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7 Flattering T-Shirts‌ ‌for‌ ‌a Pear-Shaped‌ ‌Body‌

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Your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. You have a small waist and curvy bottom, also known as the “triangle”. If you’re struggling to find some tops that work for you and your body shape, then this post is for you! Here are 7 t-shirts for pear shaped body best fit for your specific shape, based on reviews.

But before we get to the list, here is a checklist of your body type to help fully understand it.

  • Small top half, larger bottom half
  • Large hips
  • Thin waist
  • Small bust
  • Full thighs
  • Narrow shoulders (often sloped)
  • Typically gains on the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs

T-shirts for Pear Shaped Body

1. Uniqlo women supima cotton v-neck short-sleeve t-shirt

uniqlo t-shirt

As a pear-shaped woman, you might find yourself the most comfortable in a t-shirt that is fitted, but not super clingy around the hip area. This t-shirt from Uniqlo is a quality staple that comes in many colors. You can’t beat the price for this excellent layering or stand-alone piece.

With the v neck that draws your eye upward, you may find that this is one you’ll want to stock up on!

What women are saying: “Love the shirt! Nice and thick. It did measure up to my expectations. I would definitely recommend this shirt. The price is excellent as well.”

2. Kurve scoop neck cap sleeve seamless top

t-shirts for pear shaped body

For a pear-shaped woman like you, a scoop neck combined with short sleeves will accentuate your slim arms and chest! This scoop-neck tee with many color choices will look incredible on your body as it is fitted, emphasizing that slender waist.

What women are saying: “I bought this in black and loved it so much that I came back for white and pink! I’m on the smaller end of the size range in the waist and chest, but the bigger end for hips. I didn’t find it particularly see-through, in fact I’d expect it to be nearly transparent for how soft and stretchy it is, but I have no issues, bearing in mind I don’t have it stretched to the max across the bust. The hem does roll up on my hips, but that’s because my hips are several sizes larger than my waist, and it’s a common problem with fitted shirts for me. It looks uniformly fitted- meaning when it lays flat you can’t tell that it isn’t perfectly sized to my measurements: it doesn’t LOOK tighter on my hips than it does on my waist. Very soft, very flattering, very comfortable. Less warm than most undershirts or shapewear, and adds a surprising amount of smoothing for how comfortable it is. Great price.”

3. FLORIA Women’s Cowl-Neck Ruched Draped Sleeveless Stretchy Blouse Tank Top

t-shirts for pear shaped body

Though not technically a t-shirt, this cowl-neck ruched draped sleeveless tee is a great option for a pear-shaped body. It is stretchy and hugs the natural contours of your upper body, accentuating your small waist!

The sleeveless cut will enhance your slender arms, and the neckline will make your chest appear fuller.

What women are saying: “I am pretty picky when it comes to clothes, the fit, the color, and the fabric have to be just right, and they have to be easy care. I like clothes so soft and comfortable I can sleep in them and so nice that I can go out for the evening in them. This blouse is all those things and is my new favorite. I just love the drape – so beautiful. I ended up buying three in different colors. Because I love them so much, I am careful when washing them. I use the gentle cycle in the washing machine (cold water) and lay flat to dry. They still look beautiful after several washings. I have high hopes for these.”

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4. Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Mock Neck Turtleneck Striped T-Shirt Slim Fit Tee Shirt Tops

t-shirts for pear shaped body

Turtlenecks and high necklines are good options for a pear-shaped body as well. They will broaden your shoulders, balancing out your triangle. Don’t be afraid of prints or stripes either!

This classic print will widen out your top half. A three quarter sleeve length can be flattering on you as well, so feel free to wear this striped tee with the sleeves pushed up.

What women are saying: “This is my absolute favorite shirt! Very soft and comfortable. I bought multiple versions of this shirt in both large and medium as i’m usually between sizes. Medium is skintight but great for layering, large has a little more room.”

5. Tulucky Women Long Sleeve Casual Tee Shirts Bateau-Neck Top

t-shirts for pear shaped body

This boat neck cut will always be an elegant style that will flatter your body type. It creates an illusion of wider shoulders that is friendly to pear-shaped bods!

Depending on your specific body and personal preference, you may find that a top that sits right above your hips is best. Feel free to wear this top tucked in with the sleeves pushed up for the most flattering style!

What women are saying: “This shirt is a workhorse in my wardrobe. I wear it all the time. Cute on its own, great layering piece, flattering fit.”

6. Banana Republic Supima Cotton v-neck t-shirt

t-shirts for pear shaped body

A relaxed fit without being baggy, this may become your favorite new t-shirt! Especially for the weekends or days when you want to be comfier and more relaxed.

This top is a great option to be worn alone or with something else.

What women are saying: “Hands down, the comfiest and softest tshirt. Not too snug, not too loose. It’s perfect. TTS”

7. Sidefeel Women Short Sleeve V Neck Button Detail T Shirt Casual Basic Tunic Tops

t-shirts for pear shaped body

This simple yet slightly elevated t-shirt is a great option to have in your wardrobe when you want comfort and style at the same time.

The v-neck, sleeves, and buttons will all flatter your body type as these style details draw the eyes to the top part of your body!

What women are saying: “So nice and comfortable. It’s a light, airy fabric- perfect for warm days. Will wear this a lot in spring!”

General guidelines on buying a t-shirt for a pear shaped body

Generally, a slim or fitted t-shirt would be better for your body type over something oversized.

Try to avoid tops that sit right across your thighs or hips, as this will just highlight your widest point. Either get something longer or shorter or experiment with some tucking!

Because you want to achieve a balanced silhouette, try to draw attention to your upper body and waist, while drawing attention away from your lower half. The goal here is to highlight your small torso and balance out your hips!

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t-shirts for pear shaped body
t-shirts for pear shaped body


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