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Chain Belt Outfits | Wear 1 Chain Belt 5+ Ways!

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Chain belts to me, are like a necklace for your waist and a great way to add a little bit of gold to your look. Not only that, but they’re super versatile too. You can wear them in more ways than just as a belt! Here are some new and interesting ways you can wear these belts to make stylish and unique chain belt outfits.

5+ Chain Belt Outfits Out of 1 Chain Belt

1. Over a slip dress
Chain belts look as great over oversized tees as they do slim-fitting dresses. It’s a great and elegant way to show off your shape!

hat | belt | dress (similar)

2. Over a denim skirt
You want your belt to drape beautifully so whether it’s denim jeans, denim shorts, or denim skirts, you want to wear it outside the belt loops. Depending on your belt, it may look good strung through the loops, but most belts will bunch up awkwardly. Just try both and see!

tee | belt | skirt (similar) | basket bag (similar)

3. As a bracelet
Wrap your belt around your wrist until it becomes a cool chunky, chain bracelet. This is a fun way to get a new style and looks really good with the color white!

chain belt | purse

4. As a long necklace
Do something extra unique and wrap it around a cami to make a long necklace!

shoes | chain belt | skirt (similar)

5. As an anklet
This is a simple and subtle way to accessorize your legs and feet. It’s a “peekaboo” of style!

chain belt

6. As a short necklace
Chunky chain necklaces are in and this is a cool way to get the look. Just keep wrapping it around till you like the length and clasp. Black & gold is a chic summer color combo too!

shorts | purse | chain belt

7. As a headband
Loving the exotic vibes of this headband! Depending on your belt, you may need to secure it with bobby pins, but it’s definitely a cute accessory for your hair.

chain belt | shoes

Whether you wear a chain belt as a necklace, belt, bracelet, anklet, or more, I hope you feel inspired to think outside the box and add some style to your outfit!

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