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Transport Your Kitchen to Italy With These Tuscan Kitchen Decor Pieces

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From the landscapes and nature-inspired architecture to the rustic and elegant Tuscan kitchens, there is no denying how delightfully picturesque Tuscany is. If you are a fan of Tuscan-style kitchens or if you have an affinity for all things Italian, I’ve got good news for you – achieving a Tuscan-style kitchen is possible! With Tuscan kitchen decor, your kitchen can get transported to the Italian countryside. To help you get started on your Tuscan-themed kitchen, here you’ll find a list of Tuscan kitchen decor to fill your cooking space! From copper pots, beautiful landscape paintings, hand-painted canister sets, thatched baskets, and more.

But first,

What is a Tuscan Kitchen Design?

Tuscany kitchens focus on a look that has earthy colors, natural materials (which are often weathered), and a design inspired by the Tuscan landscape. The kitchen style incorporates terracotta tiles, wooden beams, stone walls, and granite countertops to create a rustic and welcoming space.

The Tuscan design is not hard to recreate as it does not rely on perfect finishes, matching sets of furniture, or designer accessories. Instead, its lived-in look, different natural wood cabinets, and mismatched dining chairs are all part of the old-world look.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor Ideas: How To Get the Look of a Tuscan Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the perfect way to achieve an authentic Tuscan kitchen is with some Tuscan decor. No matter the size of your kitchen – these Italian kitchen decor ideas will work perfectly for you.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor for the Countertops, Cabinets, & Wall

A great way of nailing the Tuscan look is by adding a wine rack to your kitchen. You don’t need a wine cellar to make your home feel fancy. Display all your best Italian wine in style with this acacia wood rack. You can also hang your classiest and posh wine glasses.

The perfect spot for this Tuscan-inspired salt and pepper shaker set is on your countertops. The blue and white medallion design will brighten up your kitchen beautifully. This Italian-style shaker set can work well in a small kitchen as well.

A common feature in Tuscan kitchens is warm pops of colors. This is achieved by adding beautiful landscape paintings to make the kitchen charming and warm. A landscape painting can stand alone or be used to create a gallery wall in the kitchen.

If you have dark walls in your kitchen, add a splash of color with an orange table lamp placed against the wall. The orange warm colors will resemble the sun-soaked hues of Tuscany.

Give your kitchen some Italian rustic charm by adding copper kitchen utensils. They have a slightly weathered finish, which makes them a great decorative piece in a Tuscan kitchen.

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Tuscan kitchens usually have a couple of thatched baskets tucked away in open cabinets for a cozy feel. The baskets also do a great job of adding some more warm earth tones in a kitchen space. You can store your food items in baskets or your kitchen towels.

The Italians pay particular attention to the types of accessories they add to their kitchen space. A great example is this vintage clock! It gives a kitchen an instant traditional and elegant flair.

There are simple ways of achieving a Tuscan design style, and that’s by hanging copper pans. You can hang them on your pot racks for a statement that is both beautiful and practical. Another good idea would be to use them to create an accent wall. You can mix the copper pots with your copper kitchen utensils for a cohesive look.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor for a High Ceiling, Dining Area, & Stove Area

One of the main focal points in a Tuscan kitchen is the light fixtures. They provide the kitchen with a glamorous touch. If you have glass jars hanging in your kitchen, match the glass with a flower-shaped glass light fixture. It has an effortlessly elegant appearance which will offset the rustic and distressed pieces in the kitchen.

A great place to hang it would be above your kitchen sink or in a grouping above your kitchen island.

The next light fixture to try in a Tuscan-inspired kitchen is a burnt orange or red design. These hues perfectly resemble the sunshine hues in the Italian countryside. What makes this light fixture Tuscan-approved is the chipped detail. It has a lived-in look that the Italians absolutely love. Don’t try to fix or hide those imperfections because it is a sign of a well-used kitchen!

The Italians never shy away from incorporating a lot of color in their kitchen designs. This is portrayed in the ceramic tiles, rich tones from the kitchen utensils, and this pink light fixture. The flower-shaped light adds the perfect amount of vibrant hues to a Tuscan kitchen design. Hang it above your dining table to bring light and glamour to your space.

In a Tuscany kitchen design, there is never a shortage of copper tones. So take a cue from the Italians and include some copper kitchen pieces. You can add a vintage copper kettle on your stovetop to give your kitchen a Tuscany upgrade. What’s also great about the copper kettle is that it will harmonize with the warm color scheme of the Tuscany kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, Italians place great emphasis on warm tones. It helps to make the kitchen space inviting. An earthy color palette is some of the core colors that are used. This is highlighted in the use of red terracotta clay pot planters. These are great accessories to add some greenery for a fresh and relaxing look!

Would it really be a Tuscany kitchen without an olive oil bottle? You’re going to need one to drizzle on your baby tomatoes and cheese. However, instead of going for those modern designs, opt for one with an old-world look. And this eye-catching vessel is the perfect pick for a Tuscany kitchen design.

Don’t be shy to add more color to your space. Add some wonderful paintings of landscapes to dress up your kitchen walls.

Achieving a Tuscan kitchen style doesn’t always require Tuscan architecture! You can nail the look by filling your cooking space with Tuscan kitchen decor for a homey feel.

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