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What to Wear to Christmas Dinner to be Classy yet Comfortable

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With Christmas Day just a few weeks away, it’s crunch time. From ordering your last-minute gifts ASAP so they arrive on time to checking your grocery list twice, there’s already so much that we have to think about! Thinking of the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be just another thing to add to your to-do list. If you’ve been wondering what you’re going to wear, then get inspired by these outfit ideas on what to wear to Christmas dinner (or lunch). The best part? These outfit ideas will have you feeling super comfortable while looking super classy. You’re welcome.

1. Don a Bedazzled Sweater

A bedazzled Christmas sweater is always a good idea when you want the comfort of a sweater but with a little extra style. Christmas sweaters can range from an ugly Christmas sweater (let’s skip this) to sophisticated sequins.

Sequins can transition nicely into a New Year party outfit too- no need to buy multiple outfits if you don’t want to!

Pair with your stretchiest skinny jeans for comfort, or any nice pair of jeans that you like. A sequin sweater will also look great with a midi skirt or pull-on pants.

2. Add small festive accessories like bow earrings or sparkly hair clips

Come Christmas time, channel your inner little girl and unleash all the bows and hair clips. These small accessories can easily add that Christmas charm. This is a great budget-friendly style idea too, as it’s a lot cheaper to buy a pair of earrings than it is a whole outfit!

3. Opt for a Matching Set

Many families have a Christmas Eve tradition of lounging around in pajamas while watching Christmas movies. Same but different, a matching lounge set is almost the equivalent of pajamas, yet it adds a little bit of class for the festive season!

Opt for a matching lounge set in a festive color, print, or material.

4. Take a basic outfit and add a statement shoe

Even if you want to wear a casual outfit, the right pair of shoes can drastically change the whole look! If you decide to keep it chill from head to ankle, then pick a statement shoe to let your outfit shine.

A pair of low heels are still comfortable enough to wear for the big day too.

5. Choose a Sweater Dress

Can’t talk about winter fashion without talking about a sweater dress. It’s always a good choice! Where comfort and style intersect, who can say no to this faithful piece? Pick a green, navy, or red dress to bring in the Christmas spirit!

For added warmth and coverage, wear a pair of tights underneath. A midi dress in a soft fabric is a good idea too.

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6. Rock an Emerald Green Sweater

Wearing a bold red or green sweater instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit. Just by changing the color of your cozy sweater, your comfy winter outfit now looks like a comfy Christmas winter outfit.

7. Throw on Diamond Statement Earrings

If you’re wondering where the right place to wear diamond statement earrings is, well it’s at all your holiday parties of course! Though we may not exactly have a place to wear earrings like this in our day-to-day lives, we can most certainly wear them throughout the holiday season.

Adding statement, sparkly jewelry is an instant way to dress up a casual look.

8. Add small festive touches to an otherwise classic look

Little festive touches are a nice and simple way to channel the festivities to your look without having to go all out. If you love classic fashion and find yourself wearing jeans and a sweater the majority of the time, then all you need to do is add a few festive touches to make it work for Christmas, such as a plaid scarf, red lipstick, or a faux fur vest.

Tartan is always a great option this time of year, as it’s so quintessentially Christmas!

9. Pick Velvet

Velvet is the perfect fabric for the holiday season. It’s nice enough to create even the classiest Christmas dinner outfits, while the huggable material instantly creates a cozy outfit.

10. Top Off Your Look With a Festive Poncho

It’s like wearing a blanket out of the house; what could be more comfortable than that? Plus, with all the different styles out there, you can easily find one that’s chic and classy.

11. Twirl in a Pleated Skirt

When it comes to creating classy Christmas outfits, a pleated midi skirt will be high up on the list of pieces to get. A metallic or gold skirt looks classy and when paired with a sweater combo, it’s comfortable too!

Whether you need a formal look for a party or a casual look for a family event, use these tips to create a classy yet comfortable look. But at the end of the day, an important thing to remember is that your choice of outfit is not the most important thing.

If you want even more Christmas party outfit ideas, then keep reading for the best party dresses and what to wear to a cocktail party!

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what to wear to Christmas dinner
what to wear to Christmas dinner


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