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18 Holiday Party Outfits Made Out of 12 Pieces

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There are already so many things to spend money on during the holiday season…a whole new party wardrobe doesn’t have to be one of them! Whether it’s for work parties, family get-togethers, galas, or more, I put together 18 holiday party outfits just using 12 pieces (including accessories!).

Plus, most of these items are basic and you probably have them in your wardrobe anyways! Score!

The 12 Piece Wardrobe for 18 Holiday Party Outfits

Before we get into the outfits, these are the 12 pieces I used to create 18 looks.

Outfit source left to right (linking to similar items as most are out of stock):
Black A-line party skirt
Black slip dress
velvet blazer
gray tee
faux fur cropped jacket
plaid shirt
red sweater

And now, here are the outfits!

1. basic tee + sequin skirt + heels
I love the mix of a casual tee with something fancier! This look screams “party girl”, but a girl that also has a casual side to her.

2. basic tee + sequin skirt + faux fur jacket + heels + earrings
Top off the above look with a faux fur vest/jacket. The texture adds a fun element and looks really cool against the sequins!

3. basic tee + sequin skirt + velvet blazer + heels + earrings
Velvet is a must-have holiday season fabric and I love the different lengths of this oversized velvet blazer with the mini skirt.

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4. sequin skirt + faux fur jacket + heels
This time the faux fur jacket becomes the top! It’s different and fun. Just might want to wear a strapless top underneath to avoid any oopsies!

5. red sweater + sequin skirt + heels
Red and black are classic holiday colors and this look definitely brings out the party girl! Pair it with a classy clutch that doubles as a bag so you can be hands-free.

6. basic tee + midi skirt + earrings + heels
Everyone needs a midi length in their wardrobe! It’s perfect for events that are more conservative or where you need to look more professional. Pairing it with a basic tee gives a classic, laid-back elegance!

7. basic tee + midi skirt + faux fur jacket + heels + earrings
Throw on a faux fur jacket for an added layer of style and added warmth!

8. plaid shirt + black skirt + faux fur collar + earrings + heels
Plaid is fun to wear around this time of year, especially when the colors are accented by a faux fur collar.

9. plaid shirt + black skirt + faux fur jacket + earrings + heels
Swap out the faux fur collar for a coat. Bring on all the faux fur this holiday season!

10. slip dress + heels
Slip dresses are one of my favorite clothing pieces and they make the perfect LBD for your holiday parties. This particular combo is super simple, but a knockout nonetheless.

11. slip dress + velvet blazer+ heels
Adding a velvet blazer helps turn the slinky LBD into something more office-appropriate, without losing any glam.

12. slip dress + faux fur coat + heels
Top off the dress with the fur coat!

13. basic tee + slip dress + heels + earrings
Once again, I love the contrast and playfulness of something like a basic tee and a fancy dress. Not many people would do that and it definitely sets you apart!

14. skirt worn as top + slip dress + earrings
Here the black sequin skirt is worn as a top layered underneath the slip dress. The little hint of sparkle showing through is subtle, yet festive.

15. skirt worn as top + skirt + heels + earrings
A black bodycon skirt can easily become a top when worn with a poofy skirt. It’s not the holiday season without some sparkles after all! 😉

16. red sweater + slip dress + heels + earrings
The red sweater layered over the slip dress is very classy, elegant, and work-appropriate!

17. red sweater + velvet blazer + slip dress + heels + earrings
Blazers only help when it comes to looking more put together, so this outfit makes a great option for work events too!

18. slip dress + black skirt + velvet blazer + heels + earrings
In this look, a party skirt gets layered over the slip dress, and then you can still layer the blazer over that! This all-black ensemble is classy and elegant. Plus, it’s fun to mix different textures!

All in all, I don’t think a holiday wardrobe has to be that difficult or expensive. Combine some classic colors (red & black), dress up what you have with heels, and layer on the faux furs and sparkly jewels and you’ll be all set!

If you’re looking for more tips for your winter wardrobe, then check out this next post!

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