spring magnolia family pictures

Spring Magnolias | Updated Family Pictures

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One of my favorite places in town has these beautiful magnolia trees and every spring when they’re in full bloom, I like to go and get updated pictures with my boys, usually around Mother’s Day.

I first started taking pictures here when I was about to pop with Will. (And my due date was Mother’s Day.)

And now look at him!

And here we captured life with boy #2, Max, when he was just a wee little thing.

Look at him now!

These photos will always be so special to me. I say that every year, but I mean it every year.

Right now I’m feeling nostalgic, as I’m writing this while my kiddos are hanging out with their babysitter. (Hello, peace and quiet!)

I’m not always this cheesy or sentimental (hello toddler tantrums), but looking at these photos through the years is just proof that this all goes by too quickly.

I never thought I’d be a strictly boy mom. And truthfully, I wrestled with that for a while.

But now, I can’t imagine not being a boy mom to my adorable linen-clad mini men! Time and perspective have shown me that this is how it was meant to be all along.

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