family member or friend into eco-fashion, but you don’t know where to find the perfect Christmas gift? Allbirds is one of the best sustainable fashion brands that need to be on your radar. It’s one of the best places to get sneakers made from sustainable materials.

And these women’s wool runner sneakers make the perfect gift for the winter season too. The wool is carbon neutral and the shoes are made of sustainable materials. It features shoelaces made from recycled plastic bottles, a sugarcane midsole, and a castor bean insole foam. Plus, they’re machine washable!

2. Garden Lover’s Seed-Bearing Lollipops (Anthropologie)

This lollipop pack includes eight sweet flavors, from strawberry and basil, lavender and lemongrass, to peach and marigold. Did I also mention that they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and artificial dye-free? And the best part about the lollipops is that you can plant the biodegradable stick to grow a herb or flower. Pretty cool if you ask me.

3. Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid (Amazon)

Using your average plastic water bottles that you throw away is incredibly wasteful. Instead, a glass water bottle is an environmentally-friendly alternative. This one features a leak-free bamboo lid and borosilicate glass that is free of BPA, PVC, lead, and cadmium.

4. Recycled Wheat Straw Retractable Ballpoint Pens (Amazon)

One of the best eco-friendly gifts for a sustainable stationary enthusiast is these pens. The great thing about them is that they are made from recycled wheat and cork. Plus, they come packaged in a recyclable box, which will delight your gift recipient.

The pens write well and are very comfortable to use!

5. Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes (Amazon)

If you want your family member or friend to feel good about reducing their environmental impact on the planet every time they brush their teeth, this is the perfect gift. These toothbrushes are made from 100% sustainably grown bamboo. The other good news is this soft-bristled brush is infused with charcoal which helps to remove stains. Plus, recyclable materials were also used to make the packaging.

6. Reusable Bamboo Towels (Amazon)

Help your loved one achieve their sustainable living goal by surprising them with reusable bamboo towels. They are not like conventional paper towels – this sustainable option is made from premium fiber bamboo. It makes the towels thick, strong, absorbent, and reusable.

7. Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge (Amazon)

With this gift, your loved one can say goodbye to those plastic disposable sponges. These all-natural sponges are made from white cellulose and coconut fiber which will last them a long time. It also has a porous structure that helps the sponge dry up quickly, lessening the chances of mold forming.

8. Petal Foaming Soap Dispenser with Hand Soap Refills (Amazon)

Forget plastic soap dispensers. The latest sustainable products are refillable soap dispensers. This dispenser comes with soap made from plant-based natural ingredients, so your gift recipient doesn’t have to worry about it having parabens, sulfates, phosphates, and dyes. This certified B corporation has included a variety of soaps-including black lemongrass, citrus ginger, and lemongrass refills.

9. Eco-Friendly Hair Sampler (Amazon)

These eco-beauty products will give your friend an extra reason to smile on Christmas morning. This special gift contains five biodegradable shampoo and conditioner bar samples: Frizz Wrangler, Heali Kiwi, Saint Clements, The Guardian, and Wonderbar. Plus, they contain fair trade cocoa for sweet-scented and moisturized hair.

10. The Zero Waste Cookbook (Amazon)

Your pal or family member who is always looking for ways to eliminate waste will be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree. This cookbook will help demonstrate how to reduce food waste and it also shows how to transform food scraps into useful kitchen ingredients. For instance, turning a husk of corn into vegetable stock.

11. Reusable Grocery Shopping Box Bags (Amazon)

Is your best friend trying to reduce their usage of plastic bags? Then gift them reusable produce bags. These bags are made of heavy-duty fabric that can stand up and stay open. As a plus, they can easily be cleaned by wiping them down with a sanitizing wipe.

12. Bee’s Wrap (Amazon)

There are different ways to stop using plastic wrap, and the best alternative to eliminate single-use plastic for storing food is Bee’s wrap. They are made from organic cotton, responsibly sourced beeswax, certified organic plant oils, and tree resin.

13. Organic Cotton Socks (Amazon)

Your Earth-loving friend will highly appreciate this thoughtful gift box. Not only are socks a practical gift for anyone, but these vegan socks plant four trees through the brand’s partnership with Trees Future.

14. Biodegradable iPhone Case (Amazon)

Help your friend protect their precious phone and the planet with this unique gift idea. This biodegradable case is made of plants, which fully decomposes after disposal. Plus, the case comes packaged in recycled paper.

15. Recycled Glass Birth Month Flower Vase (Uncommon Goods)

If you’re looking to buy someone an ultra-sentimental sustainable gift, why not get them a recycled birth month vase? Each cylindrical vessel has a color that represents a birth month. You can go the extra mile and buy a gorgeous bouquet to match their vase.

16. Cali Ray Endless Sunset Face and Eyeshadow Talc-Free Palette (Sephora)

Upgrade your favorite eco-warrior’s makeup bag with this beautiful eyeshadow palette from Cali Ray. It is packaged in a sustainable bamboo compact and boasts cruelty-free shades.

17. Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook (Amazon)

Help your earth-loving friend reduce wasting paper with this reusable notebook. Your giftee can scan or write notes on the notebook and wipe the notes when they’re done with the provided cloth. Another cool feature is the integrated smart features. For example, your giftee can save, organize, and search for their notes in the Rocketbook app.

18. Active Algae Sustainability Set (Kora Organics)

This minimalistic skincare set includes refillable pods for continuous use to reduce waste. It contains ingredients like green tea, alpine rose, green algae, and Swiss glacier water for hydrated and youthful skin.

19. Combetter Bamboo Hairbrush and Comb Set (Amazon)

Help your friend have a clear conscious as they comb their with this eco-friendly comb set. All pieces are made from sustainable bamboo and can work well on all hair types!

20. Portrait Palette of Eco-Friendly Paint (Amazon)

Unlike most oil paints, these paints contain non-toxic pigments and have zero solvent fumes. So, if your earth-loving friend happens to be an artist, they will love using this eco-friendly paint for their art!

21. The Recycled Nylon Crossbody (Everlane)

If they’re into sustainable fashion, they’ll seriously appreciate this crossbody bag from Everlane. It is made from recycled nylon, and the lining is made from 100% recycled polyester. Plus, the zipper tape is also recycled, so your giftee can carry around the bag while feeling good about saving the environment.

22. The ReTrack Oversized Crew (Everlane)

Renewed materials, sustainably sourced cotton, and clean chemicals make this crew neck sustainable as it is timeless. The relaxed fit and voluminous sleeves are perfect for everyday styling.

23. Laundry Essentials Kit (Blueland)

To make doing laundry greener, gift your friend this laundry essentials kit. Not only are the products packaged in plastic-free containers, but they’re filled with clean ingredients that do not include dyes, bleach, and toxic chemicals.

24. Plastic Free Travel Shower Essentials (Uncommon Goods)

If they’re a jet-setter but also an advocate for saving the ocean, these plastic-free travel shower essentials are a great gift. They are plastic-free to help make the ocean less polluted.

25. Organic Lip Balm Set (Primally Pure)

The eco-conscious beauty lover in your life will appreciate this set of five lip balms. It includes sustainably sourced flavors like peppermint, cocoa, creamsicle, grapefruit, lavender and more! The set comes in an ethically made bag from India.

26. Noshinku Refillable Pocket Hand Sanitizer Discovery 4-Pack (Amazon)

These refillable hand sanitizers are a better alternative to plastic containers. So, when it runs out, you don’t have to throw it away. You can simply refill it! The sanitizers are formulated with clean and natural ingredients that follow FDA guidelines.

27. Third Rock Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop (Amazon)

Your eco-conscious friend needs this compost bin in their kitchen to collect food scraps. It has a replaceable charcoal filter in the lid to stop trap odors. Plus, the compost bin is also the perfect size to fit in their kitchen.

28. Repurposed Flour Sack Apron (Uncommon Goods)

The sustainable cook in your life will love this gift idea! The apron is made from upcycled flour sacks by artisans from Ghana who are part of the Fair Trade Federation.

29. Veggie-Saving Reusable Bags (Uncommon Goods)

What better way to keep vegetables fresh and crisp than in these reusable bags? All you have to do is moisten them before adding your vegetables inside. Next, store them in your fridge! They are great for protecting the planet than plastic bags.

30. Farm-to-Couch Artisanal Popcorn Kit (Uncommon Goods)

Movie nights are going to be better with this sweet and savory popcorn. The tasty ingredients are made from an organic farm in New Mexico, and the kit arrives in a reusable box.

31. ZERO WASTE KIT (Amazon)

When in doubt, gift them a box full of sustainable essentials. This highly-rated gift box has seventeen zero-waste products like reusable straws, beeswax wraps, mesh bags, and more.

32. Set of Upcycled Napkins (Amazon)

Help dress their dinner table with these classic upcycled napkins. They are made from upcycled denim and cotton scraps.

33. Recycled Stemless Flutes – Set of 6 (Uncommon Goods)

Your wine-loving friend will enjoy sipping their favorite bubbly from these flutes. They are recycled from wine bottles and handblown in Morocco to create a unique shape.

34. Reusable Candle Holder (Amazon)

Infuse their home with the delightful scent of pine with this soy candle. It comes in a reusable candle holder, so it can be refilled many times.

Sustainable Gift Giving

These 34 sustainable Christmas gift ideas are guaranteed to give your loved one double joy. The amazing feeling of receiving a gift and one that will be kind to the planet.

If you want more sustainable Christmas gift ideas, then check out clothes from this eco-friendly fashion brand.

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Sustainable Christmas gift ideas


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