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A Week of Real Outfits

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I love dressing up and taking photos as much as the next fashion blogger, but I thought it’d be fun to show you a week of my real outfits that I wear in my day to day life! No fancy camera (just my phone), no fancy location (just my driveway), and no fancy clothes- just a week of real outfits! And hopefully, this will give you some real life outfit inspo too!

A Week of Real Outfits


top (similar) | skirt (similar) | cardigan | sneakers (similar) | hat (similar)

Where I wore it: Content creator job at the mall
Why I wore it: Even though it’s middle to end September, we still have to dress transitionally in Iowa because one day it’s chilly and the next day the earth is scorched! My long cozy cardigan was perfect for being the extra layer in the morning and when it was time to shed it, I had on a swing tank underneath.

I didn’t feel like doing my hair, so a baseball cap was the accessory of choice! I chose tennis shoes as my footwear to match the casual look of the hat and dress down the denim skirt, because nobody dresses up at my mall…especially in the morning! 😉


dress (similar) | chambray (similar) | hat (similar) | sneakers (similar)

Where I wore it: Playdate turned walk
Why I wore it: When a playdate fell through I decided I needed to go out anyways and since I didn’t feel like doing my hair, I threw on a hat haha. Sensing a theme, here? 😉 It got pretty hot here so I didn’t need the chambray around my waist for a layer, I just thought my outfit needed a little something extra!


pants (similar) | top (similar) | hat | shoes (similar)

Where I wore it: Mom’s playgroup
Why I wore it: I was getting tired of all my casual clothes so I decided to dress up…even if it was just to hang out with other moms and their kiddos haha. I wore a hat (again!), but I actually did my hair this time so it was just for style haha!


dress (similar)

Where I wore it: dinner with my sister
Why I wore it: We went to a hipper place in town so I felt like I had a little freedom to have fun with my look! I went with a leopard print slip dress over a plain white tee to make it work for this weather and also tone down the fanciness of the dress!

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Didn’t get any outfit pic today, but it was just a home day, so I wasn’t wearing anything cute anyways haha!


tee (similar) | shoes (similar) | hat (similar) | jeans

Where I wore it: window shopping, Octoberfest, visiting family
Why I wore it: It wasn’t necessarily cold this day, but it was dark and drizzly so I thought that was a good enough reason to dress fall-y! I broke out one of my favorite camel hats and paired it with a forest green tee to celebrate the season! Not cold enough for ankle boots yet but too cold for sandals, so I went with my favorite mules for an in-between. Closed-toe yet an open back!

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Wow, Carolyn, don’t get too creative with your posing now!

top (similar) | cardigan | sneakers (similar) | hat (similar)

Where I wore it: mall walking
Why I wore it: Usually we go to church as a family on Sunday, but Titus was out of town this weekend with the “good car” (long story), so we made a short trip to the mall instead for some mall walking and to get out of the house!

I went for your very typical off duty mom/weekend look, but I was comfy, so hey that should get extra points for the weekend!

So surprising, not surprising, I repeat a lot of the same things! I have the prints that I love (stripes & leopard), the colors that I fall back on (neutrals with pops of color occasionally), as well as my versatile pieces (cardigan, baseball hat, sneakers).

Though these looks aren’t that crazy exciting, I hope it shows you that it’s important to have a wardrobe that works for you in your everyday life! This means having colors and prints that all work together as well as pieces that can get more than one wear!

What do you think of this week of real outfits? Want to see more?

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