how to wear a trench coat like a french girl

13 Chic Ways To Wear a Trench Coat Like a French Girl

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Are any things as iconic as a French girl in a trench coat? I think not. Though a trench coat has British beginnings, it’s a staple item that makes up Parisian style, and donning one is one of the easiest ways to look chic. Read on for tips on how you can master wearing a trench coat like a French girl!

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Is there a “correct” way to wear a trench coat like a French girl?

First things first. Before we get into the outfit ideas, you may be wondering if there’s a correct way to wear your trench coat. Short answer? Yes and no. Let me explain. You’ll see in these outfit ideas from Parisians on the streets that you can wear your trench coat in many different ways! Though most of the time it’s worn open, you can have the waist belt tied in the back or cinched around your waist. What you don’t tend to see so much are perfect bows tied in the back or perfectly tied in the front.

And if you want to cinch it in your front, just casually tie the waist belt together and make a knot. Don’t go through all the work of getting it in the belt loops just so. A big style secret of Parisian fashion is being perfectly undone. Think effortless and like you just threw it on!

And if the whole idea of what to do with the waist belt straps still confuse you, well good news, you don’t even need them to look Parisian! I’m not saying to just take it off and have empty belt loops (it will look like you’re missing something), but look for a style that isn’t meant to have them.

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Does the style matter?

Once again, not exactly. For true Parisian fashion, opt for a khaki-colored trench with no hood. But other colors work well too! Green, brown, black, and navy are all good options. Even the occasional pop of bold color can work, though that shouldn’t replace your neutral pick. Ideally, this trench coat would be on the longer side and go past your knee. Just try to keep it simple as far as prints and embellishments.

How much should you pay for a trench coat?

Whether you’re a French girl or not, a trench coat falls under “investment piece” as it’s a staple you’ll wear again and again. Expect to pay between $100-$300 for a reasonable quality piece. Of course, prices range from the classic Burberry trench priced around $2,000 to trendier retailer versions found for $30. At the end of the day, don’t let budget stop you! You can definitely find a trench coat under $100.

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Ways To Wear a Trench Coat Like a French Girl

1. With ankle boots and a striped sweater
We love these “cliche” outfits for a reason- they always look good. For the most classic way to wear your trench coat, pair it with a striped sweater and ankle boots.

2. With loafers and socks
Proof that socks and loafers totally go and not only that, but look effortlessly chic too.

3. With jeans and ankle boots
Timeless? Check. Classic? Check. To look like a true Parisien in Paris, wear your trench coat with jeans, ankle boots, and a simple top.

4. With a floral dress
Want to look chic during spring? Just throw a trench coat on over your floral dress. Done!

5. With a pop of red
Simple with a statement. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your trench coat, add a pair of bold red ankle boots or a statement red purse.

6. With leggings and sneakers
A great way to elevate a casual outfit. And this is a good reminder your trench coat doesn’t have to just be beige either!

7. With a straw bag
A straw or basket bag is the perfect accessory to this classic piece.

Stylish Ideas for What to Wear With a Trench Coat

8. With leather pants
Leather pants add just the right amount of edge while loafers bring that classic element.

9. With ballet flats
For chic Audrey Hepburn vibes, pair your trench coat with a classic pair of ballet flats.

10. With vintage sunglasses
Channel Françoise Hardy’s style by pairing your coat with a pair of vintage, white sunglasses.
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11. With black
The beige will really pop against an all-black outfit. Darker colors are great for fall and winter too.

12. With a beret
Ooh, la la! As long as you aren’t piling on all the cliches at once, a beret and trench coat is très chic.

13. With cropped denim and loafers
French women love their denim. And when you see how great denim pairs well with everything, well, you’d love your denim too.

From jeans to leggings, loafers to sneakers, a trench coat can be paired with all! Now that you have some great outfit ideas on how to wear a trench coat like a French girl, it’s time to Frenchify the rest of your wardrobe. Keep reading!

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