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  1. Truly loving every single outfit. This is most definitely the kind of style I lean towards. Love love reading all of these blog posts girl.

    xo, Lydia

  2. Every single tip/style you have mentioned is so wonderful! I especially love the one about wearing flats, mostly since I hate wearing sky high heels!! Great post babe!

  3. There’s something about all the Parisian and French girls thats always on point! They honestly embody effortlessly chic and I love these tips girl! Pairing down and keeping it casual is the best ever!

    H x

    • Totally agree! I’m more likely to pair down than get fancy. Though let’s be real…I love getting fancy too! haha

    • I have 🙂 It all depends on who, what, where, etc. Not every woman wears the same thing all the time!

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