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17 Outfits To Recreate That Prove You Can Be Chic Over 50

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Even if you are happy with your personal style (and we love to hear it!), it doesn’t hurt to tuck away a few outfit ideas to recreate for when you want to freshen up your look. And if you’re over 50, what better way to get outfit ideas to recreate than from women that are chic and over 50? Here are 17 ideas from real-life older women to give you a little inspiration so you can feel chic over 50 too.

1. peacoat + black scarf + hoop earrings + square sunglasses

chic over 50 outfits
Chic over 50

coat | scarf | earrings | sunglasses

One of the best ways to look chic over 50 is to wear neutral colors. This subdued color palette will improve your overall look by making your outfit appear effortlessly expensive and fashionable.

Style tip to try: stick to one solid color. In the cooler months, wear a black peacoat and layer a black scarf over it. Accessorize with black sunglasses to create the perfect monochromatic look.

As you may know, having an impeccable style in your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond also includes focusing on the little details like your makeup choices. Finish off this chic outfit with a classic red lip!

2. chambray shirt + linen pants + straw hat + sandals

chic over 50 outfit

shirt | pants | hat | sandals

Taking inspiration from iconic French woman Inès de La Fressange, this outfit proves that you can look chic as a woman over 50 this warm weather season.

Simple yet classy, recreate the outfit by throwing on a chambray shirt. This shirt has a rustic and elegant appearance, which makes it perfect for spending summer in the countryside. Consider tying a knot or tucking in your shirt to avoid looking frumpy.

Pair the shirt with loose linen pants for a relaxed look. Slip on some sandals to give your outfit an extra easygoing touch. Lastly, round off your French style by accessorizing with a straw hat to shield you from the sun in style.

3. tweed blazer + brooch + crossbody bag + earrings + gloves

chic over 50 women outfits

jacket | brooch | bag | earrings | gloves

Plaid blazers are among the most versatile clothing pieces you can have in your closet. Not only are they a great piece to wear in fall and winter, but they’re also incredibly chic.

Add more elegance to the blazer with a brooch and scarf. And for accessories that make your outfit instantly look more expensive, you can’t go wrong with gold earrings and leather gloves. These are the perfect investment pieces to have in your 50s.

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4. plaid skirt + cardigan + pumps

chic over 50 women outfits

skirt | cardigan | pumps

A cardigan is a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe because it will help you create many stylish outfits, like this one! If you like brighter colors, then you will love this cardigan. The color makes it fun for spring and summer while the silhouette keeps it timeless.

Balance out your outfit with neutral pieces, like a plaid midi skirt for a preppy and sophisticated look. The perfect shoe to complete this outfit for the office would be a pair of classic, black pumps. Want to keep it casual chic? Pair it with ballet flats instead.

5. black turtleneck + flare pants + chunky loafers + belt

chic over 50 women outfits

turtleneck | pants | shoes | belt

When in doubt, stick to neutrals and wear a turtleneck and dress pants. These are timeless pieces to own that guarantee an effortlessly fashionable look!

To break up your outfit, accessorize with a coordinating belt. This adds definition to your waist as well. Even if you don’t need glasses, consider adding a pair of non-prescription glasses to your outfit to add a playful touch to your outfit. And finally, complete your look with chunky black-heeled loafers for that fun, preppy twist.

6. black blazer + pants + sunglasses + oxfords

chic over 50 women outfits

blazer | sunglasses | shoes | pants | necklace

Here’s proof that you’re never too old to rock a menswear-inspired look! The best thing about this look is that it’s easy to recreate with things already in your wardrobe. Simply pair your slim dress pants and blazer together for an instantly polished look.

For a preppy touch, swap out your go-to flats and pair this ensemble with oxfords instead. A pair of oval sunglasses have a retro appeal while the simple necklace adds a ladylike touch.

7. tweed jacket + white-button down + skinny jeans + ankle boots + tote bag

chic over 50 women outfits

jacket | button-down | jeans | boots | bag

It’s understandable why the late Coco Chanel fell in love with tweed jackets – they are truly elegant. Want to look chic in your golden years? Get dressed up in a tweed jacket!

Though instead of pairing it with a skirt or dress pants, dress down the jacket by wearing skinny or straight-leg jeans. Add a wearable casual touch to your outfit by completing your look with black ankle boots and a black oversized bag.

8. printed scarf + peacoat + black pants + bag

chic over 50 women outfits

scarf | peacoat | pants | bag

You can never go wrong with a long coat, especially when it is teamed up with black pants. Give me a T! I! Okay, that’s going to take way too long. But what we were going for was “timeless”.

Skip your big statement necklaces and opt for a colorful scarf instead. A bold scarf instantly livens up your neutral look. For an extra touch that most people overlook, match your red-printed scarf to your lipstick and even to your bag. The end result is polished and chic.

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9. blouse + blazer + sunglasses + pants

chic over 50 women outfits

blouse | blazer | sunglasses | pants

Headed to a work event? This is the outfit to wear. It just screams “chic!” Copy this look by layering a camel-hued blazer over a monochromatic look.

Thanks to the classic color combo, you don’t need much to complete this outfit. Add a little more interest to your outfit by accessorizing with brown oversized sunglasses and drop earrings.

10. long cardigan + turtleneck + pants + sunglasses + hat

chic over 50 women outfits

cardigan | turtleneck | sunglasses | hat | pants

This look has “classic spring woman” written all over it. Want to step out of your house looking like a movie star? Simply recreate this look. There is so much to love about it!

Even though the basics (pants and turtleneck) of this look are well, basic, the accessories make the outfit look effortlessly expensive. The gold earrings, oversized sunglasses, straw hat, and handbag take this outfit from simple to simply chic.

11. plaid blazer + chambray shirt + jeans + bucket bag

chic over 50 women outfits

blazer | shirt | jeans | bag

No matter what’s “in” at the moment, denim on denim is always a good idea. But take this denim look to new heights with a plaid blazer. The blazer helps to break up the denim and add the perfect contrast to your outfit.

To keep the casual look of this outfit, throw on a roomy bucket bag. Not only is this a versatile option, but it’s practical too. As far as footwear, this outfit will pair well with mules, clogs, and loafers.

13. peplum blazer + black pants + rose lipstick

chic over 50 women outfits

blazer | pants | lipstick

If you want to elevate your night-out looks or step up your office attire, swap your go-to blazer with a peplum design. One of the best things about this style is that it’s flattering on almost all body types. It can camouflage a pooch or add definition to your straight figure.

For a sleek look, pair your blazer with matching black pants. Lastly, swipe on some rose lipstick for a classy finish.

13. Breton top + jeans + sunglasses + belt + necklace

chic over 50 women outfits

top | jeans | sunglasses | belt | necklace

Need a vacation look for this summer? You found it. A Breton top is always a good idea year round – but especially in the warmer weather as it gives “vacationing in the South of France” vibes.

Team up your Breton top with a laid-back pair of jeans. To look extra summer-ready, wear tortoiseshell sunglasses and accessorize with a gold pendant necklace. Slick your hair in a bun for a cool summer look.

14. white button-down shirt + denim skirt + ballet flats + cardigan + handbag

chic over 50 women outfits

button-down | skirt | flats | cardigan | bag

Channel your inner classy woman by trying this look! Whether you need an outfit for work, church, or both, file this one away to recreate later.

Dress up a denim skirt with a white button-down shirt for a sophisticated look. And though those pieces look good on their own, enhance your outfit even more by layering on a beige cardigan. Slip on ballet flats and accessorize with a shoulder bag to embrace the Parisian woman look.

15. long coat + white button-down shirt + jeans + clutch

chic over 50 women outfits

coat | shirt | jeans | clutch

Few things are as classy as a long coat, which is why if you’re a reader of this website, you read about it constantly. (Sorry not sorry.)

Once again, a long camel coat has proven to elevate a simple top and jeans. And though a camel coat is a must-have wardrobe piece, you can opt for its warm weather alternative instead this season – the long sweater jacket. Dress down your classy cardigan and blouse with jeans for a laid-back touch. Add a statement print to your look with a leopard print clutch.

16. leopard print coat + graphic tee + black pants + black heels + sunglasses

chic over 50 women outfits

coat | pants | heels | tee | sunglasses

Now, who says a woman over 50 can’t rock an edgy style? Not us! Get ready to look fearlessly chic in your 50s by wearing a leopard print coat. This piece will make your outfit look so fabulous. And the best part? It will never go out of fashion.

Pair your leopard print coat with a graphic tee for a fun, youthful look. Offset the prints with black pants, pumps, and black shades for a ladylike finish.

17. black sweatshirt + black jeans + espadrilles

chic over 50 women outfits

sweatshirt | jeans | espadrilles | belt

Sometimes looking chic over 50 means keeping your outfit simple. This sweatshirt and jeans combo is a great example. Though pairing jeans and a sweatshirt together might not seem revolutionary, the outfit gets an unexpected twist with the summer-ready espadrilles.

The shoe choice paired with the belt to break up the monochromatic look gives an end result of casual meets fashionable meets timeless look.

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Didn’t these women prove that you can be chic over 50? I’d say so. Tuck these outfits away for the next time you want a polished go-to outfit idea.

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