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The Top 5 Shoe Styles That Parisians Can’t Stop Wearing

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There is so much inspiration we get from Parisians. We take interior design cues from them to update our homes, and of course, we eagerly feast our eyes on their classic fashion style to improve our closets. If you are thinking about amping up your footwear collection, the City of Lights is the best place to get fashion inspiration. To find the one that embodies the true French-girl style, browse through the 5 most popular shoes in Paris right now- all shoe styles that I saw on my recent trip there!

1. Ankle Boots

It is no secret that Parisian women love the classic pieces and don’t make it a point to follow trends (as much). They have a uniform that they stick to and one of the signature fashion items they use in their uniform is ankle boots.

Like a good white shirt, ankle boots are very versatile. These boots can add a little bit of edge to a floral dress or can elevate the look of a basic jeans and t-shirt combo.

If you’re after a timeless look, trade in the footwear that makes your ensemble look sloppy for a pair of ankle booties that can instantly make your outfit look polished.

Emulate the flawless look of Parisian women by rocking a laid-back yet cool pair of jeans with ankle boots. It is a fuss-free way of looking good without trying too hard.

There is nothing chicer than black ankle boots, especially in leather. This style is timeless enough to be worn beyond the ever-changing fashion calendar.

If you’re not one for heels, no worries. You certainly don’t need to sacrifice your comfort to look stylish! Block heels can be comfy enough to wear for hours. And with a smaller heel height, they are perfect for walking around.

On the topic of boots, it’s important to note that there are other boot styles that are popular as well, such as Doc Martins and Chelsea boots. Though I didn’t notice them as much as ankle boots, they are still shoe styles worth adding to your wardrobe if they fit into your personal style.

2. Loafers

Practical and undeniably sophisticated, loafers are a wardrobe staple in every Parisian woman’s arsenal. These flat shoes are worn all year round by Parisian women and are a style I spotted on every street corner!

Whether you style them with ankle-grazing straight-leg jeans or a floral dress, the outfit ideas are endless. Parisian women rely on loafers to give their outfits an elegant appeal, plus they are comfortable enough to wear while walking to the office too.

There are endless ways you can style buckle loafers or penny loafers. Throw on an oversized wool blazer, your go-to jeans, and accessorize with gold earrings, and you are guaranteed to create a look that is très beau.

Put together a smart look with penny loafers by styling them with black dress pants and a cardigan.

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3. Oxford Lace Up Flats

Even though many people assume that oxfords are solely for men or private school students, you may be surprised to know that they are one of the 5 most popular shoe styles in Paris right now. The laces provide more security than slip-on shoes and presumably more comfort, making this a perfect pick for the everyday walking Parisian.

Because they’re not as popular for younger women in the US, it is harder to find stylish pairs, but they’re worth searching for as these shoes are what will help you master dressing fashionably and comfortably, the Parisian way.

Wear the oxfords with a simple yet chic black pair of slim jeans or dress pants. Round off your look with a basic striped t-shirt and oversized blazer.

4. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats define a Parisian woman’s style. They are a feminine footwear choice that is easy to wear.

You can style them with spring and summer dresses, but they are also amazing to slip on with jeans and a classy coat in the other seasons.

Follow the Parisian woman’s lead and add a classic pair of ballet flats to your wardrobe. Though Chanel flats are iconic and well-loved, you don’t have to have a designer budget to wear this look. Get a rounded toe flat with a bow to emulate the look.

While you’re at it, take style notes from your Parisian style muses and accessorize with a straw basket to add a summery finish to your outfit.

If you follow a classic wardrobe checklist, then all of the clothing pieces in your wardrobe are waiting for you to pair with ballet flats. You can wear them year in and year out without worrying about them going out of style.

Since they are an easy-day-to-night flat, you can elevate them with a flowy dress or a navy blazer and jeans too.

5. Sneakers

Parisian women are thought of as women always strutting around in stylish designer shoes, but they also favor casual footwear. Parisians love their sneakers, especially from brands like Veja!

With sneakers, Parisians come up with a lot of easy outfit ideas that are not hard for us to recreate. They go down the classic and chic route rather than the usual oversized hoodie and sneaker combo we usually see on Instagram. Parisian women tend to elevate their sneakers with formal pieces- this includes blazers, tailored coats, and cardigans.

When it comes to brands, show off your inner Parisian style with a pair of Veja sneakers. Style these minimalist and classic white shoes with your favorite jeans or a silk skirt for a comfy and stylish look.

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top 5 shoe styles Parisians can’t stop wearing


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