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How to Create New Outfits From Your Closet by Mixing Styles

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If you’re on a shopping ban because of financial circumstances or just can’t justify buying anything new, then now is the time to get creative with what you have. Even without a shiny new item, I want you to see that you still have so many outfit options hiding in your wardrobe. With a few styling tips, you can easily create countless new outfits in your closet just by mixing styles. In this post, I’m going to show you how to take “opposite” styles and put them together to create a fresh, new look!

1. Dressy & Casual…pencil skirt + plaid shirt

We’re going to take something traditionally thought of as office wear, like a pencil skirt (though this is more of a stretchy midi skirt), and pair it with a plaid shirt those casual, hipsters wear.

The result? Casual chic. You can run errands in this outfit or wear it on the weekend and look like that effortless woman that always looks good without trying too hard.

shirt (similar) | skirt

2. Classy & Edgy…ripped jeans + fancy blouse

Taking something classy (like a silk blouse) and pairing it with ripped jeans is a great way to mix styles. It’s interesting and the result is classy, not stuffy!

jeans (similar) | heels (similar) | top (similar)

3. Winter & Summer…turtleneck + shorts

Have you ever tried mixing seasons to create a unique look? A turtleneck + shorts combo is surprisingly chic and very classic.

turtleneck (similar) | shorts | loafers (similar)

4. Trendy & Classic…LBD + kimono

Taking something classic (like a little black dress) and mixing it with something trendy (like a kimono) creates a fun twist. The options are endless!

dress (similar) | kimono (similar)

5. Feminine & Edgy…pretty dress + moto jacket

Take something feminine (like a pretty pink dress) and pair it with something edgy (like a moto jacket). The result is sweet and sassy!

dress (similar) | moto jacket (similar)

How will you create new outfits from your closet now? Maybe you’ll think of something I didn’t! If you’re feeling bored with your clothes, here are some ways you can make them feel new again!

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