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9 French Girl Style Tips to Steal From the It Girls

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If you love French girl style, then there’s no doubt you follow or have at least heard of these major French babes. Lucky for us, they just ooze inspiration and they give us major outfit inspo. By studying their looks with Francophile intensity, I found 9 French girl style tips that you gotta steal right now!

9 French Girl Style Tips

1. A slip dress looks great with a menswear blazer
Mixing masculine and feminine shows some major style, not to mention it’s unique and chic. Not sure how to do it? The easiest way is to wear a slip dress with a menswear blazer!

Jeanne Damas / Adenorah / from Rouje

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2. A pop of red never hurt
Neutrals are best for looking timeless, but it doesn’t mean you only have to wear black every day of your life! To keep in line with French girl style, balance out the red with solid denim and other neutrals.

Sabina Socol / Jeanne Damas / Leia

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3. Don’t limit your cardigans to just a layering piece
Cardigans are huge staples in a French girl wardrobe. One of their favorite ways to wear them is not open over a top, but as the top itself! Cropped ones are also super popular and not just worn in winter!

Adenorah / Jeanne Damas / Leia

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4. A printed dress is your summer uniform
When summer comes around, don’t stress about what to wear because a printed dress is all you need. It can be worn with flats, sandals, or espadrilles, and whether it’s a wrap style or not, it’s versatile and chic!

Adenorah / Jeanne Damas / Sabina Socol

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5. Get outerwear in the color camel to really up your wardrobe
The color camel is one of the chicest colors there is, and it gets even chicer when it’s in a classic outerwear piece.

Jeanne Damas / Adenorah

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6. Define your waist in outerwear with a belt or tie
Belting your blazer and/or outerwear is a great way to set yourself apart and instantly elevate your look. Not to mention it flatters your waist!

Jeanne Damas / Leia / Jeanne Damas

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7. Every wardrobe could benefit from some leopard print
Leopard print is considered a neutral, and it looks chic, not tacky, when balanced out with structured pieces (like a blazer), added in little pops here and there (like shoes), or balanced out with neutral colors (like brown and white)!

Leia / Sabina Socol

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8. A plaid coat gives your outfit a classic look
Plaid is a print you want in your closet, especially when fall comes around. Double points for something long, as it makes your outfit look classier and more expensive!

Leia / Sabina Socol / Adenorah

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9. Slightly oversized is chic
Though French girl style is usually all about tailored and fitted, a slightly loose, boxy fit works because it shows that you’re not trying too hard. Just balance the line between oversized and frumpy!

Jeanne Damas / Leia / Jeanne Damas

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Don’t these babes provide some major outfit inspo? What about French girl style do you love? I love that it’s super easy to copy because most people have these pieces in their wardrobe. And if you don’t then you should! On that note…check out 7 French Outfit Formulas You Can Copy

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9 french girl style tips to steal


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