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Best Hat for Face Shapes & How to Wear Them!

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best hat for face shape

Hats are one accessory that can completely change your outfit, though they do require a little more styling and consideration than a scarf or a piece of jewelry. There is a myth that only certain face shapes can rock a hat. Not true! Everyone can wear a hat. You just have to find the style that best suits your features and aesthetic. Once you know that, you can incorporate a hat into any outfit. There can be a lot of differing info out there, so use this post as a mere guideline to get you started if you’re feeling really stuck, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to wear what you feel comfortable in. With that being said, here’s a guide to the best hat for face shapes & more!

Best Hat for Face Shapes & More

Round face shapes
image via Marie Claire designed by Katja Cho

Look for hats that are structured and more angular in style. You can wear a retro fedora and channel your inner hipster…or Taylor Swift! A fedora is one hat that you can throw on with any outfit to add a touch of effortless tailoring. If you have bangs, then you can push the fedora further back on your head and closer to the crown of your head.

If you’re a fan of the casual look of jeans and a shirt, then a fedora is the perfect way to complete your outfit! For those who love a ‘70s outfit, you can add a fedora to any festival-worthy look or wear it with a short dress and denim jacket.

Long face shapes
Wide brims
image via Marie Claire designed by Katja Cho

Longer face shapes generally struggle to find hats that provide a balance between them and their longer features. Opt for oversized hats with a wider brim! While most people are trying to elongate their face with a hat, you are trying to achieve the opposite. Stay away from beanies and stick to hats that have a wider brim. You want a hat shape that is oversized and hides part of your forehead. Think of the floppy hats that you might see at the beach during the summer!

While your wide brim hat is oversized and floppy, the rest of your outfit can be more fitted. You can style this hat with a pair of your favorite jeans, statement ankle boots, and a classic white sweater. A wide brim hat elevates any casual outfit!

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Heart shaped faces
Baseball cap
Medium brimmed hats
image via Marie Claire designed by Katja Cho

When you have a heart-shaped face, all the attention is on your jawline. You should try to stay away from any hats that elongate your face. The aim of your hat should be to reduce the appearance of your forehead.

Baseball caps are one way to make your face appear smaller and to soften your features! The extended brim will cast a shadow on your face to make your features appear smaller.  You can embrace your inner undercover supermodel with a baseball cap. If you’re looking for versatility, choose a baseball cap in a neutral color that fits snuggly on your head. No baseball hat look is ever complete without a pair of oversized sunglasses to match. The beauty of a baseball cap is that you can use it to hide a bad hair day and keep it in your handbag for the times when you want to hide away from the world.

Diamond shaped faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, then you have a unique challenge on your hands. The widest part of your face will be across your cheekbones before narrowing down to your jaw. This face shape is one where you will want to elongate your face as much as possible!

A beanie is an ideal hat for you as you can wear it further back on your head. Slip some of your hair out of the front of the beanie to frame your face. Beanies are essential for any cozy winter look, particularly if you’re a fan of the hygge lifestyle. 

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Oval shaped faces
Take Your Pick!
image via Marie Claire designed by Katja Cho

Congratulations! You can have your pick of any hat. Your face has a great balance, which means that you have the ultimate versatility to choose whatever hat style tickles your fancy. While others have to focus on the type of hat that they can wear, you can focus instead on the aesthetics of your look. Experiment with different hats to find which one works best for your lifestyle and fashion! One thing that you can focus on is finding a color that works with your complexion, whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. 

Square shaped faces
Round Hats
image via Marie Claire designed by Katja Cho

By now, you have probably spotted a theme. The golden rule of hat-wearing is to find a style that contrasts with your face shape. When you have a square face shape, you may have harsh features that appear larger, particularly with your sharp angular jaw. You can choose any hat that is more round in style, such as a beanie or a beret. These hat styles will help give your face a circular appearance and can soften your features!

Let your beanie or beret sit flat against the back of your hair to embrace a retro look. A beret is a perfect companion to help you experiment with a Parisian look – think Emily in Paris or Audrey Hepburn! 

As well as your face shape, there are a few other things that you’ll want to consider when deciding that you want to wear a hat. Your hairstyle is the main consideration, as curly and voluminous hair can struggle with crown-fitted hates and look better with a beanie or beret. If you wear glasses, you’ll want to make sure that your hat accommodates your frame and doesn’t pinch them into your skin.

While this guide serves to give you advice on which hat style will work for it, there are no rules when it comes to fashion. What is most important is that you like the hat that you’re wearing. If you find a hat that is comfortable enough that you can wear it all day and it works with your favorite outfits, then go for it!

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best hat for face shapes
best hat for face shapes


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