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What to Wear in Paris | Spring Packing List & Capsule Outfits

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With flowers blooming around the Eiffel Tower and spring hues making their yearly appearance, there is just something extra special about visiting Paris during the spring season. If you’ve already booked plane tickets for March, April, or May, but you have no idea what to wear in the French capital for spring, you have come to the right place for the timeless pieces you need to help you create different outfits that are all très chic! If you are ready to channel your inner French girl style, scroll on to learn what to wear in Paris for spring.

What to Wear in Paris – Spring Packing List

Paris Spring Packing List

1. Slipdress

Spring has finally sprung and that can only mean one thing: It is time to put away your heavy winter sweater dress! Elevate your spring style with an ultra-feminine slip dress instead. This silky versatile piece can be dressed up for dinner under the twinkling Eiffel Tower lights or worn with blazers and white sneakers during the day.

Pieces like this are amazing for their versatility during a trip, when you want to stay comfortable while still bringing your best Parisian style to the table.

For an extra dash of style, pair your slip dress with a delicate pendant necklace or classic gold hoops for a chic French-inspired look.

2. Basic Tees

Back to basics! The French are known for their timeless sense of style, where elevated basics and intentional combinations make up most of the outfits we see and love from across the Atlantic. A great way of recreating an effortless French girl spring look is by incorporating basic tees with your outfits.

A simple white t-shirt truly exemplifies the essence of a closet staple. You can wear them all season long with literally anything! Dark jeans and a sophisticated blazer can easily be teamed up with a basic tee for an elegant and quick look, for example. If you want to go more casual, replace your blazer with a cardigan and voilà!

When picking out your ideal white tee, make sure to avoid non-neutral colors like hot pink, yellow, or green. Even though it’s spring, these colors will make it hard for you to style this wardrobe essential with other clothing pieces in your collection and suitcase.

As simple as it sounds, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the perfect white tee shirt to fit all of our style and comfort needs. To make this process a little easier for you, I went ahead and tried out the best women’s classic white t-shirts that aren’t see-through – so you don’t have to! After all, knowing how to choose the right pieces can make a huge difference when it comes to style.

3. Striped Sweater

We have all experienced some unpredictable weather during this time of year. The early mornings can start off rainy, followed by a warm and toasty afternoon. Paris might be different than home in a lot of ways, but not this one! Sudden weather changes can happen, so it’s important to pack a sweater that will keep you warm during chillier moments.

Don’t just go with any sweater – a stylish striped sweater perfectly captures the spring mood, while also playing into European style. Beyond being a Parisian classic, the relaxed stripes are also perfect for adding just the right amount of pattern and visual interest to your outfits.

4. Ballet Flats

A fashionable pair of shoes that you can really walk in is a must-have on your Paris packing list. It might go without saying, but it’s likely that you will be doing a lot of walking during your trip. In cases like this, knowing how to merge style and comfort is an important skill; there’s no need to sacrifice any fashion moments here! It might be tempting to wear stilettos for your iconic Eiffel Tower pictures, but comfortable walking shoes are an objectively better choice than high heels!

Classic styles like ballet flats are a great choice for exploring on the cobblestone streets of Paris for hours on end while effortlessly channeling the iconic Bridgette Bardot.

5. Basket bag

Trips are a perfect place to experiment with new clothing pieces and accessories that you might not have necessarily gone for back at home. This basket bag is a perfect example, making for a travel accessory that is classier than a fanny pack while also adding some charm and unpredictability to your look.

Beyond keeping your outfit fresh and elegant, the perfect basket bag can help you to recreate and embody the essence of fashion style icon Jane Birkin.

6. Silk Scarf

Not only can a scarf help to protect your neck on chilly spring days, but it can also bring an extra sophisticated flair to your Paris outfits!

To style, just pair this black and white scarf with other classic pieces like a black oversized blazer and a cashmere sweater and you will fit right in with the stylish Parisian women. If you are looking for other ways to integrate this chic accessory into your travel wardrobe, adding a silk scarf to your handbags can be a fun and different way of spicing up your look as well!

7. Leather Bag

Anyone who follows Parisian fashion knows that high-quality leathers are essential to French women. The dark color of this leather bag can match perfectly with everything else in your Paris wardrobe too.

The ideal handbag size can differ depending on your travel schedule and needs. In general, though, I would say smaller crossbody bags are ideal for carrying around as you take leisurely strolls through the city during your explorations!

Beyond being more comfortable to carry, they also keep your hands free and are easier to keep track of throughout your busy days.

8. Ankle Boots

Every spring wardrobe needs at least one pair of ankle boots! While these comfortable shoes are known for being the perfect fall style, they can be worn all year round for great looks and versatile combinations. Not only that, but they’re a French woman’s favorite pick, too!

This style is so classic and fashionable that it will never be out of date. Ankle boots come in a huge variety of designs – from different colors and textures to varying heel sizes. To make sure you’re not sacrificing comfort, look for a heel height that you’ll easily be able to walk around in Paris in.

9. Trench Coat

For poised everyday sophistication, wear a trench coat on your spring Paris trip.

Being smart about bigger clothing pieces like coats and jackets will generally save you time, space, and stress! This trench coat’s classic and super adaptable design makes this staple perfect for pairing with various outfits throughout your time abroad.

The color of your bigger items is also an important aspect to take into account. For every day – but especially for trips! – opting for pieces in neutral colors is essential for coming up with a compact and efficient list of elegant outfits.

A neutral trench coat allows you to seamlessly pair this versatile piece with other clothing items like a striped sweater and jeans, along with tons of other French-inspired outfits.

This tried-and-true staple is the perfect option for rainy days in the city of love and beyond. Besides the classy utilitarian look, most trench coats feature a water-resistant material and storm flaps to save you from getting drenched.

10. Straight Leg Jeans

Parisian women are known for wearing straight legs over skinny jeans, and it’s not hard to understand why! Just like a white tee and a trench coat, a good pair of straight-leg jeans can be a lifesaver for your trip.

Chic, versatile, and flattering, this style can easily be transitioned from day to night for totally different looks just like that.

11. White Sneakers

It can be hard to decide what shoes to pack for a long trip. While you do always want to stay on top of your style game (especially in Paris!), comfort is a non-negotiable for days when you’ll be walking for hours on end.

Running shoes might seem like a practical choice for sightseeing, but they’re not quite the perfect Paris shoe when it comes to style. For something that blends aesthetic and function, white sneakers are a popular choice amongst most French women.

Without making your outfit look sloppy, minimal white sneakers will keep you from looking too touristy while also complementing your outfit.

12. Pendant Necklace

Accessories are another interesting category when it comes to planning outfits for a trip. Going for simplicity and versatility when picking out your jewelry is the best way to be efficient and still show off your style.

If you are not sure what jewelry to wear to Paris in spring, consider packing a simple pendant in your jewelry bag. It’s a go-to piece of jewelry that can instantly elevate your outfit and look chic with every item in your suitcase.

13. Gold Hoop Earrings

Likewise, gold earrings are a great choice for earrings. This style seems to be owned by every stylish French woman with its classic appeal and elegant flair. Follow the same style approach and add this staple piece to your collection!

These earrings will make your Paris outfits look dressier and, of course, très chic. For an even more elegant finish, pair your earrings with a red lip.

14. Sunglasses

If you want to take your Paris vacation outfit to the next level, add French girl-approved sunglasses to your look.

Oval or cat-eye sunglasses are fun, fashion-forward options that keeps your eyes protected while also earning you some extra style points.

15. Loafers

A pair of loafers is practically mandatory to own if you want to truly channel French style! Equal parts practical and chic, these staples are a Paris vacation must-have.

Not sure how to style them? Pair your loafers with a white button-down shirt, straight-leg jeans, and flawlessly tousled hair for a look that screams Parisian chic.

Whether you are going to Maison Ladurée to have some macaroons or planning on visiting the Louvre, a pair of loafers will keep you looking fancy and comfy wherever you go.

16. Black Pants

A trusty pair of black pants is a must-have for every born-and-bred French woman. This all-year-round staple looks particularly good in the spring when paired with a striped sweater.

Able to be easily styled with any top, these black pants are another travel wardrobe essential that allows you to maintain all of your style without packing your entire closet.

17. Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are yet another favorite among French women, able to take any spring vacation outfit from average to chic.

Speaking from personal experience, this piece is worth the investment! Premium materials and a great fit mean that this stylish light sweater will hang around for way more than one Paris spring trip! Wear it over your shoulders for a touch of elegance or pair it with a satin skirt for an elevated and charming ensemble.

18. Blazer

Take your blazer out of the boardroom and straight into your suitcase. Perfect for adding structure to an outfit, a blazer is a perfect piece to bring to your spring Paris vacation.

This chic piece can easily be paired with casual straight-leg jeans, a white tee, and some ballet flats for a quick, relaxed, and effortless outfit.

19. Cardigan

You may be itching to wear your tank tops on your vacation, but the temperatures may not always agree. For cool days, a simple cardigan can be a real spring hero.

For simple styling and a fabulous outfit, wear your cardigan with a slip dress and cat-eye sunglasses for a lunch date in the city of lights.

20. White Button-Down

Inject a touch of sophistication to your spring vacation outfit with a white button-down shirt. Whether you wear it with black pants or straight-leg jeans, this shirt will serve up some serious French-girl-approved looks! If you’re looking for even more ideas, subscribe to my newsletter for free fashion guides!

You know the items you need, but now you may be wondering how exactly to put them together. I got you! Here are some of my favorite chic outfit ideas that revolve around these staple items, perfect for your vacation to Paris in the spring.

what to wear Paris spring
what to wear Paris spring
what to wear Paris spring

One Outfit at a Time!

Knowing what to wear to Paris in spring can be tricky. The spring weather can be unpredictable and keeping up with the Parisian style is not always easy. I hope this quick guide can help take you in the right direction when it comes to planning your looks.

Luckily for you, this list of 20 clothing pieces will not only get you prepared for the weather but will also help you channel your inner French girl. Thinking ahead to your summer trip? Whether you keep it local or European, keep reading if you want to know just what to wear!

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