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What to Wear With a Polka Dot Skirt

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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Seeing spots, lately? Many people think of polka dots as a fashion trend, but I like to think of this as a classic print that just happens to be trendy. Similar to animal print, this pattern has been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere. Good thing too, because this print, though bold, is more versatile than you think! Whether you’re going for a feminine look or something a little bit edgier, a polka dot print can do both. Learn how with these ideas on what to wear with a polka dot skirt!

What season to wear this print

Spring and summer are the best times to break out your polka dot outfits. It’s not that you can’t wear it year-round, but the warmer weather was just made for this feminine and flirty look.

When to wear polka dots

There are plenty of right places where you can wear polka dots. Do you have a garden party, wedding, graduation party, or reception coming up? A polka dot skirt would work well for this. This print can be dressed up for work and fancier functions but would look equally great for just getting brunch with your friends too.

Body type- what polka dot print is right for you?

The general thought is that larger prints can make you appear larger. So if you are looking to appear slimmer, then you should wear dainty and smaller-scale prints. However, these “rules” are always changing so it’s best to find the polka dot skirt that you love, whether it fits that “rule” or not. Just know that there are a variety of print sizes out there for you and any body shape can wear print!

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What to wear with a polka dot skirt

Just in case you were wondering, polka dots are not childish! Sophisticated or flirty, black and white polka dots have the power to be both! There are lots of different ways to style this print.

For work, wear your black and white polka dot skirt with a crisp white blouse to keep your outfit looking professional. A black polka dot pencil skirt makes a great workwear piece too. Pair this skirt with a white top and a black blazer.

However, you can create a casual look with this print too. A printed skirt can look cute and casual paired with sneakers and a basic, slouchy tee.

For spring and summer, you can’t go wrong styling polka dots with pastel colors. Pinks, blues, purples, and even yellows will look oh so sweet!

White and black polka dots are generally a girly print, but if that’s not totally your thing, you can balance out the girly by pairing your dots with “tougher” pieces, such as black shoes (motorcycle boots work well), a graphic tee, or a black leather jacket.

This polka dot dress below has the illusion of being a maxi skirt because I paired it with a belted blazer. If you don’t have a polka dot pattern skirt at home, but you do have a dress, then think about the different tops you could pair over it to turn it into a skirt!

You can be bold and wear a pop of color with your dots (red is great), but if you’re going for more of a simple style, then a black or white shirt is always a good choice, depending on the base color of your skirt.

Throw on any pair of shoes you want with this print as anything could work! If you are wearing it to work, then flats or heels would be the best choice. For casual weekends, throw on a pair of sneakers. For weddings and parties, polished sandals would look great.

For a modern approach to this look, consider mixing prints, such as stripes and dots or dots and animal print. And to style a really bold look, you can mix the sizes of the dots in your outfit as well! For example, you could wear a polka dot skirt that has tiny dots with a shirt that has big dots.

Where to get one

Black and white are the classic polka dot colors and make a great base for adding a pop of color, but that’s not your only option. This blue polka dot skirt is bold and beautiful and would look great worn in the summer or on vacation. This beige and black skirt is classic and would work perfectly for the office. But of course, you can’t go wrong with the timeless b&w, so check out the widget below for some more cute picks!

I hope today’s post gave you some new ways on how to wear this classic print! This is a print worth having in your wardrobe not just because it looks perfect in spring and summer, but it makes a great base for mixing and matching other prints too. Whether you want to be simple or unique (or both!), you can, with the power of the polka dot skirt.

how to wear a polka dot skirt

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