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How to Wear Brown and Black Together (With Examples!)

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You may be wondering, “Can you even wear brown and black together?” Isn’t that a fashion faux pas?” The answer is yes and no! Sure, there may be people out there that think they shouldn’t be mixed (these people might say navy and black shouldn’t be worn together either-wrong), but we’re not trying to dress to impress them anyway. 😉 I’ve talked about this in the fashion rules you SHOULD break and in this post, I’m going to show you ways you can wear these colors together and still look classic and chic!

How to Wear Brown and Black Together

Keep in mind that there are different shades of brown. Personally, I think light brown/camel/tan looks best with black but you can definitely wear dark brown with black too.

If these colors weren’t made to be worn with each other, then why would leopard print exist? And if you start looking in nature, you’ll find that these colors exist together. See, it’s natural! 😉

outfit 1: graphic sweatshirt | purse | dress (similar)
outfit 2: blazer (similar) | boots (similar)

Start small with accessories

Not ready to commit to a full-blown brown and black outfit yet? No worries! Start small by adding accessories into your look that have these colors combined for an easy way to get your feet wet. For a classic look, keep the rest of your outfit simple paired with neutral colors.

outfit 1 all similar: scarf | top
outfit 2 all similar: hat | top | skirt | boots

Add a pop of the opposite color

Wearing these colors together does not mean that you have to alternate every color-such as a brown top, black pants, and brown shoes. You can wear all black with something like brown shoes, a brown jacket, or a brown hat. Or do the opposite and switch the colors around.

outfit 1 all similar: hat | jacket | boots
outfit 2 all similar: cardigan | top | heels

Wear a piece that has them combined for you

Not feeling too confident in your ability to mix and match or choose what item should pop? Buy an item that already has these colors in them to take all the guesswork out of it. This could be a skirt, a top, or a jacket. More than just a simple accessory this time!

outfit 1 all similar: hat | top | skirt | shoes
outfit 2 all similar: beret | sunglasses | top | skirt | boots

These tips should have you rocking brown and black flawlessly in no time, but when in doubt, go with leopard print! 😉

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