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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I did a closet purge today, feeling like we may be coming out of quarantine soon and ready to go back to wearing “real” clothes. I’m tired of feeling listless about what to wear; I end up staying in my workout clothes most of the day but I love to get dressed up and go out when there are places to go to!
    I am of a “certain age” and after finding you, have been skipping around to your posts. I like all of your outfits and tips, regardless of what age you are targeting since they are classic and timeless. I’m reinvigorated and inspired and I thank you for your sharing your chic fashion sense.

    • Hi, Wren! I’m so glad you wrote in. I’m so glad that you are finding blog posts that help you! I did a closet purge not too long ago too and I’ve been ready to wear “real” clothes as well. In fact, I’m wearing jeans right now! I’m so glad you found me and I’ll be keeping the classic fashion sense going!

  2. Found the post I’m a lady in her 60’s who still work full time and I wear a uniform to work what should I have in my closet that would cover everything from formal to casual wear. Uniform cost just as much as street ware cost

  3. Great post! Excellent recommendations for chic dressing! I will keep them all in consideration after the holidays when I’m back to Zoom calls with work every day. In order to keep my spirits up, I’ve been making sure I dress nicely for work from home every day. No pajamas for work for me. I find it too depressing!

    • Dressing up sure does a lot for your spirits! I can’t do pajamas either. Leggings and joggers are about as casual as I’ll go!

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