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20+ Chic Modest Swimsuits for Every Type of Coverage You Want

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High cuts, low fronts, and cutouts galore are what’s typically offered this time of year. If you’re not the type to bare it all on the beach, then you may be looking for some swimsuit alternatives this season. Whether it’s personal preference, comfort level, body insecurities, or even the fact that you fry under the sun, you may be wondering if chic modest swimsuits actually exist. Good news- they do! Whether you’re looking for chest coverage, butt coverage, stomach coverage, or somewhere in between, here are 20+ chic modest swimsuits for you to choose from!

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High Neck/Chest and Bust Coverage

If your chest is prone to burning or you merely want to keep things intact while chasing your kids on the beach, then a high neck swimsuit may be for you! You can run around without worrying about things popping out of place, all without sacrificing style.

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Full bottom coverage

Whether you’re hitting the beach with the inlaws or just don’t want to deal with a wedgie (yes, I said it), these suits offer full bottom coverage and won’t leave anything hanging out!

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Back Coverage

Whether you don’t like dealing with tiny straps, sunburns, or maybe you want to cover up a little bit of bacne (we’ve all been there), these suit options offer full back coverage so you can enjoy your vacation without stressing about how it looks back there!

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Stomach Coverage

If you want something to cover your stomach, then you can’t go wrong with a one-piece, of course. And one-pieces aren’t outdated! There are so many chic ones, including all the ones in this post, especially this one, this one, and this one.

If you want stomach coverage but still like two pieces, then you’ll want bottoms that are extra high-waisted, such as this pair and this pair. I personally love this suit for stomach coverage. Plus, it’s so cute!

As you can see, there are so many chic modest swimsuits! Don’t let the hang-up of not having one keep you from having fun this warm weather season.

Now that you’ve got the chic suit, it’s time to add other chic pieces to your summer wardrobe. Keep reading to find out what those are!

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