Max's Room Mood Board

Toddler Boys’ Rooms Custom Build: Inspiration, Mood Board, & Selections

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After several weeks of dealing with winter weather and waiting on the framing crew, house progress is back on! It’s been so exciting to see the idea of a house becoming a shell of a house. Being able to see it framed out makes it feel very real! But of course, we’ve got the invoices to prove it’s been real this whole time. 😉

We went to see the progress on a cold and windy night (of course, that’s all of winter these days) and Will said, “How about I come back in the summer to see the house?” Ha! This boy is like his mama, not a fan of the cold…

But cold weather or not, the boys were excited to see their future bedrooms. About as excited as I was to plan them!

Toddler Boys’ Room Plan

Architecturally, their rooms are going to be pretty simple. We made sure to add big windows all over the house, but other than that, all the style is going to come in through furnishings and decor.

Toddler Boys’ Room Inspiration

For both of their rooms, I want them to be classic, timeless, and able to grow with them. The ideal style is cute for a toddler boy but sophisticated for a teen as well.

To accomplish this, I’ve been focusing on timeless materials like plaid and stripes and styles like vintage and preppy. And because we have a woodsy environment, I wanted to bring in some greens and browns as well.

Mood Board + Selections

vintage toddler boy room

I let Will give a lot of input into his “vintage” room and help decide on finishes, so it was a team effort all around! Thankfully, we have most of his decor and furniture that’s shown on the mood board already.

These black curtains are a great value for the price. This table lamp is adorable.

The end table is good for the price. It doesn’t look cheap to me but it also doesn’t look expensive. Mine came with a silver knob so I switched out that for a brass one and it looks more special.

We use his trunk for keeping his “quiet time” toys and it’s amazing for helping him keep his room clean. He still has to put his toys away, but it all goes in the trunk so it’s manageable! Plus, it’s really cute and ties the vintage aesthetic together.

This custom name pennant and this sign from Etsy add a vintage, preppy touch as well. The wall shelf set is great for keeping things off the floor. We use it for books, leaning picture frames, artwork, and holding treasures like rocks and pinecones.

The bed frame is perfect for the traditional look, as is the plaid blanket, lumbar pillow, cotton bedding, striped sheets, and checked pillow. I like the print of the rug and the fact that it’s washable (the reason why I bought it), but it doesn’t lay flat very well. I’m going to get one of those rug pad grippers and see if it helps.

We’ll top off the room with a vintage-style schoolhouse flush mount and a nice shade of green paint!

Max's Room Mood Board

For the “woodsy” room, I bought a lot of the decor on Black Friday, but most of it is still in storage as Max is still in a crib and “little boy” room, but here are all the selections:

It will be fun to see it all come together. I’m happy with these sophisticated children’s rooms for us that complement each other and our surroundings.

I’ll be sharing more posts as progress allows! In the meantime, if you’re looking for more kid room inspiration, check out 15 Playful and Fun Playroom Wall Decor Ideas for Every Style


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