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Threading vs Waxing Eyebrows-I’ve Done Both and This Is What I Like Better

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I can vividly remember the first time I got my eyebrows waxed. I was in high school and it was long overdue. I’ll never forget the difference I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror right after it was done. It hooked me forever.

When I moved from my hometown to a bigger city, the first thing I did was find an eyebrow stylist. She did a great job and I stuck with her for years. One day I went to get them done and her whole shop was gone. Gone, like it never existed. Vanished into thin air. I was shocked.

Who was going to do my brows? Would I ever find someone as good as her?

Fast forward, I was sharing my experience with my friend and she suggested I go to her eyebrow lady. The only kicker was that her lady threaded eyebrows instead of waxing them, and waxing is all I’d ever known.

But I made my first threading appointment and after that one appointment, I instantly knew which one I preferred. Read on to discover the differences between threading and waxing eyebrows to see which one is right for you- and the one that I prefer after trying both.


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First off, what is eyebrow waxing?

Waxing is one of the most popular methods for hair removal. Waxing is very mainstream, so mainstream, in fact, some people even wax their own eyebrows. You literally can get any part of your body waxed.

It’s the process of using melted warm wax, never hot wax, to adhere to the eyebrow hairs and strip them out very quickly, along with all their roots.

Basically, your brow artist will put warm wax on a small wooden spatula and apply it to your eyebrow in the direction of hair growth.

They will place a paper strip on your eyebrow, smooth it out, and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove your hair.

There are two different types of wax: hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is often considered less painful and doesn’t use strips to have the wax removed.

Soft wax does use paper strips and it adheres well to micro tiny hairs and fine hairs. You will usually experience soft wax in salons.

While waxing can be less painful than threading, there are some downsides. Waxing might cause redness to your skin, possible allergic reactions, and breakouts on sensitive skin types.

Also, waxing would not be the best option for people who just had chemical peels or retinal treatments done. 

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First off, what is threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in the Middle East and Asia. They have been using this hair removal method for centuries and though threading is not as common in America, it’s still an excellent option.

Eyebrow threading uses a clean piece of thread to remove eyebrow hairs. The process uses two fingers to separate the hairs and then uses the clean thread to trap the individual hairs and pull them out from the hair follicles.

My Experience With Threading Vs Waxing Eyebrows

After my first threading appointment, I soon realized I would never be getting my eyebrows waxed again.

What officially converted me from waxing is when I saw how threading gave my brow such a precise shape.

The more I looked at my brows and thought about threading, the more I realized I should have been threading all along.

I like thick brows and while I got good results from waxing, threading really shapes the brow in a way waxing cannot. At this point, I’m just cleaning up my eyebrows when I go in for my appointment.

Using a thread allows you to remove the tiniest hairs, stray hairs, or even just a single hair without taking other hairs with it.

With threading, you are able to get such an exact finish. I have found that threading takes less time than waxing too.

And since there are no chemicals, this is a good option for all skin types – especially delicate skin. It’s rare to have side effects with threading.

Sure, threading can be more painful but there is no residual pain and I have found no redness either.

A downside to threading is that while you can wax your own eyebrows, you can’t thread your own brows. 

And since threading is done with a piece of thread it is not recommended you use this technique anywhere else but your face.

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Both waxing and threading have pros and cons and can yield fantastic results when done by a professional. Threading is my personal preference, but now that you have an overview of each, the final decision all comes down to your personal choice!

Having groomed brows is just one makeup-free way you can transform the shape of your face and how you feel about yourself.

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