everyday Paris street style

Casual Paris Street Style

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If you’re looking for classic yet fashionable outfit ideas to wear in your day-to-day life, then you can never go wrong by looking to Paris. Parisians are known for their classic yet stylish looks, and by seeing what Parisians are currently wearing on the streets for their everyday lives (taken by my photographer that lives there), we can come away inspired with new outfits ideas to try! Or maybe just feel confirmed that our current style is already very French. ūüėČ If you haven’t already, check out the first post in this limited series. Now, keep scrolling to get inspired by even more casual Paris street style!

1. moto jacket + floral maxi dress + black chunky boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: moto jacket | skirt | boots

What’s to love: A motorcycle jacket is another Parisian staple, and here it looks perfect paired with a girly dress (or skirt) and chunky boots. For those that lean towards an edgy yet feminine style, this is the look to try out. Another thing to note is that even though she’s wearing “color”, it’s not bright colors head-to-toe, instead, it’s balanced out with a black jacket and black boots.

Psst..even the woman in front of her has great style! Black bottoms, navy blue jacket, and red oversized scarf (balanced out with black). Mature women, take notes!

Why I like it: I love the juxtaposition of an edgy piece, like a leather jacket, styled with something feminine and girly, like a flowy skirt or dress. Mixing styles like this (masculine & feminine) is a great way to exercise your style ability. Chunky boots make the dress look casual enough and practical to wear on the streets!

2. gray cable knit sweater + white pants + black western cowboy boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: sweater | pants | boots

What’s to love: A thick cable knit sweater is a must-have for fall and winter and the gray color is a new take on your classic white. Notice the white bottoms- yes, you can wear them after Labor Day! As you can see, Parisians don’t take style rules so seriously and neither should you.

Though I personally don’t think I can get behind the cowboy boot look, I love that she’s adding her own personal style to her outfit. After all, that’s what fashion should be like! If boots are a fall and winter staple, then you might as well get ones that you love.

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Why I like it: Though this may not be a look I would copy exactly, it’s still an outfit combo that I love. You can never go wrong with a sweater, jeans, and boots!

3. black blazer + gray sweater + straight leg black bottoms + white sneakers

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: blazer | bottoms | sneakers

What’s to love: Sophisticated yet easy. What’s not to love? The elegantly draped blazer adds a touch of class, while the sweater and jeans, your everyday staple pieces, form the foundation to the look. A straight leg jean (over a skinny jean) seems to be the norm, and it’s a nice style if you want to shake up your current denim situation.

Finishing off the look with a crisp pair of white sneakers adds a nice juxtaposition to the smart look of the blazer and sweater. Wear an outfit combination like this when you know you’re going to be on the go but still want to look put together!

Why I like it: I’m a big fan of adding casual items (like sneakers) to dressier items (like a blazer). Sneakers dress down the blazer enough so it doesn’t look out of place on the streets. Great if you’re going for casual chic. Though flats wouldn’t be a wrong choice either, just to be clear!

4. baseball hat + black knee-length coat + light wash frayed cropped wide-leg jeans + black ankle boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: hat | coat | jeans | boots

What’s to love: Baseball hats have become an accessory you can wear outside a sporting event, as long as it’s mostly neutral, that is! (i.e, no team logos here). In this outfit, it adds a casual touch to an otherwise fancy coat, and the wide-leg jeans, which look casual with the frays, pair nicely with ankle boots. A canvas tote, small hoops earrings, and a simple necklace finish off the look!

Why I like it: I’ve said it before, but I like the idea of pairing a baseball hat with more tailored pieces! I think it’s a cool style mix and just like white sneakers, it dresses down otherwise fancy pieces and makes them work perfectly for street style!

5. long belted camel coat + sheer tights + black chunky sneakers + chain strap bag & knee-length blue coat + dad jeans + white sneakers + white bag

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look (left): coat | sneakers
(right): coat | jeans | sneakers

What’s to love: The girl on the left is showcasing a stunning camel coat. It makes even more of a statement against sheer black tights and chunky black sneakers (Converse?). The chain strap bag adds a touch of class and she’s doing casual Paris street style so well!

The girl on the right has paired her elegant coat with frayed dad jeans, a style mix of casual yet dressy we’re seeing so much of lately!

Why I like it: I’ve talked about my love for camel coats so much, you’re probably thinking, “Not this again, Carolyn.” Okay, okay, I’ll just say I’m particularly fond of the girl’s outfit on the left for the camel coat. Plus, I love me a good sheer tight lately! You’ll see that I even modeled sheer tights in my latest winter capsule wardrobe.

Casual Paris Street Style Outfit Tips for Fall & Winter

  • A black leather motorcycle jacket pairs well with a flowy, feminine skirt or dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your personality, whether that be vintage dad jeans or cowboy western boots. Keep the rest of your outfit classic by wearing either an elegant coat or a classic sweater.
  • Pair something casual, like white sneakers, with something polished, like a black blazer!
  • If you’re going to invest in anything this year, let it be a fabulous wool coat! Choose camel, navy blue, gray, or black for starters.
  • Consider adding a pair of Converse sneakers to your wardrobe- a Parisian favorite!
  • Are you going to wear tights? Consider trying out a sheer pair instead of opaque.
  • For a casual accessory, top off your outfit with a solid color baseball hat.
  • Looking for a new shoe style for fall & winter? Try a chunky pair of lug sole boots!

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Casual Paris Street Style


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