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Chic On a Budget: 3 Luxe Looks from Target

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So you want to look high-end, luxe, and chic on a budget, but maybe there’s just not much of a budget. Or maybe you’re not looking to invest in a wardrobe right now. Totally okay! It’s more than possible to look luxurious when shopping at a budget-friendly place like Target.

I put together 3 looks that are giving off total chic and luxe vibes. These looks are ready to shop, but I’m also giving tips and tricks for dressing high end at budget-friendly places!

Chic On a Budget: 3 Luxe Looks from Target

*This post isn’t sponsored. I polled over on Instagram what place you wanted me to shop at and Target won, as well as a couple of different ones that people wrote in. More coming soon :)*

Look 1. trench coat + body con dress + leopard shoes
What makes this luxe?
Outerwear, specifically long outerwear, is always a good idea because it elevates the look. It never hurts when it’s a trench coat either because a trench coat is usually thought of as Parisian and Parisian is always known as chic! Related: 8 Secrets of French Style

Target does a lot of flowery prints and though cute, when going for chic on a budget, I’d usually recommend staying away from them because boho/flowers/aztecy (and those of the like) don’t give off high-end vibes.

But classic prints like stripes, polka dots, plaid, houndstooth, and leopard print can all elevate your look, even if you’re getting them at a “cheap” place! Now all prints, even classic ones, aren’t created equally, but just use your best judgment if you think it looks expensive or not.

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Parisian chic outfit on a budget

I talk a lot about how less can be more, and when accessorizing, go for simple and minimal pieces like gold or pearls. Pearls are always classy, but it still looks modern and wearable when it’s in a headband instead of draped around your neck flapper style.

trench coat | dress | shoes | headband

Look 2. satin blouse + high waisted pants + heels
What makes this luxe?
Satin is silky smooth and if it feels good in your hands, then it most likely looks good on your body. I went for a little bit of print to add some interest but tried to stay in the brown family because shades of beige always look good. Related: 9 Ways to Look Expensive + What to Avoid

Defining your waist is always a good idea. That’s why I’m always shouting the praises of high waisted pants. It tucks you in and it’s slimming, which shows confidence and that you got a good handle on your body…instead of drowning it in material! These pants are on the casual side, so I paired them with heels to take the look up a notch! Black heels? Good? Pointed heels? Double good!

luxe looks from Target

Snakeskin/reptile print is trendy right now and I’d normally try to stay away from a trendy piece to look luxe, but this is all Target had in stores in this fabric that I liked haha. But because the print is on the small and understated side, as well as a neutral, it still works as luxe and not making this outfit too trendy. And because it’s paired with pearl earrings, it’s just enough needed to make this look feel more classic!

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top | pants | sunglasses (not 100% sure if they’re the same ones FYI) | earrings | heels

Look 3. sleeveless turtle neck top + sweater skirt + heels + sunglasses + structured bag
What makes this luxe? Of course, one of my looks had to include big, black sunglasses and a structured bag (quilted detail looks more luxe too) because those are some of my top secrets to looking chic on a budget.

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Sleeveless sweaters may seem contradictory, and though they kinda are, there’s just something about them. I think it’s because it’s something that a high-end corporate boss would wear and that’s what makes it seem fancy!

how to look chic on a budget

We’re going for structure, slimming, and lines, which is why the top is tucked in. Pointy black heels complete the look! Go the extra mile and find the pointed heels because it really rounds points out the look! Hardy har har. 😉

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sunglasses (not 100% sure if they’re the same ones FYI) | heels | top | skirt | bag

If you’re shopping at Target specifically, I’d recommend the Who What Wear line and A New Day for luxe looks. Avoid Knox Rose and Wild Fable. Again, nothing wrong with them and totally shop if you’re going for cute, casual, and fun, just avoid them if you’re looking for luxe…which is what this post is all about!

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