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14 Things You’re Overlooking That May Be Ruining Your Style

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Certain fashion mistakes can downgrade your overall appearance, no matter how beautiful your outfit is. To create a polished look, you need to recognize things you’re overlooking that are ruining your style. And don’t worry, we all need to be reminded of these things every once in a while! From pet hairs on your clothes to foundation stains on your shirt, below are some mistakes you’re overlooking and didn’t realize were downgrading your look.

1. Wearing White Sneakers That Aren’t White Anymore

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

If you have been wearing your white sneakers regularly and they’re starting to look yellow or brown, reconsider wearing them. At least until they’ve gotten a good cleaning (like with this #1 best-seller cleaning product). Because grimy shoes can bring your whole outfit down.

If your shoes are beyond cleaning up and you’re known for scuffing them up easily, then consider investing in a pair like Golden Goose as these are meant to look dirty. Having a shoe style that’s deliberately a little scuffed will make your outfit look cool, not sloppy. I know, I know, that doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t make the rules!

2. Carrying Around a Canvas Grocery Bag

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

Yes, grocery bags are durable and reusable but don’t use them to accessorize your outfits. Are they a great place to keep your veggies and bread? Yes. Are they great for pairing with a chic outfit? Eh, not so much.

No one can fault you for using a not-so-stylish bag for the grocery store or farmer’s market (though consider a straw bag), but when your errands are done, switch out to something that won’t downgrade your look. Do you just simply want more space than the tiny bag styles of today? Then there are plenty of stylish tote bags out there!

I do think there are a few exceptions, however. In Paris, I frequently saw women carrying around a canvas tote, however, this city hack was used in addition to their polished bag, not as a substitute.

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3. Wearing All Your Faux Items at Once: Faux Diamonds, Faux Leather, Faux Designer

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

It can be very tempting to throw on faux diamonds, faux leather, and your dupe designer bag to try to spruce up an outfit, but too many faux or “fake” things will make your outfit look cheap.

Instead, choose one faux item to wear, balanced out with other authentic items to keep your outfit balanced.

4. Wearing an Apple Watch on Your Wrist

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

Let’s be honest: Apple watches are not particularly the most stylish. Useful and helpful? Sure. A good addition to a stylish outfit? Not really.

The square face will always scream “tech”, but if you can’t live without your Apple watch, there are ways to make it fit a classic outfit better! Just simply swap out your band. From chain link to tortoiseshell, there are many options that can make this piece go from tech gadget to stylish wardrobe addition.

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5. Using a Hair Tie as a Bracelet

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

This tip comes from my photography days when I would analyze my clients with an eagle eye for things like phones in their pockets and hair ties on their wrists before snapping their photos. Because if it’s not helping the photo, it’s hurting it!

The same principle applies to your outfit: If it’s not elevating your look, then it’s downgrading it. Letting a stack of hair ties accumulate on your wrist is an honest mistake. I’ve done it! But for a chic look, opt for timeless jewelry for your wrists instead. This could be a tennis bracelet or a gold round watch.

6. Having Undergarments That Are Showing (Bra Straps, Underwear Lines, or Underwear Through See-Through Pants)

ways you're ruining your style

Though the world is starting to become divided on this, visible panty lines are still considered a fashion faux pas, so a good outfit and seamless underwear go hand-in-hand.

On the topic of exposed undergarments, exposed bra straps (unless intentional) and underwear lines can turn into an outfit dilemma. Just make sure that you don’t waste your money on clear bra straps. They are good in theory but in reality, they are still noticeable.

7. Not Removing Pet Hair on Your Clothes

ways you're ruining your style

Fur babies are lovable. Their pesky hair stuck to your favorite sweater? Not as much! If you have pets, a general rule is to always check if you have pesky pet hairs clinging to your clothes before you leave the house.

Use lint rollers on your clothes if you’ve spotted any for a fresh look.

8. Wearing Socks With Flip Flops

ways you're ruining your style

Flip-flops are not the best shoes to wear with socks. Sure, they might make your toes extra warm, but they make an outfit look goofy. During the summer months, avoid this fashion mistake by ditching the socks and wearing closed-toe shoes instead.

And if you want to give your feet some vitamin D, slip on a pair of chic sandals instead. But make sure that you have a polished pedicure!

9. Keeping Foundation or Concealer Stains on Your Shirt

ways you're ruining your style

You might have gotten foundation on your shirt when applying it or your collar rubbed against your face, either way, getting foundation marks on a pristinely white dress shirt is a mistake most women make but forget about.

But if you keep the smudges, it might look like you are walking around in dirty clothes. Plus, you want to keep the integrity of your outfit, so it’s always best to remove stains when you spot them. Experts say that shaving cream does the trick for foundation.

10. Having Shoelaces That Have Not Been Tied Neatly

ways you're ruining your style

An easy way to look less than stylish is by wearing sneakers with messy laces. A perfect casual outfit needs sneakers that have been laced up neatly!

To avoid uneven, twisted laces, you need to first make sure both ends of the laces are even. Secondly, re-lace your shoes by following the classic under pattern.

11. Wearing Graphic T-Shirts With Silly Sayings

ways you're ruining your style

Graphic t-shirts with cringe sayings like “my dog thinks I’m cool” will ruin your entire style. Skip the quirky tees and opt for a simple white tee instead.

Or if you do like adding a bit of punch to your outfit, then choose an elevated graphic tee instead.

12. Overflowing Your Handbag

things you're overlooking that may be ruining your style

Do you stuff your bag with nearly all the things from your beauty drawer? Not only will you spend too much time trying to sort through your stuff, but the bulky look of your bag will make you look less stylish than you’d like to.

Instead of lugging around a bulky purse, remove excess stuff in your bag and invest in some purse organizers for a neater look.

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13. Carrying an Umbrella That’s Far From Stylish

ways you're ruining your style

Rainy days are no excuse to look unfashionable! Don’t settle for a random umbrella, pick one that has an elegant design to compliment your chic look. Clear umbrellas or any neutral color umbrella is the best pick.

14. Wearing a Phone Case That Doesn’t Complement Your Outfits

ways you're ruining your style

Have you noticed one thing fashionable women have in common? They all seem to have a fancy phone case. It’s no wonder their mirror selfies always look great!

If your phone has an ugly phone case, then swap it out for something chicer for an instant outfit upgrade.

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We all have room to improve! Use this list as a way to improve your personal style.

To learn even more things you may be overlooking, check out 7 Ways to Elevate Your Style (And What You May Be Doing Wrong)!

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Things you’re overlooking that are ruining your style


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