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Major Styling Tips to Get From the Top French Style Icons

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When looking for French fashion inspo, it’s normal to head to Pinterest, Tumblr, or the Instagram page of present-day icon Jeanne Damas. But what about the fabulous women that made their debut before our time? The ones that have rightfully earned their place as life-long French style icons? The women that inspire even Jeanne Damas? By analyzing the style of women like Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy, we can get some major styling tips from these French style icons!

Major Styling Tips to get from the Top French Style Icons

Jane Birkin shows us that outfits can be simple, yet perfect. A white tee is a must-have staple that looks perfect with denim and a little gold necklace. Of course, you can’t forget her basket bag. Funny story, I got one because of this photo! Maybe she was the original influencer? 😉

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Jane Birkin shows us that you can still be feminine while wearing masculine pieces. She rocks these suspenders and puts a girly twist on them with the layered necklaces!

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Jane Birkin is mixing different “seasons” in this outfit and is doing it flawlessly. Shorts with tights? A turtleneck with shorts? It doesn’t look weird here and instead, it gives us ideas on how we can stretch our own wardrobe!

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Why just wear a jacket when you can wear a jacket? Jane Birkin puts her unique touch on this jacket by popping up the collar. She teaches us to go the extra mile and own our own style and that accessories can be simple. There’s that small necklace again!

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Françoise Hardy reminds us to pull out our ballet flats more! They’re chic, easy to wear, and look great with any pants…even plaid ones! And if you don’t have a good selection of sweaters you should!

Françoise Hardy style

Just in case you needed any more convincing to get a trench coat, here’s your sign. Françoise Hardy made hers look so effortlessly chic, especially when she paired it with a turtleneck and oversized sunglasses.

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Some things never change. Like the staple French outfit combo. When in doubt, wear a sweater, jeans, and ankle boots like Françoise Hardy. A great coat and pendant necklace can’t hurt either!

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No matter her reputation, Brigitte Bardot makes fall style look chic and so effortless. Casually draping the scarf, even over her hair, is what makes it look like she wasn’t trying too hard, as well as draping the cardigan over her shoulders!

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Brigitte Bardot is displaying the versatility of scarves and how you can make them look oh so chic!

brigitte bardot french icon

You know all those leather jackets you see at the thrift stores that you thought were so out of style? Well, Catherine Deneuve is making me want to get one ASAP and wear some vintage sunglasses with it too.

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Hair accessories are becoming more and more popular lately, and Catherine Deneuve is showing us that they can finish off a look or add that little pop. Note to self: must pick up tons of velvet bows!

catherine deneuve

Did you hear of these French style icons before? Do you like to dig into the past to find fashion inspiration for now? Who inspires you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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