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What to Wear in the Summer When You Hate Your Body

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Summer is almost upon us. And while it may be an exciting time for some, it’s not for people who feel insecure about their bodies. I’ve spent more summers than I’d like to admit sweating in too many clothes because I was trying to hide my body. I know from experience that telling someone to just “wear it anyway” is not helpful. We need to be comfortable to feel confident! And one way to feel comfortable is with the right clothing pieces. I want you to enjoy summer, even if you hate your arms or legs or what have you, so I put together these stylish outfits that will be right within your comfort zone.

1. When You Hate Your Upper Arms: Classic Coverups, Lightweight Button-Downs, Off-the-Shoulder Tops, Short Sleeve Shirts

what to wear in the summer when you hate your arms

coverup | espadrilles | bag | swimsuit | sunglasses

When the summer heat is in full throttle, a lot of people wear sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts. However, if you dread the thought of your arms being out in the summer, there is a better way to keep them hidden.

Headed to the beach? Wear a linen cover-up; it’s the perfect alternative! Not only will it make a huge difference to your summer outfit (style-wise), but it will also make you feel comfortable and confident.

Layer it over a minimalistic swimsuit and accessorize with slides, sunglasses, and a straw bag. You’ll look so stylish no one will even think you had negative thoughts about your arms.

Going somewhere that’s not swimsuit appropriate? You still have many options.

what to wear in the summer when you hate your arms

tank top | button-down | shorts | espadrilles

Lightweight, relaxed, linen, and gauzy shirts are going to be your favorite summer companions. Start your outfit with a tank top. Next, wear a button-down shirt open and cuff the sleeves. Finish out your look with shorts, a skirt, or pants. The result will be effortless and stylish – no one will think you’re trying to hide your arms!

what to wear in the summer when you hate your arms

dress | espadrilles | bag

Last but not least, an off-the-shoulder top or dress is the perfect invention for you. The longer sleeves hide your arms, but because this style reveals your chest and shoulders, you can still feel like you’re dressing for summer in a fun and flirty way.

2. Summer Clothes When You Hate Your Legs: Linen Pants, Maxi Skirts, Maxi Dresses

what to wear in the summer when you hate your legs

pants | sandals | hat | sunglasses | tank top

The biggest challenge for anyone who hates their legs is finding what to wear in the summer. Whether you have scars, varicose veins, or stretch marks on your legs, you don’t need to feel pressured to wear a pair of shorts like everyone else. A great alternative would be to wear lightweight linen pants!

Cropped or full-length, they are perfect for pairing with summer-ready shoes. Plus, linen pants are so cool and breathable. They’re described to be “personal air conditioning”.

A good way of balancing out the outfit is with a white tank top. It will create the perfect sun-ready look for summer. Round off your outfit with sandals and cool oval sunglasses to give your casual wear a chic finish!

For a dressier alternative, try midi or maxi skirts.

what to wear in the summer when you hate your legs

skirt | sandal | bag | tank top | sunglasses

These styles provide plenty of thigh and leg coverage while still being easy and breezy. You can balance out the skin exposure on top by wearing a tank top or short sleeve shirt.

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3. Summer Clothes When You Hate Your Stomach: High-Rise Bikini Bottoms, One-Piece Swimsuit, High-Waisted Bottoms, Dresses

what to wear in the summer when you hate your stomach

bikini top | bikini bottom | button-down | shoes | sunglasses

When summer comes around, society puts too much pressure on us to have a perfectly flat tummy with abs. That just isn’t realistic! And this makes anyone with tummy rolls feel out of place in the summer. But thankfully, there are summer clothing ideas that will make you comfortable in your own skin.

Of course, you can always count on a one-piece swimsuit to hide your stomach. But if you like two pieces better (because sometimes they’re easier to get on and off), then for the beach, this high-waisted bikini bottom is a lifesaver, And the best part? It has ruching to camouflage your stomach.

The bold leopard print pattern also helps to conceal any belly fat – so don’t be afraid of strategically using a bold pattern. Summer prints like polka dots, stripes, and gingham can keep the attention away from the parts of the body you’re insecure about and be used to conceal areas you don’t like.

Give yourself extra comfort by layering a beach-ready white button-down shirt over it. Complete your outfit with cool oversized shades and beach slides. Don’t underestimate the power of summer accessories either. Certain accessories can be used to hide the parts of your body you hate. For example, a straw bag can be used to hide your tummy. (After all, they do it in the TV shows!)

If your summer plans don’t involve the beach, then you can still hide your stomach with high-waisted bottoms, whether that be denim shorts, skirts, or pants.

4. Summer Clothes When You Hate Your Small Chest Size: Padded or Push-up Bikini Top, Triangle Swimsuits, Ruffled Shirts, V-neck Dresses and Tops

what to wear in the summer when you hate your small chest

bikini top | shorts | bag | sandals | button-down | sunglasses

Speaking of societal pressure – there’s nothing quite like the busty Instagram models that make you think you’re not enough every summer if you’re not busty too. And though I don’t think anyone needs to be anything other than what they are, I understand the desire for a little more “oomph”.

If you hate your small chest, then your challenge is to add volume. Of course, you can do this with a padded/push-up bikini top. You can also do a visual trick – such as wearing a French bikini top or a v-neck dress or shirt.

These triangle, v-neckline styles give the illusion of a bigger chest and highlight what you have, whereas square and bandeau styles “smush”. When you’re not at the beach, throw on a button-down shirt and leave a few buttons undone for a casual, flirty look.

what to wear in the summer when you hate your small chest

dress | sunglasses | bag | sandals

Alternatively, you can wear shirts or dresses with extra embellishments and ruffles around the bust to add fullness to your chest.

5. Summer Clothes When You Hate Your Large Chest: Off-the-Shoulder Dress

what to wear in the summer when you hate your large chest

dress | sandals | earrings | bag

Most women with larger chests would probably agree that they hate the unnecessary attention that comes when wearing summer clothes. If you’re one of them, consider wearing an off-shoulder beach dress.

The maxi silhouette will help draw the eyes down and not up. Plus, you don’t have to worry about exposing certain things as you would in a low-cut dress. Team up this outfit with strappy sandals and a straw bag. It will give your overall look a chic and fun touch!

6. Summer Clothes When You Hate Your Back: V-necks, Short Sleeve Shirts

what to wear in the summer when you hate your back

shirt | hat | shorts | sandals

Summer is all about the chance to *finally* break out warm weather pieces, such as tank tops and spaghetti strap sundresses. But what do you do when the thought of showing your back gives you hives? Whether it’s acne scars or bacne, we’ve all been there at one point.

For ways to stay cool in the summer heat without baring your back, v-neck shirts are a great option, especially in a linen, relaxed material. The v-neck style still allows the sun to hit your skin while feeling breezy on your body.

Maybe you hate your back but love a different body feature. Divert attention away from the areas you don’t like! Wearing clothing items that highlight your best features is a good way to look fashionable. Not to mention it will boost your body confidence! If you have toned legs, why not wear skip the long skirts and wear shorter shorts in the summer?

Of course, it’s easier to find back-covered tops and dresses for the summer, but what about when it’s time to hit the beach or pool? Thankfully, swimsuits have come a long way! You don’t have to swim in a T-shirt (unless you want to) to feel comfortable. There are plenty of swimsuit styles with capped sleeves and rash guards that are actually cute that can provide back and/or shoulder coverage.

what to wear in the summer when you hate your back


Figuring out what to wear in the summer when you hate your body can be a headache – and a mood killer. But thankfully, outfits that will help you feel confident exist. Now, go book that trip, connect with that friend, jump in the water with your kids, and enjoy your summer!

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