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Classic Jewelry Pieces That Are Cheap, Yet Chic

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Whether you’re shopping on a budget or not, it’s not the best idea to fill your wardrobe with one-off statement pieces…especially when it comes to jewelry! You want to stay away from things that look gaudy and/or cheap and don’t match everything in your wardrobe. Instead, check out some of the best classic jewelry pieces you should be adding to your wardrobe that can still be really affordable!

Classic Jewelry Pieces

classic jewelry pieces

thick gold bangle

I’m not talking about the super skinny ones that were cheap and we’d fill our whole arm with back in the day. Go with a thick gold one instead! It simultaneously makes a statement while also being very chic! This one has really high reviews while still being affordable.

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pearl earrings

Maybe not for everyday wear, but when you do wear them you’ll feel so classy in them! These are a classic pair and these are stunning!

gold hoops

These are wonderfully simple and they don’t overpower an outfit, but instead add to it. I especially love them in summer paired with white or black clothes. I love these, these, and these.

pendant necklace

Not like anything is wrong with a statement necklace, but pendant necklaces are great when you want a little something but not a lot. It doesn’t matter what type of jewelry it is, but gold is usually my go-to. It has an earthy and classy feel! I love coin pendants as well as this one.

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Skinny bands or thick bands, it doesn’t really matter. Both are good! Skinny bands give it a delicate feel while thicker bands give more of a masculine feel. Just depends on what you’re looking for! Brown leather matches everything and tends to feel warmer than a metal chain strap. Good options here and here.

Good jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be the hot trendy pieces (or the knockoffs)! Start with the classics and then move to the fun sparkly pieces if you feel that you’re missing something and your wardrobe needs some pizzaz! For some fun sparkly inspo, check out this, this, and this!

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