5 French Outfit Ideas

1. leather pants + lightweight sweater + trench coat + ankle boots + sunglasses

A French way to wear the trench coat while taking a break from the stripes. Plus, no Parisian wardrobe is complete without a cashmere sweater!

2. jeans + tee + blazer + loafers + gold accessories

Easy to wear and put together. Everything in this outfit is pretty basic, but the blazer takes it from casual to polished!

3. ankle pants + turtleneck + flats + pearl earrings

Chic and simple. Turtlenecks are not outdated, but classic. They add a polished feel to any look and work great for fall, winter, and any office looks!

4. skinny jeans + striped top + blazer + silk scarf + gold band + ballet flats

A classic look. If you think stripes and a scarf are a little cliche, experiment on making it fresh by how you tie your scarf!

5. ankle pants + turtleneck + flats + pearl earrings

Classic but not boring, thanks to the polka dots. Worn with the blouse tucked in makes it look more put together. Great for the office or work meetings!