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14 Forgotten Fashion Tips That Everyone Should Know

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I’m sure you’ve already heard about the most common fashion tips from fashion websites and celebrity stylists, such as dressing for your body type, discovering a personal style, letting go of old clothes that don’t align with your style, and swiping on red lipstick. Though we don’t disagree, and frequently mention those things ourselves, you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it all. But there are still some forgotten fashion tips that everyone should know. These style tips will help you look more fashionable in mere seconds.

1. Remove Visible Clothing Tags

Having a great style is not always about wearing the trendiest clothing items. It can be as straightforward as following simple tips like removing visible tags. No matter how stylish your new outfit is, whether it be a little black dress or crisp white button shirt, if the tags are peeping out, your stylish outfit will look unrefined.

The easiest way to remedy this is to remove the visible tags if possible. Just make sure that you do this correctly (with a seam ripper or small scissors) and not in a rush because you don’t want to leave holes in your clothes (this means no trying to rip them off)!

2. The “X” Stitching on the Back of a New Coat or Blazer Should Be Cut Off

A good rule of thumb when making a new coat or blazer look polished is to cut the “X” stitch. This stitching is found at the back of a new jacket to maintain the shape of the jacket while it is on the rack or as it is being shipped to a store.

It’s not intended to be kept once you buy it. Gently cut and remove the stitching at the back so that your elegant jacket looks flawless!

3. Balance Out Exposed Skin

Fashion rules change all the time, but we think of this one more as a fashion principle. One way your outfit may look unrefined is because you’re not balancing out your skin exposure.

Showing skin strategically may seem like it will take a long time to practice, but there are some easy tricks to get it right. If you want to wear a mini skirt and a low neck, choose one and not both. From chest to legs, it is all about knowing what to bare and what to hide. The end result? Stylish yet refined.

4. Don’t Button Up a Button-Down All the Way

Whew- sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it? What we’re trying to say is that unbuttoning a button-down shirt gives your overall look a flirty yet sophisticated touch, especially when you pair it with jeans.

However, do not button it all the way to your neck because it will look awkward. Spruce up your shirt by leaving 2-3 buttons undone. You won’t show too much skin, but you will leave just enough to throw on a dainty necklace.

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5. Wear Pants That Are the Right Length for Your Shoes

Proportions can be tricky, but when done correctly, this forgotten fashion tip will make a huge difference in your whole look!

It’s important to make sure your bottoms are the right length for your shoes. You don’t want your pants to drag on the ground and cover your footwear and on the flip side, you don’t want them to stop miles before your shoes, creating an awkward “waiting for a flood” gap.

When wearing jeans and boots, stylish women generally have their pants graze the tops of their shoes.

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6. Check the Lining Before Buying Something New

An important thing to check for every garment is the inside lining. A key sign of a well-crafted item is a well-crafted lining. This tell-tale sign of good quality means that if you purchase these pieces, your overall outfit will look polished and put together.

When inspecting the lining, know that the base layer should be sewn with care to create a chic look. The lining shouldn’t look haphazardly done, full of uneven lines and stray threads.

And if there’s no lining? Consider if you really want this piece or not, especially if it’s a dress, as this means you will probably have to forever wear a slip with it to avoid the awkward showing off of your undergarments.

7. Avoid Cheap Hardware on Jackets

You know a jacket is well-put-together when the hardware looks expensive, is sewn on well, and aligned perfectly. When buying a new blazer or trench coat, take the time to ask yourself these simple questions: Are the buttons cheap? Do the zippers work?

If you already have clothing items that look a little cheap, then you can always take your jacket to a good tailor. Your tailor can upgrade the hardware on your jackets to give them a classic look. And though this tip may seem like an idea for “rich people”, it can actually be more economical to fix what you have instead of buying new. Not always though, so make sure you’re fixing an item that is worth it!

8. Examine the Quality of Your Cashmere

I’m sure we all know how expensive cashmere sweaters are, so when buying one, the first step is to examine the quality before going to checkout. A low-quality sweater will not snap back when you gently pull it, while a high-quality sweater will. Higher-quality cashmere is better at retaining its shape.

Note: Of course, this tip doesn’t apply if you are online shopping. Reading the reviews and checking for what grade of cashmere is used is your best bet to picking the right one. Looking to get pointed in the right direction? 4.9 stars with over 3.7k reviews, Quince makes $50 cashmere sweaters that are a wardrobe must-have.

how to wear a sweater over a dress shirt

9. Clean Up White Deodorant Marks on Your Outfits

There are many ways to ruin a classy look and the biggest one is with white deodorant marks. You take a lot of time to create an exceptionally chic look, and then when you survey yourself in the mirror, you notice a bunch of white marks all over your shirt. Annoying, right?

Some great ways to avoid the stains without any cleaning involved are to use a roll-on deodorant, make sure you don’t over-apply traditional deodorant, let it thoroughly dry before getting dressed, or apply it after you already have your shirt on.

Or if you’ve tried everything else, switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, as this is the culprit that leaves that annoying white residue on your clothes.

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10. Organize Your Closet From Light to Dark or by Seasonal Sections

When you are going through a wardrobe rut, it can be hard to find an outfit. If your current closet situation has no rhyme or reason, try to arrange your closet in a way that makes sense to you. Whether it’s light to dark, seasonal sections, or by the type of clothing item, having organized clothes will make getting dressed up a whole lot easier.

Yes, this requires an upfront time investment as this may take you a while to organize if you have a lot of clothes, but it is worth it. Plus, being reacquainted with what you have will help you put together better outfits using clothes you forgot you had!

11. Don’t Put On Your Clothes Immediately After Ironing

Have you ever ironed your clothes but after putting them on, you noticed wrinkles? You are not ironing it wrong. Simply put, the creases haven’t been set yet. When you’re done ironing, experts say to leave the clothes alone for a few hours.

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12. Wear Your Clothing Items in Unique Ways

Have you forgotten that the right clothing items can be worn in different ways? Take a maxi skirt as an example. It’s a multifaceted clothing item. When in doubt, use it as a dress! If you have a basic black maxi skirt, then pull it up to wear it as a dress and layer on a biker jacket or cardigan to complete your look.

Fashionable women don’t think their dress, skirt, or cardigan can only be worn for their intended purpose. They get creative in the closet, coming up with new ways to style these pieces.

How to Wear a Skirt as a Dress
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13. Walk Gracefully When Wearing High Heels

After spending all of 2020 and most of 2021 wearing slippers, a lot of us forgot how to walk in heels. It’s always a good idea to put your heel down first before your toes. This technique will make you walk like you are a pro.

And if you just can’t hack it, then don’t bother! A small slingback heel can look equally chic.

14. Steer Clear From Materials That Don’t Look Good on a Budget

We are all about looking stylish on budget, however, certain garments are worth the investment. Be wary of the budget-friendly version of materials like silk and wool. Inexpensive silk can look too shiny and give off a plastic feel.

Inexpensive wool can look (and feel) rough and scratchy. Some materials are better off not being bought on a budget because the craftsmanship can look very cheap.

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We are all aware of the usual fashion tips, tricks, and hacks, but these extra fashion tips will keep your looks fresh and chic.

Now that you have been reminded about these 14 forgotten tips, find out 11 fashion mistakes you might be making unknowingly!

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