how to not buy maternity clothes

How To Not Buy Maternity Clothes And Save Money!

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It should come as no surprise that my focus on maximizing your wardrobe extends all the way into pregnancy. Even though pregnancy can seem like it’s lasting an eternity at times, it’s really only 9 months out of your life- give or take! At a time where you suddenly have a million things to buy and spend money on (not to mention doctor bills), a whole new wardrobe doesn’t have to be one of the things that drain your bank account. Here are some practical tips on how to not buy maternity clothes so you can save money getting ready for your little one!

How To Not Buy Maternity Clothes And Save Money

It may seem contradictory in this post on how to not buy maternity clothes to start off by saying that you need to buy maternity pants! But, it’s true. A comfortable pair of pants is a non-negotiable, but don’t worry, they don’t have to cost a lot.

You can get some second hand or on deep discount if you search. I got some from Gap that I liked and it seems as if they’re always running a sale. H&M has affordable maternity jeans as well. Or you can always borrow. This takes me to my first point!

1. Borrow from friends and family
I admit I’m in a good position where I live nearby many of my sisters/fellow mamas for well, many reasons, but one plus is that we’re able to swap maternity clothes. Though even if you don’t have sisters (or any nearby), I’m sure you have friends that you can borrow clothes from and then they can borrow them from you! It’s a win-win because you don’t need these items for a crazy long time, and you have no use for them once you’re done being pregnant. Yet, you can get them back if and when you have another!

2. Get creative with layering
Layering is going to be your best friend! Second to your heartburn medicine and ginger drops, of course. 😉 One problem you’ll find as you get further into your pregnancy is that your pants don’t fit. But, you already have a comfortable pair of maternity pants so that’s okay.

So what’s the next problem? Well, your tops don’t fit! Once you get in the second trimester, trying to wear your regular tops and only your regular tops is about as useless as mopping the ocean floor. So, you’ve got to get creative with layering.

Do you have an oversized shirt? An extra-long tank top? Pair those under tops and sweaters. See how I did that here (outfit #4).

Have a wrap dress that doesn’t button or meet across your chest? Wear a graphic tee under it and call it fashion. Because, hey, it is!

3. Wear your regular skirts over the bump
Don’t assume you can’t wear any of your skirts just because your belly is getting bigger. Instead of wearing them low or on your waistline, try them on and see how they look higher up- just under your bust line.

Granted, this tip usually works best for skirts that are slightly loose around the waist or on a second-trimester bump, but if you have a skirt with a loose/stretchy waistline it doesn’t hurt to try wearing it above the bump instead!

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4. Rock a dress in all seasons
It doesn’t matter what season you’re pregnant in, a dress is going to be your best friend. Wear your dress with sandals and a chambray shirt in the spring, casually tied above your belly. Lose the chambray shirt in the summer. Pregnant in fall and winter? Pair your dress with leggings, boots, and you’ll probably want that chambray shirt back or a cozy cardigan!

Tight dresses to show off the bump are usually the go-to. Not into the form-fitting look? Go for a swing dress/t-shirt dress. This dress looks like a great staple.

Of course, in order to not buy something, use whatever dresses you have. Though if you were to buy something, you can usually order your normal size (or one up) in these types of dresses and still be able to wear them after pregnancy too. Therefore, you’re not buying any maternity clothes!

5. Wear your man’s clothes
Here’s my favorite sneaky way around not having to buy maternity clothes. You can buy clothes for your man instead! Let me explain.

If you can find a sweater or basic top that would look good on your man that’s also gender-neutral, then you can wear it too. Then when you’re done being pregnant, it’s not a wasted clothing item that sits in the back of your closet because now, your significant other gets to wear it! It’s my favorite hack because I hate buying clothes that don’t have many uses and with this clothing hack, no clothes (or money) get wasted. The sweater below is actually a men’s sweater from Old Navy. It looks great on both of us! 😉

Don’t have a man to borrow from? Ask your brother or even your dad! Sweaters, button-downs, and even men’s t-shirts fit the bump well.

6. Dress up your tanks
Are your existing shirts just not fitting quite right? Don’t have any maternity tops? Your tanks don’t have to just be what goes on under your clothes. If you have some extra long tanks you can dress them up and make them part of your outfit by accessorizing and layering. Throwing on a cardigan and a scarf is super cute and requires next to no effort. Pregnant in summer? Swap out that cardigan for a light jacket (or denim shirt) and the scarf for a straw hat.

7. Layer with leggings
Due to your growing bump size, some dresses may not be able to pass as a dress anymore. Do you just store them in the back of your closet? Nope. They still have potential! Wear them with leggings and now it becomes an extra long top without looking weird.

8. Buy strategically
If you do buy, buy strategically! You don’t have to purchase “maternity clothes” in order to have clothes to wear for your pregnancy. If you look for the right styles, you can have clothes that work for your pregnancy and beyond. Score! So what are these right styles? Look for styles such as t-shirt/swing/trapeze dresses, babydoll dresses, shirts or dresses with an empire waist, wrap tops/dresses, and anything flowy.

Truth is, a lot of “maternity clothes” out there are just loose clothing items and it’s good to gather inspiration and then see what you can buy (for usually way cheaper!). For example, a lot of standard maternity clothes are tight dresses, loose tops, jumpsuits, and empire waist dresses. It’s definitely worth taking a look around in your closet first to see what you have so you can save money and not end up with a ton of clothes you’ll only wear for a short amount of time!

These are my 8 tips on how to not buy maternity clothes! Some purchases are inescapable, and depending on your season you might find that there are some other staples you need, but I definitely think there are ways around buying a whole new pregnancy wardrobe.

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how to not buy maternity clothes


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