Paris Street style outfits

20 Parisian Outfits I Captured on the Street, Part 1

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I just returned from Paris and though my body wants to sleep, my eyes can always manage to stay awake to write about fashion. Paris is full of inspiration and my head is bursting with posts I want to write! But first, street style.

I’ve gotten many requests to share what Parisians are wearing. Whether you’re going to Paris soon and want to fit in or are just looking for a fresh dose of inspiration from across the pond, these 20 Parisian outfits are stylish and best yet, easy to copy!

I’ve been researching and writing about Parisian fashion for years, so truthfully, I wasn’t surprised by the fashion. In fact, I expected it! But I was surprised that pretty much everyone in Paris dresses nicely. Children and men included.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but whereas baggy and casual clothing and athleisure looks are the norm here in America, I can count on my hand the number of times I saw leggings on the streets of Paris. And trust me when I say I walked everywhere. I’ve got the blisters to prove it! Weird flex, I know.

For reference, these photos were taken in mid-late April. The weather was very nice (high 60s-70s), but still started out cool in the morning. Very few Parisians were wearing strappy sandals or summer clothes, but they did shed the heavy coats for lighter jackets. These photos will give you tons of ideas of outfit combinations to wear for your everyday style or for heading to the office!

1. long beige jacket + hoodie + slim jeans + ankle boots

Layering is the name of the game when it comes to dressing practically for the weather and looking stylish at the same time. An elegant coat can dress up everything from your hoodies to your casual boots!

Paris Street style outfits

2. white blouse + sweater + straight leg jeans

Neutrals, layers, and straight-leg jeans are very Parisian!

Paris Street style outfits

3. tweed jacket + straight leg jeans + sneakers

A classy tweed jacket mixed with casual white sneakers is the perfect way to do casual chic.

Paris Street style outfits

4. baseball hat + white tee + blazer + wide-leg jeans + sneakers

Okay, she’s possibly not a Parisian if she’s wearing a New York Yankees hat (though I noticed that American brands can be cool there), but the outfit is too stylish not to copy with the oversized blazer, white tee, and dainty necklace.

Paris Street style outfits

5. beige jacket + straight leg jeans + ballet pumps

Ballet pumps with classic jeans have the power to make even what looks like a windbreaker jacket chic!

Paris Street style outfits

6. blazer + dress pants + tights + oxfords

A matching navy blue suit set paired with tights and oxfords is a classic way to dress for work.

Paris Street style outfits

7. blazer + wide-leg pants + sneakers

A blazer is a must-have wardrobe piece as it instantly makes even your sneakers look better.

Paris Street style outfits

8. blazer + slim pants + white sneakers

Veja sneakers were quite literally everywhere. Shoe style deserves its own post, but an easy way to look like a Parisian is to wear Veja sneakers with straight-leg pants and a blazer.

Paris Street style outfits

9. blazer + dress pants + sneakers

Yes, even the older women wear matching suit sets with sneakers! Fashion over 50 but make it stylish and chic.

Paris Street style outfits

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10. matching set + trench coat + sneakers

A trench coat, classic handbag, and layered gold necklaces elevate the sneakers and co-ord set.

Paris Street style outfits

11. blazer + scarf + dress pants + tights + patent oxfords

Similar to the previous work look, a matching blazer and pant set paired with tights, oxfords, and a scarf is a go-to work outfit combination.

Paris Street style outfits

12. skinny jeans + blouse + blazer + sneakers

Blazers on repeat. Especially when it’s this lighter netural color that’s perfect for spring!

what Parisians are wearing

13. trench coat + straight leg jeans + ankle boots

Whenever you’re in an outfit pinch, just opt for a trench coat, jeans, and boots for a classic Parisian look.

Paris street style outfits

14. button-down + blazer + dress pants + sneakers

Sneakers and dress pants? It works! A blazer with gold button detailing instantly makes this whole outfit look expensive.

Parisian street style

15. trench coat + scarf + skinny jeans + ankle boots

Scarves are another must-have piece and are perfect for wearing in the morning while the weather is still a little bit chilly. Plus, they dress up jeans and casual boots!

Parisian street style

16. suit set + sneakers

Don’t feel as if adding sneakers (as long as they’re cute) to your dressy pieces will clash. In fact, it’s the Parisian way!

Parisian street style

17. long plaid coat + wide leg pants + sneakers

A classy coat is a perfect finisher for any outfit.

Parisian street style

18. dress + tights + tan blazer + boots

You can never go wrong with a black or navy blazer, but consider adding a tan blazer to your wardrobe. Not only is it the perfect neutral for spring, but it offsets your darker colors too.

Parisian street style

19. blazer + Longchamp bag + slim jeans + chunky loafers.

Okay, this photo is just a glimpse (hey, it was a lot harder to capture street style than I thought!), but we see enough of the blazer, Longchamp bag, jeans, and chunky loafers to know this is a look worth repeating.

Parisian street style

20. quilted jacket + straight leg jeans + ballet flats

Just like trench coats, ballet flats are not a Parisian cliche. They’re a must-have!

Parisian street style
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Parisian fashion is such a great style to gather inspiration because even though Paris is the mecca of luxury designers and many women are seen sporting Chanel flats or a designer bag, you don’t have to have these high-end items to look chic. It’s simply a matter of wearing the right wardrobe staples in the right way!

I’ve got part 2 coming your way, as well as numerous Parisian fashion posts that I know you’ll just love if you’re a fellow Francophile.

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