how to look chic in comfortable clothes

How To Look Chic in Comfortable Clothes and Be Effortlessly Stylish Every Day

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Comfortable doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring or sloppy. Usually, people think comfortable outfits are for lounging around the house or for hitting the gym. But if your style leans more toward chic than athleisure, believe it or not, you can still be within your comfort zone without compromising on your style! The key is all about striking the right balance between style and practicality. Whether you need travel outfits or fashionable and comfy pieces for your day-to-day, below you will discover how to look chic in comfortable clothes.

1. Balance Out Your Casual Outfits

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

jeans | ballet flats | boxy tee | layered necklace | tote bag

The best way to nail a chic and comfortable look is to balance your comfy pieces with classy clothes.

For example, if you want to wear a pair of loose boyfriend jeans, but you want to give it a sophisticated touch, then throw on ballet flats. They are timeless and feminine.

Or on the flip side, if you want to wear your silky slip skirt, then pair it with a ribbed tank top.

Those black leggings in your wardrobe? Break away from your Ugg boots and pair them with minimalist white sneakers. Oh, and your tank top? Skip the hoodie and dress it up with a long cardigan for an elegant yet casual look.

I’ll just give it all away right now: the secret to nailing this aesthetic is in your outfit formula. 1 casual piece + 1 dressy piece + accessories = looking chic in comfortable clothes!

2. Pick the Right Clothing Styles

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

dress | sneakers | bag

There are just some styles that lend to the comfy and chic aesthetic more easily than others. Finding the right styles is key to being able to combine these two styles effortlessly. But don’t worry, I’m not going to make you guess what they are!

When it comes to picking comfortable clothing pieces that can also look chic, all you have to do is make a few easy swaps. Your tailored dress pants with a restricting waist may not feel all that comfortable, but pleated pull-on pants will.

When it comes to dresses, look for t-shirt dresses, a-line dresses, swing dresses, tunic dresses, and anything with some stretch or flow.

Oversized button-downs, non-clingy sweaters, and t-shirts are always comfortable too. Tunics and popover shirts are easy to wear.

Pay attention to the fabric as well. If it feels stiff and unforgiving, pass.

3. Follow a Neutral Color Palette

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

tank top | pencil skirt| sandals | tote bag | earrings

Neutral colors are the building blocks of a casual chic look. If you think about all the stylish women you admire, you will notice that their outfit ideas are usually tan, off-white, dark grey, black, and other similar neutral hues.

So when you are putting together comfy clothes, the easiest way of creating an effortless style is with neutral shades. Bold colors are nice too (when styled well), but there is something incredibly chic about an all-neutral comfy look.

These hues are perfect all year-round. Plus, the colors will leave your entire wardrobe with the best options for making comfy looks.

4. Look for the Perfect Fit for Your Body Type

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

shirt | joggers | sneakers | tote bag | earrings

One of the best ways to achieve an impossibly chic and comfy outfit is by picking the right fit. Fit is just as important as fashion!

No matter how stylish a top or joggers are, if they do not fit well on you, it’s hard to create a chic look. You’re going to need joggers you can feel and look great in. They shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight either. And if your oversized sleeves are going past your knuckles, they are too long for you.

For your comfy outfits to look chic on you, they need to flatter your body type. Whenever you are buying new clothes, you want to find comfy pieces that accentuate the best parts of your features as well.

Perhaps you want to show off your legs? Try breezy short dresses. Do you want to accentuate your upper body? Wear a v-neck to draw attention to your neck and collar bone.

5. Check the Quality of Your Comfortable Clothes

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

t-shirt | pants | tote bag | earrings | ballet flats

For your comfy outfits to look chic on you, they not only need to flatter your body type, but they still need to look well-made too. Because an unraveling t-shirt is going to be hard to pass off as chic, even if it is paired with your tailored pants!

And when you find a great t-shirt, you have successfully found one of the most important wardrobe building blocks.

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6. When You Don’t Feel Like Wearing Jeans, Wear Black Pants Instead

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

top | pants | flats | tote bag | layered necklace

There is no denying the power of jeans. They are perfect for creating both casual and chic looks, but when you don’t want to wear tight jeans or rigid denim, a great option from your usual skinny jeans is pull-on stretchy black pants.

They are comfy and stylish! You can use them for your work outfits and for putting together the best airport outfits. Pair these timeless bottoms with a simple top and a pair of flats to make you look effortlessly chic.

7. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

t-shirt dress | necklace | mules | tote bag

The easiest way to look chic in comfortable clothes is to accessorize. There are plenty of different ways you can elevate a comfy look with accessories, starting with the right earrings.

The right pair of hoop earrings will take your simple white tee a long way. It adds interest to a look and makes even a simple t-shirt appear expensive.

And your special necklace doesn’t have to be just for formal wear either. Use them to dress up your casual t-shirt dress!

8. Wear Comfy Block Heels

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

dress | block heels | bag

Yes, stiletto heels make an outfit look extremely sophisticated, but so do block heels. Not to mention they’re more comfortable. They are such a staple in a woman’s wardrobe and you can wear them from your office to a date night!

Block heels are one of the best footwear to give your comfy ensemble a chic finishing touch as they can dress up even a sporty dress. Whenever you feel like wearing heels but want a more comfortable option, pick heels that are thick and low.

9. Perfect Your Hair and Makeup Skills

how to look chic in comfortable clothes

dress | cardigan | tote bag | sneakers | earrings

Any fashionable woman will tell you the easiest and fail-proof way to create a chic and comfy look lies in your hair and makeup! There is something about beautiful makeup that makes a comfy outfit look totally stylish.

And when I say beautiful makeup, don’t think that means you need to have a full face on. Your makeup doesn’t have to be complicated!

Radiant skin, moisturized lips, groomed eyebrows, and a few coats of mascara can make your cozy outfit look polished. You will also look inevitably chic if you do your hair well.

You can get hair inspiration from French women and go for an undone, effortless aesthetic. Think easy curls, messy waves, or a long wavy bob.

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Knowing how to look chic in comfortable clothes just got way easier with these 9 tips. On the days when you want to look stylish without sacrificing comfort, these tips will be your cheat sheet.

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